Great Presentation evening held in our club house on 6th December. All of the competition winners and runners up were there to receive their trophy. Competition Secretary Marion Smith arranged all the trophies for the evening. Don Stevenson announced his choice for club-person of the year, and the award went to our club Secretary Dave Fussell. This was warmly received by all the members present. Unfortunately Dave couldn’t be there in person, so his wife Edie collected the award on his behalf.

Death of Terry Mascot - Member of Hoddesdon and Rye Park Bowling Club.

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the death of Terry Mascot aged 82 years, a father, father in law, Grandad, friend, an ardent Spurs Supporter and a very experienced bowler, known throughout the County. A member of our Club since the mid 1970's.

Terry passed away peacefully on 11th November 2019 having been suffering from a lung disorder.

His funeral is to take place on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 at 12noon at the Woolensbrook Crematorium, Hertford Road. Hoddesdon, Herts.EN11 9BN.

After the service the family would like to invite back to the Hoddesdon and Rye Park Bowling Clubhouse, Old Highway Recreation Ground, Old Highway, Hoddesdon, Herts EN11 0LT friends, club members and fellow bowlers to share their memories of Terry.

There are to be family flowers only but any donations can be sent to the British Lung Foundation as was Terry's request. There will be collection box on the day.

Could you please circulate as you consider necessary.

In deepest sympathy sent by David Fussell - Honorary Secretary

The club held its AGM on Saturday 9th November, nearly 60% attendance. The new committee were elected into the following positions:-

Hon President - Bob Hayter
Hon Secretary - Dave Fussell
Hon Treasurer - Barry Osman
Mens Captain - Don Stevenson
Mens Vice Captain - Colin Milner
Ladies Captain - Toni Lacey
Ladies Vice Captain - Susan Metzner
Club Competition Secretary - Marion Smith
Bar Manager - Dave Fussell
Health & Safety Officers - Dave Fussell, Barry Osman, Richard Rogers
General Committee - Richard Rogers, Bruce Miles, Jim Mason, Julie Tuinier
EHDWBA - Marion Smith
EHBA - Bob Hayter
EHBL - Dale Large
East Hertfordshire Mens - Richard Rogers
East Hertfordshire Ladies - Marion Smith

HRPBC 59 v 81 Ilford & District indoor Bowls Club
Saturday 2nd November 2019

We all travelled down the M11 to face an unbeaten Ilford weekend team. The game was played in a great friendly spirit with Ilford coming out on top, as expected as we only had 4 members who currently play indoors. However we did put up a very show, losing 3 out of 4 rinks, we lost one by 1 shot and another by just 4 shots. We did have one successful rink winning by 1 shot on the last end with a score of 18-17, Bob Hayter skipped this winning rink with Dave Fussell playing 3, Bert Gray leading and Terry Eldridge at 2, well done to them. The final score was 59-81 great effort from all at HRPBC.

The Haward Cup Final Friday 27th Sept '19

Brian Metzner & Greg Dunford both looking to win this competition for the first time, after both having excellent wins in the early rounds. Brian and Greg both started well however Brian was the one who was in control. The first set was close until Brian picked up 8 shots in 3 ends to take the first set 11-2. The second set started well for Greg however Brian had the initiative and continue to bowl well and came away winning the second set 13-1. Well done Brian.

Ladies v Gents 22nd September '19

With our last two friendlies cancelled by our opponents this was our final weekend game. This was officially the biggest game of the season. Our Ladies v Our Men, this was the best turned out game between these groups for a number oy years: 18 Ladies and 21 Men. The match was won by our Men after some excellent bowling, the Men won in all 6 games. Well done to the Men on retaining the cup,

EHBA Final 21st September 2019 at Ware BC 10am

After a very good season for HRPBC. Our members managed to win EHBL Mixed Pairs (Micky & Julie) and Julie also won the EHDWBA Singles Millennium Cup. Our final outside competition final is at Ware BC on Saturday 21st September starting at 10am. If you are free and can give our “awesome foursome” some support I’m sure they will appreciate it. So good luck to Micky Towers, Dale Large, Colin Milner and Tim Maynard in the final, we are all behind you.

The Parmat Cup
2nd leg 14th September 2019 at Much Hadham
HRPBC 94-45 Much Hadham BC

With HRPBC travelling to Much Hadham for this 2nd leg match, leading by 53 shots we were hopeful that we would retain the Pamart Cup. Much Hadham were unable to field the 5 Mixed Rinks for this game, so they played with only 4 Mixed Rinks. With the game underway and our bowlers looking to retain the Cup, we managed to win on 3 Rinks and we drew on one winning 94-45. Our highest winning rink was skipped by Richard Rogers he was joined by Gloria Hardy, Terry Eldridge and Alan Blackwell winning 26-7. Tim Maynard also skipped a very high winning rink with Don Stevenson, Jean Matthews and Gary Medler winning 24-6. Well done everyone on retaining the Pamart Cup.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park Finals

SATURDAY 7th September 2019


Men's 2 Wood Pairs Start Approx Time 10.00am

Tony Lacey & Terry Potter v Dave Fussell & Greg Dunford

Men's Fixed Jack Start Approx Time 10.00am
Brian Metzner v Dale Large

Ladies Fixed Jack Start Approx Time 1000am
Toni Lacey v Marion Smith

Men's 4 Wood Pairs Start 12.30pm ish
Les Austin & Colin Milner v
Brian Metzner & Dave Lofthouse

Men's Handicap Start Approx Time 1.00pm
Gary Medler v Tim Maynard

Men's Consolation Start 1.00pm ish
Dale Large v Richard Rogers

Bully's 11 Start Approx Time 2.00pm
Tony Lacey v Marion Smith

Ladies Championship Start Approx Time 4.00pm
Toni Lacey v Julie Potter

Men's Championship Start Approx Time 4.00pm
Bob Hayter v Dale Large

SUNDAY 8th September 2019

Mixed Pairs Start time 10.30am
Jean Matthews & Walter Richardson

Marion Smith & Dale Large

HRPBC v Ware BC Sunday 1st September 2019 Home
HRPBC 130 v 114 Ware BC

With Ware BC hosting the EHBA Finals both teams were missing bowlers. THe match consisted of 4 Mens' rinks and 2 Ladies rinks, even though Ware's Men won 3-1 and the Ladies drawing, thankfully this match was on shots. Our only Mens' winning rink was Alan Bull, Phil Jaggs Tim Maynard and Don Stevenson winning 31-13. The ladies winning rink was Julie Potter, Julie Tuinier, Gloria Hardy and Marion Smith they won 29-10, this gave us an overall 130 - 114 win. Well Done everybody

Parkhill & Rose Bowl Trophies
Friday 30th August 2019

This annual event was played at Home this year. On a lovely afternoon with our 18 bowlers taking on 18 of Rosehill best, we took to the green hoping to retain both trophies.

The Rose Hill Trophy

The Ladies Pairs: Julie Potter and Ann Mountford took on Janet Day & Carol Songer our ladies started slowly but once they got there rhythm there was no stopping them. They were level after after 8 ends with the score at 8-8 all, then they just started to pull away and won well 24-14.
The Ladies Triples: Beryl Sambridge, Gloria Hardy and Marion Smith took on Lin Clark, Jean Maplin and Joan Ash, our ladies also stated slowly in this game but they were level at 7-7 all after 8 ends. Our triple bowled well to move 13-8 in front with just 3 ends to play, however they managed to drop 3 sets of 2 to lose by 1 shot 13-14.
The Ladies Rink: Toni Lacey, Jean Matthews, Sue Metzner and Skip Chris Miles played Jenny Hagan, Di Smith, Phillipa Langford and skip Betty Piggott, our ladies started very well picking up a 6 on the first end. They were all bowling well and they won 7 out of the first 10 ends to lead 16-5. They continued to collect shots, they only lost 3 more ends and sealed a 27-8 win and the ladies retained the Rose Bowl Trophy 2-1 Good win for our ladies.

The Parkhill Trophy

The Mens Pairs: Bob Hayter and Dave Fussell played against Malcolm Songer and Dave Aryes in this pairs game. With Dave & Bob disappointed on not making one of the area pairs final this year they turned on the style tonight winning 39-3, winning for the 4th year in a row, this sealed the shots difference if they were needed.
The Mens Triples: Brian Metzner, Don Stevenson and Colin Milner played Chris Walker, Terry Day and Rob Porter. This was a very tight affair. The Rosehill triple started well and lead 10-2 after 5 ends, Colin's triple came back well and were level after 15 ends. Three very tight ends all went in favour of Rosehill BC and they won 17-14.
The Mens Rink: Gary Medler, Tony Lacey, Richard Rogers and Barry Osman played S Gransby, Roy Pateman, John Albon and Keith Mitzen. We got of to a good start but Rosehill fought back well to level this game at 14 all and 15 all with just 2 ends to play. The 20th end was very tense, however we managed to secure 2 shots to lead 17-15. Knowing that a draw would win the game because of the shot difference in the pairs, Gary Medler bowled his 2 woods on the final end within 6 inches of the jack. Rosehill continued to try and move them off and with the last bowl they did however they only picked up 1 shot so a 17-16 win for our 4's meant we retained the Parkhill Trophy.

The Result

The men retained the Parkhill winning the Pairs and 4’s to win 2-1
The ladies retained the Rose Bowl winning the Pairs and 4’s to win 2-1

Great support again by both clubs, Well Done everybody.

