Dens Gala - Presidents Gala Winners

2021 A Blackwell, P Miller, L Austin
2020 No Competition CoronaVirus
2019 B Hayter, G Dunford, R Gray
2018 B Hayter, A Lacey, S Metzner
2017 W Richardson, A Mountford, T Potter
2016 B Metzner, T Lacey, T Mascot
2015 C Milner, J Hardcastle, S Metzner, Joint Winners
2015 B Holding, T Lacey, D Stevenson, Joint Winners
2014 C Miles, J Mason, D Lofthouse
2013 W Richardson, P Francis, C Francis
2012 B Hayter, B Sambridge, I Reeve
2011 B Hayter, B Sambridge, T Wilson
2010 B Hayter, A Rowley, J Stevenson
2009 A Morrow, R Ellis, C Bex

Multiple Winners
B. Hayter = 5
T Lacey = 2
S Metzner = 2
B Sambridge = 2
W Richardson = 2

We know this competition started in the late 1990's early 2000's if anybody has any records of winners before 2009 please let the current President or Secretary know. Thank you