Club Night
The Parfitt Cup

Frank Parfitt originated from Norfolk, he was a Member of the Club from the 1940’s. His ‘baby’ was the Wednesday Club night, which was started in 1957. The purpose was to run a weekly competition whereby everyone stood a chance to win a cup irrespective of ability. He died suddenly in 1962. In 1963 the Club decided to put a cup up in his name. Over the years there have been minor changes in the rules, but basically it remains the same.

Ransom Cup

Is the property of the East Herts Bowls League. It is held for one year by the winning Club. It is in memory of ‘Snowie’ Ransom a Secretary of the League for many years

W J Brooks Memory Cup

Presented by Mrs Brooks in1950 to perpetuate the memory of her late husband who had been the Honorary Secretary of the Club in its early years. Presented for singles competition among Members of Clubs within the Hoddesdon Urban District Council area. At that time this was Rye Park BC, Rosehill, Hoddesdon and Broxbourne Unionist BC and Wormley BC. (Maybe the Power Station BC as well) In 1951 the second time it was played for the winner was Arthur Dunnell then aged 17 years.

Ladies of HRPBC v Ladies of Rosehill BC

Joy Neave a long time member of Rosehill BC inspired the trophy, she had wanted to play in the Brooks Trophy but it was for men only. Joy did not take this lying down and in the end Mrs Brooks presented the Rose Bowls.

Pamart Cup

Presented to the Club by Pam Mounce in memory of Arthur Mounce her husband. Was originally played for by way of competition between HRPBC and Datchworth BC from where Arthur originated. The competition is now played against Much Hadham BC

Lyndhurst Trophy

Presented by a Publican in the New Forest a watering hole when the bowls League were on tour. The trophy was full of plaques and was replaced with the New Lyndhurst trophy. The last winner of this trophy was HRPBC held by Cyril Cornish

New Lyndhurst Trophy

Replaced the Lyndhurst trophy when full.