Ben Hobbs Shield, Saturday 24th August 2019

An early start for our bowlers today. Eight triples took to the green at 10.30 am. With all the teams seeded to make the competition interesting. At the halfway stage only one team won the first two games, with six teams winning one. With some very close games and our new bowlers performing well. Only one team managed a 100% success that was Micky Towers, Gloria Hardy and Bert Gray, well done to them.

The Challenge Cup v Stevenage BC 18th Aug'19 Away
HRPBC 94 v 33 Stevenage BC

The first leg of this trophy was played at Stevenage, 4 triples took to the green on a blustery but dry afternoon. After losing the cup last year and with our weekend performances being excellent so far this season our hopes of winning the cup back were high. With all 4 triples winning well and our newer bowlers bowling very well, we won this game by 61 shots, so now with the home leg on 21st September we are clear favourites to win this cup back. Our highest winning triple was skipped by Micky Towers with Bert Gray and Sue Metzner they won 30-7. Well done everybody great performance.

The Jack Goff Trophy 17th Aug'19
HRPBC 107 v 91 EHBA

This event was held at Rye Park and played for the 28th time. East Herts Bowls Assoc arrived and were welcomed by Hoddesdon & Rye Park bowlers. The weather was a lot better than what was predicted. We started with a spider that our own Gary Medler won, well done. With EHBA 14-13 in front, HRPBC went all out to win back the trophy. HRPBC won 3 rinks to the Assoc 2, with an overall score of 107-91 HRPBC levelled the win count now at 14-14 all. Our highest winning rink was skipped by Barry Osman he was assisted by Alan Bull, Dave Lofthouse & Jim Mason their score was 33-17. After the match Toni Lacey prepared a great meal followed by Cheese and biscuits. Thanks to everyone who assisted on the day and lets hope next year we can move ahead in the win count.

EHBL 13th August'19 Home
HRPBC 45 (4) v (2) 33 Bishop's Stortford

A rare win for our League team this season winning on one losing on the other. Our winning triple were Bob Hayter, Dave Fussell and Alan Bull. All 3 bowled well to win 27-11. However our losing triple just couldn't get over the line losing 18-22. It's a win and well deserved.

HRPBC v Bengeo BC Sunday 1th August'19 Away
HRPBC 73 v 34 Bengeo BC

With Bengeo BC struggling for members this match was only a 3 mixed triples however we did loan them one bowler so one game was a rink. On another windy day our bowlers coped well with the conditions. Julie Potter, Alan Bull and Martin Mountford were our highest winning triple winning by 26-8. Overall another excellent win for HRPBC, Thanks to Terry Eldridge for playing for our opponents. Well done everybody.

HRPBC v Allenburys Saturday 10th August 19 Home
HRPBC 67 v 57 Allenburys

On a wind swept afternoon we welcomed Allenburys Bowls Club to Rye Park. This match consisted of 4 mixed triples. All 4 triples won with scores of 16-15, 16-15, 16-12 & 19-15 so well done to everybody who played. Thanks to Gary Medler for standing in at late notice as one of our bowlers pulled out due to a back injury

The New Thurgood Cup 5th August'19

We hosted the Semi-Finals for the EHBA New Thurgood Cup. Bishops Stortford played Rosedale BC in a very tight game with Bishops Stortford just coming out on top 39-35. The other Semi was Northaw & Cuffley BC v Allenburys BC, this game was very close until Northaw & Cuffley eased away in second half of their game, they won 47-33. Thanks goes to Richard Rogers for agreeing to be our umpire on the night. Thanks to Dave & Edie for stocking the bar and keeping everybody watered. The food was prepared by Sue Metzner & Julie Tuinier they also help clear up. Many thanks to all Rye Park bowlers who assisted on the night.

Aussie Pairs
Sunday 4th August'19

A great afternoon in our annual Aussie Pairs competition. 12 teams all in fancy dress some better than others took to the green. Thanks to Gary Medler for stepping in to partner Alan Bull. Also a big thank you to Tony Lacey & Melvin Read who stood in at the last moment due to a late withdrawl.
The competition started with bowlers all playing out of position but bowling well. At the half way stage 3 teams were level, but after the tea interval everything changed. Our winners were our late sub
Gary Medler & Alan Bull as they were only team to win all 4 games, very well done. Sue Metzner & Brian Metzner came from behind to take second place, well done to you.
Also as usual thanks go to Terry Eldridge for laying the rinks out, Edie for doing the Bar. Thanks to Gary Medler who surprised everybody by doing a BBQ after the matches.

HRPBC v Rosehill Saturday 3rd Aug'19 Home
HRPBC 96 v 99 Rosehill BC

We welcomed local rivals Rosehill BC to our green today. With our game cancelled on Sunday this was only weekend friendly this weekend. The game consisted of 6 triples. We managed to win 4 out of 6 but just failed to win the overall. Our highest winning triple was skip Richard Rogers, lead Les Austin and Beryl Sambridge making a rare appierence and we were very pleased with that, they managed a great 20-8 win. Terry Wilson also played his first game of the season in one of our winning triples well done.

Scott Blain Trophy, Friday 2nd August19
HRPBC 4 v 6 Bounds Green BC

A great evening at Rye Park again where we entertained Bounds Green BC for the first time in over 25 years. After the game it was discussed about playing a friendly next season.
The Singles - Tim Maynard was chosen to represent us in this game as Colin Milner who played in the first game was away on DBE duties. Tim's opponent was Nick Edwards who has just reached the National Champion of Champions Finals. Tim matched Nick shot for shot and moved into a 9-8 lead on 12 ends. Nick then showed why he was in the Nationals winning the next 6 ends to lead 20-9, Tim tried to rally but went down 21-11.
The Pairs - Richard Rogers & John Stevenson started well against Steve Griffiths and Hassan Jemel but it all levelled out by the 10th end at 9 all. Richard & John then pulled away to lead 14-11 and were actually 16-13 in front with 3 ends to play. Hassan bowled some brilliant woods in the last 3 ends to win 20-16.
The Triples - Barry Osman, Dave Fussell and Brian Metzner started very slowly against a strong triple Les Foreman, Ray Young & Geoff Lawrence. After 9 ends our triple were 10-2 down, Barry rallied his team and they won the next 5 ends picking up 9 shots to go ahead 11-10. With both teams bowling well this could have gone either way. With Barry needing 2 shots on the last end to force a one end shot out, he could only pick up a single and we lost 12-13.
The 4's - Bob Hayter skipped our winning rink with Gary Medler, Tony lacey and Dale Large, their opponents were Skip Chris Watton, Colin Harris, Patrick McWilliam and Eddie Carnhan. Our bowlers got of to a flyer and only dropped one end out of the first 10 ends to lead 20-2. With Gary & Tony on the jack all night they kept pilling on the pressure, when they failed to get close Dale or Bob just drew shot after shot. The contest was now over, so after 19 ends the rink finished with a score 46-4 but it didn't matter we lost 4-6.
Thanks to all the supporters and Dave & Edie at the bar and Toni Lacey for cooking a meal for everybody and guests. Also thanks to Sue Metzner for assisting Toni in the kitchen.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the Green will be closed for play there is some maintenance taking place on Wednesday 7th August 2019 until 6.00pm

EHBL 30th July '19 Away
HRPBC 28 (2) v (4) 38 Cheshunt

Our triples teams travelled to Cheshunt for this league game. Tim Maynard's triple bowled well and won 19-15, Tim was with Phil Jaggs & Terry Eldridge. Colin Milner skipped the other triple he was Dale Large and Peter Harrison, unfortunately they lost to a strong Cheshunt triple 23-9.

With a number of bowlers on holiday or playing in other competitions Bruce Miles was unable to get a team out even though he contacted nearly every bowler listed. So the game against Sawbridgeworth BC on 2nd August has been conceded.

HRPBC v Sawbridgeworth BC Sunday 28th July'19 Home
HRPBC 114-87 Sawbridgeworth BC

After a wet Saturday thankfully the weather was better as we welcomed Sawbridgeworth BC to Rye Park. This 5 mixed triples game was increased to 6 mixed triples so more of our bowlers could play, however due to illness and a none show from Rye Park Dave Fussell & Bob Hayter who were not due to play stepped in at a very late stage so thanks go out to them. HRPBC had another weekend victory, we won on 4 games and lost 2. John Stevenson skipped our highest winning triple with a great 29-9 win, he was with Gloria Hardy and Dave Lofthouse. Well done to everybody who played, thanks to the catering team as well.


