Men's Championship Singles
The Terry Mascots Memorial Trophy (from 2019)

As the Potter Cup had no more space for new winners. The club decided to name the New trophy after one of the clubs most decorated bowler Mr Terry Mascot

Men's Championship Singles
The Potter Cup (Retired 2018)

Presented by Mr A R Potter proprietor of the ‘Old Highway Tavern in the 1930’s.

Men’s Singles Championship – Runner Up
The Cecil Cup

Donated by Bob Harding long time Captain and one year President, in memory of his parents who were supporters of the Club in the 1960’s. The name does not relate to a person, it is the name of the road in Hertford in which Bob lived. The late Arthur Bradshaw and Charlie Morris Club members also lived in Cecil Road and all gave great service to the Club. Rather than decline the kind offer of a trophy after much thought it was decided to give it for this competition

Men’s Singles Handicap
The Evander Evans Cup

Present by Mr Thomas Evander Evans in 1938 a well known, respected and much liked local man, who was a solicitor and first President of the Club. He was a Councillor who represented Rye Park. His experience was of tremendous value during the infancy of the Club. He retired from Presidency in November 1951 and died January 1956 aged 71

Men’s Singles Consolation

The Bert Wells Cup

Presented by a founder Member of the Club, Albert ‘Bert’ Wells

Men’s Fixed Jack

Origin Unknown

Men’s 4 Wood Pairs
The John Smailes Memorial Trophy

John W Smailes a Club & Committee Member (Chairman in 1954) from the North East of England. In March 1978 Mrs Smailes gave the Club the trophy in appreciation of the friendship afforded her husband while a Member of the Club. The trophy superseded the Haward Cup for the pairs Championship.

Men’s 2 Wood Pairs
Tudor Bowl

Club Member Known as ‘Mr Hoddesdon’ believed to have been presented by W.J. Haward who owned a lot of Hoddesdon including the Tudor Hall and Tudor Café