Dens Gala - Presidents Gala Winners

2019 B Hayter G Dunford R Gray
2018 B Hayter A Lacey S Metzner
2017 W Richardson A Mountford T Potter
2016 B Metzner T Lacey T Mascot
2015 C Milner J Hardcastle S Metzner Joint Winners
2015 B Holding T Lacey D Stevenson Joint Winners
2014 C Miles J Mason D Lofthouse
2013 W Richardson P Francis C Francis
2012 B Hayter B Sambridge I Reeve
2011 B Hayter B Sambridge T Wilson
2010 B Hayter A Rowley J Stevenson
2009 A Morrow R Ellis C Bex

We know this competition started in the late 1990's early 2000's if anybody has any records of winners before 2009 please let the current President or Secretary know. Thank you