It's hard to believe that after all this great weather the Aussie Pairs was cancelled due to heavy rain.
This has been re-scheduled for Sunday 4th August
2pm Start-Nomination Sheet UP in clubhouse

Scott Blain Trophy, Friday 26th July19
HRPBC 6 v 4 Bush Hill Park

A great evening at Rye Park where we entertained Bush Hill Park BC for the first time in over 20 years. After the game it was discussed about playing a friendly next season.
The Singles- Colin Milner was selected to play the singles he was playing against Chris Pilgrim. Chris started well, however after 9 ends Colin had pulled back to 10 all, both bowlers were bowling well but Chris moved into a good lead after 17 ends he lead 20-15. Colin’s never say die attitude saw him edge back with 3 single shots. With the score at 18-20 Colin was holding the 3 he needed when Chris with his last wood was into the head and picked up the shot he needed winning 21-18.
The Pairs- Dale Large & Micky Towers played J Morgan & Steve Boyle in another very close game. With game going to and fro it suddenly good for Micky & Dale picking up a good 6 shots to put them into a 4 shot lead. Unfortunately they lost the next 4 ends to fall behind 13-17. Yet again the gap was closed to just one shot with 2 ends to play. Steve Boyce then produced a great last wood to pick up 3 shots and they held on to win well 21-18.
The Triples- Barry Osman skipped this triple with Tim Maynard leading and Dave Fussell playing two, their opponents were M Catchpole, S Spencer and A Ellwood skipping. Our triple were on fire, after a steady start they then moved into second half action, with Tim talking to his woods all night (and they listened) he was all over the jack and Dave drawing for fun so Barry just did what ever was asked. After the singles and Pairs losing we needed this win, well done on great 21-10 victory, well done and well bowled.
The 4's- Bob Hayter skipped our rink with Gary Medler leading, Tony Lacey and Richard Rogers playing 3. Bush Hill Parks rink was Roger Watkinson skipping Mike Horder and the lead B Foley, K Kennedy playing 3. Our rink started very well and moved into a nice 10-1 after 6 ends. Our rink then managed to lose 9 out of the next 10 ends to fall 2 shots behind at 11-13. Our rink then realised that we need to win this game to go through to the next round. We then won the next 4 ends to lead 17-13, and we held on to win 17-15.
Thanks to Toni Lacey for dishing up a hot meal after the game. We had great support tonight so come an d support us next week when we play
Bounds Green on Friday 2nd August at 6pm at home.

County League v Rosehill 24th July'19 Away
HRPBC 39(4) V (2)25 Rosehill

On a very hot evening we travelled to this re-arranged game at Rosehill. Barry Osman skipped our winning rink with Brian Metzner, Don Stevenson and Dale Large a very good win 25-6. Bob Hayter was with Gary Medler, Terry Eldridge and Dave Fussell in very tight game with no luck they lost 14-19. However overall a good 4-2 win.

EHDWBA Anniversary Cup 24th July'19
HRPBC Ladies v Ware Ladies at Ware BC

This game was a Singles, Pairs & Triple. Our singles game was played by Julie Potter. Julie continued her excellent form this season with a very good win setting the match up for the pairs and triples. Marion Smith & not Gloria Hardy were as fortunate and even managed to drop an 8, Marion commented "she had no idea how that happen" (you didn't get close enough LOL), they then found it hard from there on and lost. The triples also struggled and lost (no details of the triples team).

Ladies Monday League (Away)
Monday 22nd July'19
HRPBC 11 v 30 Hertford BC

After last weeks great result it all went wrong tonight with our Ladies going down 11-30 to Hertford Ladies. Better luck next week.

HRPBC v Whit Hern BC Sunday 21st July'19 Home
HRPBC 95-72 Whit Hern

Another great afternoon at Rye Park, this time against Whit Hern BC. This match consisted of 5 triples, we managed to 3 game on the day with Captain Don Stevenson leading the way with a 26-8 win, he was with Karen Gray (who stepped in late in the day) and Toni Lacey. Terry Eldridge also skipped a high winning triple with Bert Gray and Sue Metzner they managed a 18-9 win. Well done everybody.

Disability Bowls England At Leamington Spa
Saturday 20thy July 2019

A branch off of DBE held their singles today and once again Colin Milner was playing. During the day Colin had to bowl 7 matches in which he won 5 and lost 2. Once all the scores were collected Colin found himself level once again and finished in 3rd place and had to play another game to finish 3rd however it wasn't to be and after a total of 10 hours of bowling Colin finished in 4th place. Well done Colin

HRPBC v Bournemouth Park Sat 20th July'19 Home
HRPBC 122-101 Bournemouth Park

Bournemouth Park BC travelled up from Southend to play in our annual game. 24 bowlers and 4 guest arrived around 12.30 at HRPBC and all made there way to the bar. Lunch arrived in the form of Fish & Chips and was enjoyed by all. The weather forecast was not good, however after a heavy downpour about 1 hour before the game then the sun came out and thankfully stayed out all afternoon. HRPBC won on 4 rinks, drew on one and lost one. Tim Maynard skipped our highest winning rink with Gary Medler, Julie Tuiner and Terry Eldridge winning 27-14. Barry Osman's rink were 6 down playing the last end and they managed a draw with a 6 on the final end, so never give up. Thanks to Edie Fussell for opening the bar early and the catering team lead by Brenda &Terry Wilson and thanks to Linda & Greg Dunford for also standing in late in the day. Thanks to everybodyelse who assisted during the day.

County League v Sawbridgeworth BC 19th July'19 Home
HRPBC 38(4)-(2)36 Sawbridgeworth

We welcomed Sawbridgeworth for tonights County League game. The two games were both very close. Barry Osman skipped our winning rink he was with Micky Towers, Dale Large and Tony Lacey, they won 22-18. The other game was skipped by Bob Hayter they lost 18-16, Bob was with Richard Rogers, Terry Eldridge and Gary Medler, overall a good 4 points.

EHBL 18th July '19 Away
HRPBC 20(0)v(6)44 Shire Park

Not a good day for our 2 triples both teams struggled, just need to improve next time.

EHBL 16th July '19 Home
HRPBC 27(2)v(4)48 Ware BC

A good 2 points against a high flying Ware BC in the EHBL Triples league. Terry Eldridge skipped our winning triple by 18-17, he was joined by Peter Harrison & Malvin Read, our other triple struggled and lost 31-9. So just the 2 points tonight.

Ladies Monday League (Away)
Monday 15th July'19
HRPBC 32 v 11 Elsenham BC

Our ladies travelled to unbeaten Elsenham in this Monday league game. With Julie Potter leading, Trish Miller,Toni Lacey and Ann Mountford skipping, they produced a fantastic performance after 14 ends the score was 29-1. Even though our ladies feel away a bit near the end what a great result 32-11. well done

County League v Bishop's Stortford BC 12th July'19 Home
HRPBC 34(2)-(4) 43 Bishop's Stortford

Always a hard game against Bishop's Stortford and this was no different. With both teams winning one rink each. Micky Towers skipped our winning rink 19-13 he was with Dale Large, Tony Lacey and Tim Maynard, a good effort all round.

Thurgood Cup 11th July 2019 away
HRPBC v Rosedale

On their challenging green our two rinks unfortunately lost overall by three shots. We had one winning rink of Colin Milner, Mick Towers, Dave Fussell and Brian Metzner but well done to all players. Thanks also to our supporters.
Good bowling Rosedale in the semi final

Congratulations to Colin Milner who played on Wednesday 10th July 2019 in a team representing Disabilty Bowls England at Leamington Spa BC. Playing against Australia. What an achievement and what an experience. Well done and may there be many more games

HRPBC v Sele Farm on Sunday 7th July 2019 away
HRPBC v Sele Farm 53-79

our four triples playing away on what was described as a fast green saw our team lose on all rinks. Thanks to the players that stepped in at the 11th hour to take the place of injured bowlers.
But well bowled Sele Farm

HRPBC v Potter Bar BC Saturday 6th July 2019
HRPBC 130 v 58 Potters Bar

This five rink friendly game had to start a little late due to the traffic congestion on the journey to our green.
We had another good win on all of the rinks resulting in 130 shots for and 58 against. Our highest winning rink we're the four of Richard Rogers, John Stevenson, Phil Jaggs and Julie Potter.
Well done to all bowlers

The New Lyndhurst Trophy 4th July 2019
HRPBC v Buntingford 17-48

With one triple at home and the other playing at Buntingford on a very warm summer evening our club lost on both rinks. But not without trying our home team lost by just three shots the away team were out bowled by some excellent top class bowling. Well done Buntingford and good bowling in the next round

EHBL 1st July 2019 at home
HRPBC v Hertford (TBA)

Our two triples teams took on members from Hertford BC a disappointing result for our players losing on both rinks

County League v Rosedale BC Monday 1st July'19 Away
HRPBC 41(4)-(2)39 Rosedale

Our two rinks played away to Rosedale BC with the rink of Barry Osman Richard Rogers Tony Lacey and Gary Medlar coming away with a win 25 shots to 15 with the other rink going down by only the 8 shots HRPBC came away with 4 league points.

HRPBC v Bishops Stortford BC Sunday 30th June 2019
HRPBC 115 v 73 Bishops Stortford

Our visit to Bishops Stortford again saw some excellent weather and good bowling from both teams on a very good green.
We came away with a score of 115 shots to 73 winning on all rinks. Our highest winning rink consisted a Micky Towers Alan Bull and Mick Wilkins. Well done to all bowlers

HRPBC v Hertford BC Saturday 29th June 2019 Away
HRPBC 126 v 87 Hertford

On what was the hottest day of the year so far we travelled to play our friends at Hertford. It was another very good result for our club winning on the five rinks. The score overall was 126 shots to 87 with the rink of Colin Milner Trish Miller Brian Metzner and Trevor Scales achieving the highest winning rink.

The Lyndhurst 24th June'19

HRPBC 47 v 30 Whit Hern

This is an EHBA competition 2 triples one at home and one away. The away team consisted of Bob Hayter skipping, Colin Milner and Dave Fussell leading. After the first couple of ends our triple found the weight and moved into a 10-4 lead. They then managed to drop a 4 that brought Whit Hern back into the match at 10-8. However our 3 bowlers won 6 out of the next 7 ends to win 22-9. Our Home triple was skipped by Micky Towers with Richard Rogers and Gary Medler leading. They started extremely well picking up an 8 on the 1st end, the question is who was short (MGT clue). With our triple only winning 7 ends all night a 25-21 win is was very good. The Whit Hern triple fought back well after their awallfull start and leveled the game at 20all after 15 ends . A strong finished saw 5 shots against their one in the last 3 ends. They all bowled well to win 25-21. We have now been drawn to face Buntingford, we are the home team, good luck all.

The Pamart Cup (1st Leg)
HRPBC v Much Hadham Sunday 23rd June'19 Home

HRPBC 125 v 72 Much Hadham

The Pamart Cup is played for annually between us and Much Hadham. The Cup was present by Pam & Arthur Mounce, hence the PamArt Cup, as during their playing time they played for both clubs. It was great that Tim Maynard's mum Pauline bring her sister Pam Mounce down to Rye Park today to watch the game, a nice surprise for everybody. The match went well for us winning on all 5 rinks. Our highest winning rink was skipped by Alan Blackwell he was assisted by Brian Metzner, Jean Matthews and Marion Smith they won 29-7. It now means that we take a 53 shot lead to Much Hadham in September for the 2nd leg. well done everybody

HRPBC v Sele Farm BC Saturday 22nd June'19 Home
Mens HRPBC 63-65 Sele Farm BC

Our run comes to an end after 8 straight wins. In a closely fought game against Sele Farm it was all on the final ends. With 2 triples winning and 2 losing the overall score saw us lose by just 2 shots. Micky Towers skipped our highest winning triple with Bert Gray and Mick Wilkins they managed to win 20-11. Colin Milner's triple Karen Gray and Jim Mason came close winning 18-12. Well done everybody a very close game.

Ladies Monday League (Away)
Thursday 20th June'19
HRPBC 25 v 12 Hertford BC

Our ladies travelled to Hertford for this re-arranged match, this was originally cancelled due to the bad weather we have recently experienced. Julie Potter, Gloria Hardy, Chris Miles and Marion Smith took on this challenge. The match started very evenly with nothing separating the teams, however the second half was definitely HRPBC ladies as they won most of the ends to win overall 25-12 well done.

EHBL 18th June'19 Away
HRPBC v Northaw & Cuffley 28-42 2-4

Our bowlers travelled to Northaw & Cuffley our 4th game of the season. With the prospect of heavy rain no one was looking forward to this, however thankfully the rain held off. We had one winning triple tonight that was skip Richard Rogers, Brian Metzner and Tony Lacey they won well winning the last 5 ends with a score of 20-15. Our other triple were not as successful against former Rye park bowler Brian Holding losing 27-8. A good 2 points collected away from home.

Ladies Monday League (Away)
Monday 17th June'19
HRPBC 18 v 21 Rosehill BC

Toni Lacey, Sue Metzner, Ann Mountford and Marion Smith played local rivals Rosehill BC. These Monday league games are always tight and this was no different, as at the half way stage it was all square at 8 all. The Rosehill ladies then hit a hotspot collecting 10 shots in 4 ends to lead this game 18-10. Our ladies started their comeback however the task was not achievable and we lost 18-21.

The 3 Wood Challenge (The Hayter Cup)
Sunday 16th June'19

Once again our bowlers nominated for this annual event, some bowlers were disappointed as this competition has a limited amount of spaces available, so its first come first served. After the first round of matches, 3 bowlers were eliminated so on to round two. The Competition then moves into 3 categories Cup, Plate & Spoon. After this round of matches the finals in each section were known. In the Cup it was Dave Fussell v Bob Hayter, The Plate was Tim Maynard v Terry Potter and the Spoon it was Gary Medler v Toni Lacey. All 3 finals were close with Dave Fussell winning the Cup by 5-4, Tim Maynard winning by the same score 5-4 and Gary Medler winning the Spoon by 6-3. Well done everybody on a great afternoon.

Target Bowls Competition
Saturday 15th June'19

A great turnout for this impromptu competition after Aston BC cancelled. The targets were different and some held additional bonuses. With nearly 40 scoresheet handed in the scoring was high. In third place was Dave Fussell with 59 points, in second place was Micky Towers with 66 points. However our runaway leader was Linda Dunford with 74 points well done. Great day was had by all.

HRPBC v Bishop Stortford
Eversley Cup 2nd Round 14th June'19 Away

HRPBC 47 - 65 Bishop Stortford

Our Men travelled to Bishop's Stortford to face them in this second round game. The result didn't go in our favour however we put up a good show. We lost on 2 rinks but we did have one winning rink, Bob Hayter skipped this rink with Barry Osman, Martin Mountford and Don Stevenson, they managed a creditable 22-17 win.

The New Thurgood 12th June'19 Away
HRPBC 49-22 Bengeo

Our men travelled to Bengeo to play this 1st round game in this years New Thurgood. Micky Towers, Tim Maynard, Dale Large and Dave Fussell had our highest winning rink 31-9. Our other rink saw Colin Milner, Tony Lacey, Richard Rogers and Gary Medler also win in a slightly tighter game they won 18-13. Well Done everybody, lets keep this going into the next round. Our opponents in the next round is Rosedale BC on the 11th July at Rosedale.

HRPBC v Ware BC Sunday 9th June'19 Away
Mens HRPBC 74-68 Ware
Ladies HRPBC 38-26 Ware
Overall HRPBC 112-94 Ware

Another great performance away from home. This match consisted of 4 mens' rinks and 2 ladies rinks. With Karen Gray and Bert Gray playing their first matches for the club, what a location to start your first away match, well done. The ladies highest winning rink was skipped by Chris Miles she was supported by Julie Potter, Linda Dunford and Ann Mountford they won 24-6. The Mens highest winning rink was skipped by Bob Hayter and he was assisted by Gary Medler (who was on the highest winning on Saturday) Martin Mountford and Terry Eldridge they won 23-16, so a double for the "Mountfords" well done everybody.

HRPBC v Northaw & Cuffley Sat 8th June'19 Home
HRPBC 77-60 Northaw & Cuffley

On our first official home weekend friendly we continue in the same way as the away games. It was nice to welcome Northaw & Cuffley to our green and also nice to see former member Brian Holding. This was a 4 rink match which saw both teams winning 2 games each. However the only difference being was that our 2 wins were better than our opponents. Our highest winning rink was Captain Colin Milner his rink was Gary Medler, Barry Jones & Jim Mason they won 24-11. Well done everybody on another good win, also making his club debut was Barry Jones Well Done on your first weekend friendly.

HRPBC v Aston BC Cancelled AGAIN

The match that was scheduled for Saturday 15th June at home against Aston BC has been cancelled by them. This is the 2nd second season on the trot that they have cancelled both fixtures. Next season we will look to replace them. Also with Griffin cancelling our scheduled home game we have now agreed to only have one fixture per season. So in 2020 hopefully we will a couple of new fixtures.

Tuesday 4th June'19
HRPBC 13 v 21 Buntingford1 (0-2)

Ann Mountford, Toni Lacey, Gloria Hardy and Marion Smith played against this strong Buntingford ladies team. With our ladies starting slowly they soon found their line and were only 1 shot behind after 11 ends. The Buntingford Ladies eased away picking up 1's and the odd 2 to move into a 16-13 lead with 3 ends to play. These last few ends were all won by Buntingford as they claimed a 21-13 win.

Ladies Monday League (Away)
Monday 3rd June'19
HRPBC 17 v 15 Whit Hern

Our ladies had to travel to Whit Hern for their opening game of the season. Ann Mountford lead the way with Julie Tuinier playing 2 and making her debut in this competition, Gloria Hardy was playing 3 to skip Marion Smith. Our ladies started very poorly and were 11-3 down after 9 ends. With the next 7 ends all going in the way of HRPBC the turnaround was complete and they moved into a 13-11 lead. This game was far from over with The ladies of Whit Hern moving ahead again to lead 14-15 after 20 ends. Then the HRPBC spirit came in and we collected a 3 on the final end to win 17-15

The Presidents Gala - formerly Den's Gala
Sunday 2nd June 2019

On a lovely summers day, 30 of our bowlers played in this triples competition. All the teams were seeded so every team had a fair chance. We had 3 new bowlers playing their first competitive club competition. This was Barry Jones & Bert Gray their first season bowling and Sarah Joy who had previously bowled. With all 10 teams playing 4 games only one team won all 4 games that was The President Bob Hayter, Greg Dunford and new bowler Bert Gray, with the runners up being Terry Eldridge, Sue Metzner and Julie Tuinier. The Buffet that followed was brilliant as usual so a big thank you to Toni Lacey, Sue Metzner and Julie Tuinier for all their efforts, also Thanks to every body who assisted in the kitchen tiding up after. Thanks to Edie for keeping the players and guests watered. Well done everybody


England, England, England

After Colin's qualifying session at St Neots on Sunday for DB England, Colin did catch the eye of the selectors and this morning was picked to represent England against Australia on 10th July 2019 at 10.00am at Leamington. Well done Colin.

Sunday 26th May'19 DBE Qualifiers

Colin Milner travelled to St Neots to play his DBE singles qualifiers, they were in groups of 5 and they all played 3 games of 15 ends. Colin won all three of his games and expected to qualify for the finals at Leamington. However due to the strange rules the player Colin didn't play in his group also won 3 games and won the group on shot difference and Colin finished runner up. (They need to amend this format). Well done Colin the club are proud that you are a member at HRPBC.

HRPBC V Whit Hern Saturday 25th May'19 Away
HRPBC 114 - 62 Whit Hern

This match started earlier than normal at 2pm. The early start didn't effect our bowlers as all 5 triples started well. At the half way stage we were up in 4 games and at the end all 5 triples won well. Our highest winning triple was skipped by Richard Rogers he was with Les Austin and Brian Metzner they won 30-6, great performance. Alan Blackwell's triple also won well winning 23-10 Alan was with Alan Bull and Marion Smith. Well done everybody.

HRPBC v Rosehill
Eversley Cup 1st Round 24th May 19 Home

HRPBC 74 - 31 Rosehill

On a lovely evening at Rye park we welcomed local rivals Rosehill. With all 3 of rinks winning it was a great result. Our highest winning Rink was skipped by Barry Osman, he was assisted by Brian Metzner, Walter Richardson and Tim Maynard, with all the bowlers bowling very well they pulled off a 32-8 win, Our other 2 rinks also bowled well on this lovely evening. Our next opponents will be Bishops Stortford on 14 June away.

EHBL 20th May'19 Away
HRPBC v Sawbridgeworth Blues 44-27 6-0

After two defeats so far this season we needed a win badly. John Stevenson skipped our highest winning triple with Dave Fussell and Alan Bull they won well 24-15. Our other triple was skipped by Don Stevenson he was also a winner he was with Les Austin and Walter Richardson they won 20-12 well done everyone a great 6 points for us.

HRPBC v Allenburys BC - Sun 19th May'19 Home
HRPBC 73 v 62 Allenburys

With Allenburys arriving at HRPBC and our team travelling to Allenburys something went wrong. Our bowlers turned around and travelled back to HRPBC to play this match. We would like to thank the members of HRPBC for travelling back to Rye park. Thanks also goes out to Toni Lacey for arranging a Tea. On checking the confirmation letter from Allenburys it clearly states that we would be playing at Allenburys.

On to the match another great result for HRPBC with 2 winning triples. Our best winning triple was skipped by Micky Towers and he was assisted by Tony Andrerws and Gloria Hardy winning 25-11 our other winning triple was skipped by Terry Eldridge he was assisted by Gary Medlar and Mick Wilkins their score was 20-14, well done everybody.

HRPBC Ladies v Harlow Ladies 15th May'19 Home
HRPBC 32 v 36 Harlow

Our ladies played their first mid week friendly match this season against Harlow. We had 2 ladies playing their first ladies mid week friendly game and both Julie Tuinier & Trish Miller played well. The match was very close all the way through. Jean Matthews skipped our winning triple with Toni Lacey and Trish Miller winning 18-14. Ann Mountford skipped the other with Julie Tuinier & Sue Metzner just lost 14-22. Good team effort.

Ranson Cup Tuesday 14th May'19 H & A
HRPBC 32 v 51 Sele Farm

After a great weekend it all changed in the Ranson Cup tonight. Our home rink was skipped by Colin Milner he was with Micky Towers, Brian Metzner & Tim Maynard they thought hard but couldn't manage to beat the Sele Farm bowlers, losing 20-26. The away leg was skipped by Bob Hayter he was with Richard Rogers, Barry Osman and Dave Fussell they all tried hard but just couldn't deal with a difficult green, going down 25-12.

HRPBC v Potters Bar Sun 12th May 2019 Away
HRPBC 118 v 75 Potters Bar

Another great away win this time at Potters Bar. An excellent turnout by our members secured this win with 4 winning rinks out of 5. The highest winning rink today was Barry Osman's rink with Tony Andrews, Toni Lacey and Alan Blackwell their score was an amazing 35-10, well done everybody on a great weekends bowling.

HRPBC v Hertford Castle Sat 11th May 2019 Away
HRPBC 124 v 51 Hertford Castle

On a lovely day in Hertford with the sun shining HRPBC had a great away day playing Hertford Castle. With all 5 triples winning well our highest winning triple was John Stevenson's with Ann Mountford and our reserve Sue Metzner they managed a fantastic 29-8 win. Well done everyone on a great win.

EHBL 9th May 2019 Away
HRPBC v Welwyn Garden City 23-46 0-6

Our first away game didn't go as planned losing 6-0. Don Stevenson's triple, Walter Richardson & Les Austin were always behind even with a strong middle part they just couldn't pull back and went down 12-24. The other game also saw a loss, with Bob Hayter, Mick Wilkins & Frank Watson struggled they were never in it going down 11-22, better luck next time.

EHBL 7th May 2019 Home
HRPBC v Much Hadham 32-33 2-4

Our first league game of the season couldn't have been any closer. Alan Blackwell's triple, Alf McDonald & Greg Dunford were leading well then Much Hadham pulled level with 2 ends to play, however 2 good ends gave us a 19-16 win. Richard Rogers triple Tony Lacey & Brian Metzner were always behind they needed a 3 on the last end for a point unfortunately we could only manage a 2, so losing 13-17, unlucky well played.

HRPBC v Rosedale BC Sunday 5th May Away
HRPBC 83 v 46 Rosedale BC

A great afternoon bowling at Rosedale bowls club. Had a good win 83-46 winning 3 out of 4 rinks. The best winning rink was the Captains rink Colin Milner who was assisted by Julie Potter, Alan Bull & Brian Metzner with a resounding 29-9 result, Brian was on his second highest winning rink this weekend, Well done to all the players.

HRPBC v Griffin Saturday 4th May Away
HRPBC 77-50 Griffin BC

Our first away match of the season saw a comfortable win against Griffin. On a match played in all seasons we managed to win on 3 triples and a draw on one. Micky Towers had our highest winning triple with Jim Mason and Brian Metzner winning 28-13, good wins on the other 2, well done everybody

President v Captain
Saturday 27th April 2019

President 87.5 v 90 v Captain

Our first game of the season saw 39 bowlers turnout for the clubs opening match. The weather could have been better however everybody enjoyed the day. It was great to see Richard Mansfield, Gary Medler and Dale Large all returning to the club this season. Also Julie Tunier playing her first match for the successful winning Captains team. The match was played in good spirit with plenty of banter between team mates. The Captain highest winning rink was Alan Bull, Trish Miller, Brian Metzner and skip Marion Smith winning 29-11. The Presidents highest winning rink was Peter Brewster, Gary Medler and skip Alan Blackwell winning 26-13 but after adjusting by 25% they still won by 19.5-13, unfortunately on this rink there were just 3 as one bowler had to pull out due to injury. Thanks to everybody who assisted in setting the rinks out, helping behind the bar and in the kitchen.

Open Day Sunday 14th April 2019 from 10.30am

Come along and meet up with some of our new members and club members you haven't seen for a few months, pay your subscription, pick up your new shirts and collect your 2019 Handbook.

The first game is The President v The Captain on Saturday 24th April. A poster is on the wall so nominate quickly so not to be disappointed.


Sun 28 April Aston 4 Mxd T

Sun 26 May Griffin 4 Mxd T

Sat 8 June NORTHAW & CUFFLEY 4 Mxd

Sat 22 June Sele Farm 4 MXD T

Sun 23 June Much Hadham (Pamart) 5 Mxd

Sat 6 July Potters Bar 5 Mxd

Sat 20 July Bournemouth Park (Southend) 5 Mxd

Sun 21 July Whit Hern 5 Mxd T

Sun 28 July Sawbridgeworth 5 Mxd T

Sat 3 August Rosehill BC 6 Mxd T

Sun 4 August Datchworth 5 Mxd

Sat 10 August Allenburys 4 Mxd T

Sat 17 August Jack Goff Trophy 4M-6M

Sun 1 Sept. Ware 4M & 2L

Sat 21 Sept. Stevenage Town 4 Mxd





The Presidents Gala 30th September 2018

The Presidents Gala was originally started by Denis McCrow and was known as the Den's Gala, Then back in 2013 the then President John Stevenson introduced a cup for the day and subsequently re named the competition,

This year we saw 27 hardy bowlers turning out for this rearranged competition. The winners this year were the current President Bob Hayter, Lady Captain Toni Lacey and Vice Captain Sue Metzner winning 3 games and drawing 1. There was some excellent bowling all round during the day and as it colder the bowling improved. Thanks to everyone for turning out for our final competition.

The Haward Cup Final 28th September 2018

Barry Osman 2 v 0 Julie Potter

On a lovely sunny afternoon, Barry Osman and Julie Potter played the Haward Cup Final. With the sun very low it effected both bowlers as they found it hard early on to find the line and weight, however with Barry's experience he pulled away and won the first set comfortably. The second set was a lot closer with Julie pulling away and it looked odds on that we were going to have to play a sudden death one end bowl off, however with Barry needing two shots to win the cup he picked up a 3 to win the cup 2-0. Well Done to both bowlers and yet again great support.


Due to the bad weather, the Presidents Gala
was cancelled.
However this has now been rearranged for
Sunday 30th September at 2.30pm with Tea & Biscuits

With the Gala cancelled we still had over 30 members and members family turn up, so not to disappoint the President quickly arranged a quiz and bingo afternoon, which everybody enjoyed. Also as Toni Lacey had purchased all the food for the day everybody enjoyed Bangers and Mash followed by Apple Pie and cream, thanks Toni you are a star.

HRPBC v Stevenage Town BC Saturday 22nd Sept 2018
The Challenge Cup
HRPBC 50- 81 Stevenage Town

HRPBC travelled to Stevenage Town to play the 2nd leg of the Challenge Cup. HRPBC started this game with a 25 shot lead after the first leg, (this perhaps should have been more as the 25% deduction wasn't taken into account when they arrived at Rye park with only triples, another 15 shots!!.) The rain continued to fall all the way through this game and our bowlers found it difficult to cope with as the rain & green as there green was a lot slower than ours. Subsequently we lost on 3 games and winning on just one, that being, Don Stevenson's rink he was with Alan Bull, Terry Eldridge and Ruby Wells they won 23-18 well done. The overall score on the day was 50-81, so Stevenage Town won the Cup by 6 shots overall.

HRPBC v Much Hadham BC Saturday 15th Sepember 2018
Pamart Cup 2nd Leg

HRPBC 117- 78 Much Hadham BC

HRPBC welcomed Much Hadham BC for the 2nd leg of the Pamart Cup. With HRPBC holding a 5 shot lead after the 1st leg the cup was still anybodies. 5 mixed started and with some excellent bowling from HRPBC we managed to retain the cup with 3 winning rinks. The highest winning rink was Dave Fussell, Jean Matthews, Phil Jaggs (who stood in for Bob Hayter at the last moment) and Alan Bull they won 29-10. Tim Maynard also skipped a high winning rink with Julie Potter, Terry Eldridge and Don Stevenson they won 26-9. The overall score was 117-78 so a 44 shot victory saw us take the cup. Well done everyone.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park Finals RESULTS

SATURDAY 8th September 2018
Winners In BLUE

Ladies 4 Wood Pairs Start 9.00am ish
Linda Dunford & Marion Smith v Toni Lacey & Julie Potter

Men's 4 Wood Pairs Start 9.00am ish
Phil Jaggs & Greg Dunford v Peter Hayden & Richard Rogers

Men's Consolation Start 9.00am ish
Brian Metzner v
Micky Giron-Towers

Ladies Fixed Jack Start Approx Time 1.00pm
Julie Potter v Sue Metzner

Men's Fixed Jack Start Approx Time 1.00pm
Bob Hayter v
Micky Giron-Towers

Men's Handicap Start Approx Time 1.00pm
Tony Lacey v
Dave Fussell

Men's 2 Wood Pairs Start Approx Time 1.30pm
Tim Maynard & Alan Bull v Malvin Read & Richard Rogers

Bully's 11 Start Approx Time 4.00pm

Les Austin v Peter Hayden

Ladies Championship Start Approx Time 4.30pm

Julie Potterv Ann Mountford

Men's Championship Start Approx Time 4.30pm
Bob Hayter vMicky Giron-Towers

SUNDAY 9th September 2018

Mixed Pairs Start time 11.00am
Toni Lacey & Phil Jaggs
Sue Metzner & Micky Giron-Towers


HRPBC 144 v 97 Ware BC

We welcomed Ware BC to our green today for a 6 mixed triples game. This game was competitive, enjoyable and played in a good spirit. We came out on top winning 5 of the 6 games. With Colin Milner back to top form and skipping our highest winning triple with Terry Wilson and lady captain Toni Lacey they won 31-10. Micky Giron-Towers playing against his old club skipped our 2nd highest winning triple with Sue Metzner and Martin Mountford they won 29-13. The overall result was a good win, well done everyone.

The 3 Wood Challenge 1st September 2108

21 bowlers took part in this years 3 wood challenge on a nice sunny afternoon. Some of the bowling was top class on the day and after 2 rounds the finalists were known. In the Cup competition we had last years winner Dave Fussell playing the 2015 winner Brian Metzner. In the Plate competition we had Julie Potter and Richard Rogers winner of the Cup in 2013. The Plate featured Bob Hayter and Tony Lacey. The winners were:-
The Cup - Brian Metzner
The Plate - Julie Potter
The Spoon - Bob Hayter
Congratulations to our winners

Parkhill & Rose bowl Trophies
Friday 31st August 2018 at Rosehill BC

This annual event was played at Rosehill BC this year. On a lovely afternoon our 18 bowlers took to the green hoping to retain both trophies.
Rose Bowl Trophy:
Pairs -
Marion Smith and Chris Miles played a strong pair from Rosehill. A great start saw us win 7 ends out of the first 8 to lead 12-5. Marion and Chris only lost 4 ends in this game when the ladies from Rosehill conceded due to one of the ladies picking up an injury, so a win to us by 17-9.
Triples - Ann Mountford skipped this triple with Beryl Sambridge and Sue Metzner, once again a great start saw our triple win 6 of the first 8 ends to lead 8-2. A poor patch followed lposing 5 ends on the trot to fall behind 8-12. Even though the last few ends were shared our triple lost 13-16.
Rink - This rink was skipped by Jean Matthews, assisted by Julie Potter, Linda Dunford and Toni Lacey. What a start for our rink winning the first 10 ends to lead 21-0. With a four ladies bowling well they came away with a great 29-11. So with 2 wins out of 3 they retained the Rose Bowl, well done
Parkhill Trophy
Pairs -
Bob Hayter and Dave Fussell got some well good practice before Sunday EHBA Pairs final. With a good start from our pair early on the Rosehill pair pulled level then moved ahead 12-11. Bob and Dave then tightened up to move ahead again winning 5 ends on the trot all singles and eventually winning 20-16.
Triples - Colin Milner skipped our triple with Micky Giron-Towers and Brian Metzner played in the closes match of the day. This game was close up to the halfway stage losing 8-6. the next 4 ends went to our triple and we moved into a 14-8 lead, even though Rosehill came back but the lead was too much, so a good win 15-13.
Rink - Barry Osman skipped our 4's with Richard Rogers, Tony Lacey and Don Stevenson they also had a great stated and they were 16-3 up at the halfway stage. With this lead they only managed to win 3 more ends still picking up 8 more shots and winning 24-12. So with the Men winning all 3 games they also retained the Parkhill Trophy.
Great support again from our members yet again The players all Thank you

We are holding our 3 Wood Challenge on Saturday 1st September, please arrive by 2pm no later.

HRPBC v Ware BC Sunday 2nd September 2018

Sunday 26th August 2018
International Day

A great day was had my all, with members and guests enjoying the day. After a very hot summer this day was the wettest day we have had. The weather would never have stopped the HRPBC bowlers having a great day. With the majority of the bowlers in fancy dress and the target bowls being a hit we saw one of our oldest members winning well done Terry Wilson. A fantastic spread was supplied by Greg & Linda Dunford, Toni Lacey and Sue Metzner organising raffles and various other events. Well Done All

EHBL v Hertford Castle 23rd August 2018 Away
HRPBC 28 (0)-(6)35 Hertford Castle

Terry Eldridge skipped this triple with Greg Dunford and Alf MacDonald, a good start from our triple then it all went wrong losing 10 ends on the trot to fall 15-9 behind, however with one end to play it was all square at 15-15 but we couldn't get over the line losing 18-15. The other triple was skipped by Alan Blackwell he was with Peter Harrison and Malvin Read. A slow start in this one however we came back well to be level after 12 ends at 10-10 all. We moved into a 13-12 only to lose the last 2 ends going down 17-13 and losing 6-0.

HRPBC v Rosedale Tuesday 21st August 2018
HRPBC 6-0 Rosedale

With the HRPBC bowlers waiting for Rosedale to appear for this rearranged county League game. It was disappointing to find out at 5.55pm that they were not coming and forgot to tell us.

HRPBC v Stevenage Town
HRPBC v Standon & Puckeridge
Sunday 19th August 2018

HRPBC 85-60 Stevenage Town
HRPBC 41-35 Standon & Puckeridge

On a unique occasion at HRPBC we hosted two teams one from Stevenage Town the other from Standon & Puckeridge. This was decided so that as many of our bowlers could play over the weekend and it's good for our opponents to bowl on a full green, the occasion appeared to be a success.
Stevenage Town - This was the first leg of the challenge cup and we had 3 winning rinks with Richard Rogers skipping down the green with Alan Bull, Sue Metzner and Jean Matthews as they won 27-14. We move to the 2nd leg in 4 weeks time with a 25 shot lead.
Standon & Puckeridge - This was only a two rink game and was a tighter affair. Colin Milner skipped our only winning (loaded) rink with Terry Wilson Greg Dunford and the Star Ruby Wells they all bowled very well to win 21-14. Well done everybody on a great team performance.

HRPBC v EHBA -The 27th Jack Goff Trophy
Saturday 18th August 2018


HRPBC welcomed the Association to our green in 10 days. Five men’s rinks took to the green to play for the Jack Goff Trophy, after 26 years the scores were 13 all. The game was played in good spirit with the Association winning 2 Rinks losing one and drawing 2. HRPBC only had one winning rink which was skipped by Colin’s Milner assisted by Terry Mascot, Malvin Read and Brian Metzner they won 20-15 against Buntingford’s skip Roger Evans. Everybody ate well after a great meal dished up by our club captain and vice Toni Lacey & Sue Metzner, Thank you so much for all your efforts.

EHBA New Lyndhurst Semi Final
Wednesday 15th August 2018

HRPBC v Buntingford

Bob Hayter travelled to Buntingford with Richard Rogers and Barry Osman they were out bowled by Mark Plume, Scott Wake and Ross Murphy Even though they tried hard they couldn't match this team on the night losing 23-11. Colin Milner skipped our home triple with Tim Maynard and Dave Fussell our teram tried hard going down by 7 shots. (more to follow)

EHBL v Bishop Stortford 14th August 2018 away
HRPBC 35 (5) - (1) 34 Bishop's Stortford

Richard Rogers skipped our winning triple, he was with Tony Lacey and Brian Metzner. After a slow start we eventually pulled level after 9 ends (8-8 all). This game was tight all the way through in fact the scores were 11-11 then 14-14 all, with one end remaining. A little rub on the jack moved it in our favour and we won 15-14. Alan Blackwell skipped the other triple with Greg Dunford and Ron Izzard. A very good start was wiped away however we pulled away again and were 13-8 in front after 10 ends. Their opponents then picked up 11 shots in the next 3 ends to lead 19-13, but the HRPBC spirit kicked in and our triple came back well to be only one shot behind with one end left. After some excellent bowling the final end was decided with callipers and it went our way so a draw 20-20. Well done everyone.

HRPBC v Bengeo 12th August 2018 home
HRPBC 70 v 65 Bengeo

We welcomed Bengeo BC this afternoon to Rye Park, with the weather set for showers we all hoped that it would just pass by. Bengeo struggled to get a full team out so thanks to Mick Wilkins who stood in for Bengeo. We had one winning triple and drew one, however our winning triple won so well it gave us the win, Well done to skip Greg Dunford, Julie Potter and Terry Wilson winning 24-10, great overall result.

HRPBC v Allenburys 11th August 2018 away
HRPBC 82 v 49 Allenburys

We travelled to local rivals Allenburys this afternoon for the return fixture. The home leg was won by us back in June which we won 75-72 so a tough game was expected. This match consisted of 4 triples, we came away with 3 winning triples with Micky Towers skipping our highest winning triple assisted by Jim Mason and Julie Potter, they managed a 32-5 win well done. the over all result was 82-49 well done everybody.

Scott Blain Trophy Semi Final 10th August 2018 away
HRPBC 55 (4) v (6) 71 Holtwhites BC

After a couple of days of rain the temperature was a lot cooler than the last few weeks. However we travelled to Holtwhites BC with high hopes of another Final.
The Singles - Tim Maynard retained his singles position after the hiccup in the last match. This game against John Hooper was level after 7 ends at 5-5 all, then Tim pulled away and lead 12-8 after 13 ends. With some excellent bowling John pulled level after 16 ends but hit back picking up a 4 and continued picking shots to win this game 21-16.
The Pairs - Bob Hayter and Dave Fussell played Rod Smith and Ken Pheasant. The game started well for Bob & Dave as they moved into a nice 8-3 lead after just 7 ends. Ken & Rod pulled level after 12 ends at 9-9 all. In fact Ken & Rod moved ahead at 13-9 then Bob & Dave bowled well and moved away to lead and win this game 15-14.
The Triples - Barry Osman, Richard Rogers and Colin Milner played Terry Guilder, J Thompson and skip G Benge. A night to forget for our triples and after 6 ends they were 5-6 down. Our triple struggled on this difficult green losing 23-11.
The 4's - Micky Towers skipped the rink with Don Stevenson, Brian Metzner and Tony Lacey they played K Ward, A Katvani, T Lawford and skip Ted Evitt (Bob Hayter's teammate before joining HRPBC in 2003). Our rink struggled and found themselves 12-0 down after 7 ends. Micky ghen rallied the team as they start a comeback to 7-14. With the remaining ends all being singles we lost this 18-8.
With an overall score of 4-6 and 55-71 Holtwhites BC go through to the final on 26th August. good luck and well bowled.

EHBA Triples Semi Final 8th August 2018

We hosted this semi final welcoming 2 triples from one Whit Hern BC & one fromBuntingford BC. Bob Spence & Mark Plume skipped this game. Both teams were well supported by members of their club. There was some excellent bowling by both teams in this match. The game moved into the final stages in the dark, with game still anybodies. Two good ends by Buntingford BC secured the win, final score 18-12. Well Done.

EHBA v Metropolitan Police 8th August 2018

On a wonderful sunny afternoon we hosted the Association v The Met Police in this annual friendly. This match was 6 rinks even though the Met Police were 3 short the game was played in a the best possible spirit. HRPBC had 6 bowlers playing for EHBA and we had 2 playing for the Met Police. The match result was very close with the Association coming out on top 133-131 just 2 shots overall. Well done to Toni Lacey & Sue Metzner on producing a fantastic meal for nearly 50 people and also to Edie Fussell for keeping everybody watered by managing the bar. Thank you to everybody else who assisted in making this event go off very smoothly. "Dear Bob, what an excellent afternoon, your club done the association proud, what a pleasure it was to be part of it Dean Russell."

Mens County League Tuesday 7th August 2018
HRPBC 48 (6) v (0) 27 Cheshunt Home

This rearranged game was finally played after being postponed due the World Cup. Bob Hayter skipped one rink with Don Stevenson, Tony Lacey and Dave Fussell at three. They started strongly and were 11-5 up after 9 ends, the Cheshunt men fought back well winning the next 4 ends to lead 13-11. However that was it for Cheshunt, they lost the next 8 ends, or should I say we won the next 8 ends to win 26-13. Colin Milner skipped our other rink with Micky Towers at 3, Tim Maynard and Barry Osman. After 7 ends it was all square at 5-5 all. Colin and his merry men never looked back after that and pulled away to win 22-14, to secure a 6-0 win. Well done everybody.

HRPBC v Datchworth BC Sunday 5th August 2018 away
HRPBC 64-108 Datchworth

Yet another hot afternoon this time at Datchworth BC. We arrived here with 5 mixed rinks to face our opponents. The green had certainly missed the watering over the last few weeks, and 80% of the green was brown, the pace on the day was like bowling indoors, this caught out a lot of our newer and experienced bowlers who had never played on anything quiet like this, hence the score. We only had one winning rink that was Julie Potter, Ruby Wells. Mick Wilkins and Skip Colin Milner they managed a 22-12 win with Ruby showing everybody else how to master these conditions, well done everybody on very testing conditions.

HRPBC v Rosehill Saturday 4th August 2018 away
HRPBC 110 v 99 Rosehill BC

On another hot and sunny afternoon (we shouldn't complain) we travelled to local rivals Rosehill with 6 mixed triples. The overall match score was very close with only 11 shots the difference. We did win on 4 triples to Rosehill's 2. Our highest winning triple was skip Richard Rogers who was assisted by Tony Andrews and Brian Metzner who was stung by a wasp (no permanent damage), they won 22-12. Well done to everybody else on a great performance.

Scott Blain Trophy 2nd Round 3rd August 2018 home

HRPBC 75 (6) v (4) 67 Cockfosters BC

With temperatures in the high 80's (35c) we welcomed Cockfosters BC to our green for the first time in years.This match was scheduled to be played at Cockfosters BC however due to other fixtures the game was switched to HRPBC.
The Singles - Tim Maynard was playing in his 6th singles game in this competition and was out to continue his 100% record. Tim faced Chris Chrysostomou, Tim fell behind early on and was always playing catch up against this strong singles player from Cockfosters. Tim did rally but he had to much to do going down 15-21.
The Pairs - Bob Hayter and Dave Fussell played Dave Southon and Tino Silva. Bob & Dave started slowly and found themselves 6-0 after just 2 ends. They slowly pulled level after 6 ends at 6-6 all. Dave & Tino then picked up a 4 to move ahead again only for Bob & Dave to reply with a 5 the next end. After 12 ends the scores were level again at 13-13 all, then Bob & Dave picked up 7 shots in the 2 ends. the next couple of ends were tight but Bob & Dave pulled away and won 25-16.
The Triples - Our skip Colin Milner, Richard Rogers and Barry Osman played Chris Vander Warn, Vic Watson and skip Jack Fordham. Another close affair saw this game level at 6-6, the 8-8 all. The triple from Cockfosters bowled very well keeping things very tight and moved into a 16-11 lead after 13 ends. A strong fight back saw the match level after 17 ends with score at 16-16 all. The final end swung back and forth only for Cockfosters to win this game 18-16.
The '4s- Captain Don Stevenson skipped our rink with Brian Metzner, Tony Lacey and Terry Eldridge they were up against Bob Maynard, L Findlay, Nick Phillips and skip Frank Sumner. Our 4's started well and continued to bowl well and moved into a 10-4 lead at the halfway point. This match was scheduled for only18 ends. Keeping this game tight was the main objective however they were all bowling well and picked up a 5 on the 12th end to move ahead 16-5. Cockfosters did rally at the end however we still won well winning 19-12.
With an overall score 75-67 (6-4) HRPBC move into the semi finals. Thanks to Edie on the bar and Julie for laying the spread out. Also thank you to Cockfosters for paying for the spread as this was there Home fixture, it was much appreciated. Hopefully we will try and agree a fixture in the future.

EHBL v Bengeo 2nd August 2018 away
HRPBC 22 (0) - (6) 40 Bengeo

We travelled to Bengeo to face the league leaders and were out bowled in both triples. Terry Eldridge skipped one triple with Martin Mountford & Phil Jaggs (Phil making his debut). This game was close until the 16th end when we dropped a 5 and just couldn't pull back the difference in the last 2 ends, eventually losing 13-15. Don Stevenson skipped the other triple with Tony Andrews and Malvin Read, they went behind early on in this game and on this challenging green were beat 25-9.

Ladies League v Rosehill
30th July 2018

HRPBC 16-24 Rosehill

Another even start by our ladies, Marion Smith skipped with Gloria Hardy, Ann Mountford and Sue Metzner. After 7 ends it was all square at 6-6 all, when our ladies fell behind and were 18-8 down after 12 ends. Our ladies tried but just couldn’t pull this deficit back and went down 16-24.

EHBL v Cheshunt 30th July 2018
HRPBC 30 (2) - (4) 31 Cheshunt BC

Alan Blackwell skipped our winning triple, he was assisted by Dave Lofthouse and Mick Wilkins. With some excellent bowling they lead 17-7 with just 4 ends remaining, when the Cheshunt triple came back to only lose by 4 shots with a score of 19-15. The other triple was skipped by Micky Towers (playing his first game back after a 2 week holiday), he was assisted by Alf McDonald and Alan Bull. Our triple moved into a 10-9 lead after 13 ends, however they finished up losing 11-16, therefore losing overall by 1 shot.

Aussie Pairs 28th July 2018

This was the 11th year of the Aussie Pairs. Twelve teams took place in this years event. This format is unusual and is nothing like we normally play. After an evening of Thunder storms and lightning the green bowled extremely well. We had 5 individuals playing this for the first time and 2 playing in their first competition Terri & Bill Carty well done. This was one of the closest finish we have had for a few years. With Brian Metzner and Tony Lacey, Bob Hayter and Dave Fussell winning the first three games it was always going to be a close finish, in fact unknown to the the two teams they were also level on shot difference. Bob and Dave won their game 28-22, however Tony Lacy & Brian Metzner won their game 30-20 so winning this years event, well done. Thanks to Martin for a great BBQ and his two helpers Toni Lacey and Terry Potter, also Edie at the bar and Terry & Brenda for selling raffle tickets.

Scott Blain Trophy 1st Round 27th July 2018 home
HRPBC 92 (8) v (2) 47 Northaw & Cuffley

The first rain in 8 weeks nearly caused this to be cancelled due to the thunder & lightning, however the game went ahead.
The Singles - Tim Maynard continued his 100% record in this competition and after 8 ends the score was 7-7 all, when the lightning started so ther was a 45 minute delay. Once the bowlers returned Tim opponent had lost his line and Tim won 21-14.
The Pairs - Bob Hayter & Dave Fussell took on a strong pair from Northaw & Cuffley and were 7-3 up when they also came off after 4 ends. When they returned they had no answer to Dave's leading and Bob's drawing as they moved into a 18-3 lead after 9 ends. Bob and Dave continued to pull away into a 31-4 lead when the tail was thrown in.
The Triples - A slow start for Colin Milner, Richard Rogers and Barry Osman and after 4 ends they were leading 5-4 when they came off. When they returned a quick 13 shots in 4 ends saw them move 18-7 in front. With their second 6 and 25-11 lead it was all over for the triples as they also conceded.
The Fours - Don Stevenson skipped this rink with Brian Metzner, Tony Lacey and Terry Eldridge they started well and were leading 8-2 when the heavens opened. When they returned a couple of bad ends put them 11-16 down, but they fought back to 15-18, with 2 ends still to play the match was already over.
Thanks to Julie for laying the tables with our tea, and Mick Wilkins for marking th3 Singles game. Well done to everyone on a great team performance.

Ranson Cup v Cheshunt 25th July 2018
HRPBC 39 v 44 Cheshunt

Colin Milner skipped the home leg with Brian Metzner, Tony Lacey and Tim Maynard. They started well and moved into a good 14-7 lead at the half way stage, however the Cheshunt rink comeback strongly and won 22-17.
Bob Hayter skipped the away leg with Barry Osman, Don Stevenson and Richard Rogers. Our rink started slowly and they were 8-0 after just 2 ends. They knuckled down and pulled back level after 11 with the score at 13 all, this game stayed close right to the end and finished 22-22 all.

Sunday’s match against Sawbridgeworth was cancelled this morning by Sawbridgeworth due to lack of support. Now we have a free weekend please try and play one of your club competitions, make sure you book a rink.

Ladies League v Hertford Castle
23rd July 2018

HRPBC 18-21 Hertford Castle

Marion Smith skipped this game with Ann Mountford, Gloria Hardy and Toni Lacey, this was a close game up to The 8th end when the Hertford Castle Ladies pulled away into a 21-9 lead. Marion rallied her team but they just fell short, losing 18-21.

HRPBC v Whit Hern 22nd July 2018 away
HRPBC 88 v 65 Whit Hern

Another hot afternoons bowling, this time a Whit Hern. We played 2 triples and 2 rinks. We lost both the triples but won both of the rinks. Bob Hayter skipped our highest winning rink and he was with Terry Wilson, Ann Mountford and Jackie Matthews playing her first game for the club, and what a good game she had, they won 29-6. Tim Maynard's rink also done well they were Chris Miles, Brian Metzner and Les Austin they won 26-13. Well done everybody for playing the day after the Bournemouth game.

HRPBC v Bournemouth Park 21st July 2018
HRPBC 119 v 97 Bournemouth Park

On a hot sunny morning HRPBC travelled to Southend to face Bournemouth Park BC. We left Hoddesdon at around 10am with 24 bowlers and large group of supporters. We arrived at Southend around 11.30am where everybody split up and found a bar or a restaurant for their lunch. We all returned to the coach at 1.45pm then travelled to Bournemouth Park to face this strong team.
We were all made welcome ad directed to the changing rooms and the bar (say no more). The 6 rinks were all very competitive and some excellent bowling by both teams. We came away winning on 4 rinks with Colin Milner skipping the highest winning rink, he was with Ann Mountford, Chris Miller and Terry Eldridge they won 30-8. The overall result was 119-97, so a reverse result from last season. We all had a great day and thanks to Jim Mason for organising the Coach.

Mens County League Thursday 19th July 2018
HRPBC 27 (1) v (5) 50 Northaw & Cuffley away

Dave Fussell, Don Stevenson, Tim Maynard and Colin Milner kept this tight and halfway through the score was level at 9 all after 11 ends. With a 6 shot lead with 2 ends left it looked like we would win one rink, however unfortunately dropping a 5 on the 20th end and one on the last end saw this game finish level 17-17. The other rink was Brian Metzner, Tony Lacey, Richard Rogers and Skip Barry Osman all struggled on this fast green and it all fell away in the last few ends including a 7 on the 21st, with the score finishing 33-10.

Ladies County League Thursday 19th July 2018
HRPBC 20 (2) v (0)16 Northaw & Cuffley away

Marion Smith, Ann Mountford, Sue Metzner and Toni Lacey kept this tight with only 1's & 2's going both ways except the 8th end when our ladies picked up a 7 which helped them win this game away, well done well bowled on this fast green.

EHBL v Shire Park 19th July 2018
HRPBC 19 (0) - (6) 45 Shire Park

Another bad day in the EHBL triples for our teams. Not much to report on these performances just that we need to look on what we could do better. Both triples went down 26-9 & 19-10. The school report would read "must do better"

Ladies League v Buntingford BC
Wednesday 18th July 2018

HRPBC Ladies 22 (2) - (0) 13 Buntingford

Our ladies travelled to this re-arranged game against Buntingford after the poor performance at Whit Hern on Monday. With Ann Mountford skipping and Julie Potter leading, Sue Metzner and lady Captain Toni Lacey. They started well picking up a 7 or the third end to move into a 10-2 lead early on. After this great start the match remained nip and tuck so our ladies kept their lead and won 22-13, well done

EHBA New Lyndhurst Tuesday 17th July 2018
HRPBC 42 v 29 Ware BC

Colin Milner skipped our home triple with Dave Fussell and Tim Maynard. With some excellent team bowling our triple moved into a nice 10-5 lead after just 8 ends. The next few ends were shared, with15 ends complete we still held the lead at 15-11. A strong finish saw our triple win 23-12. The away team was skipped by Bob Hayter with Richard Rogers and Barry Osman. This was a very tight game from the start and there was never more than 2 shots between the teams, however after 16 ends the scores were level at 17-17 all. With some good bowling and little rub here and there they won 19-17. Good luck in the semi-final against Buntingford.

Ladies League v Whit Hern BC
Monday 16th July 2018

HRPBC Ladies 14 (0) - 24 (2) Whit Hern BC

Our Ladies played a strong Whit Hern rink, this wasn't our ladies best game this season going down 24-14.

The Sam Barnes Trophy Sunday 15th July 2018
(Ladies 2 Wood Pairs)

Today sees the ladies play their annual Sam Barnes competition another on the calendar in memory of a past member. The temperature is still very hot and I am sure the bowling will be the same. Good bowling to you allCongratulations to Marion Smith and Julie Potter . Beautiful day, Thank you to all the ladies that bowled . Brian Metzner for doing the admin for us , to Terry Eldridge and Martin Mountford for waiting on us hand and foot (ha ha it was ladies day) and thank you to all the supporters , its always a pleasure to greet and treat our senior lady members.

The Ben Hobbs Shield Triples Saturday 14th July 2108

The Ben Hobbs Shield triples competition was another good day at the club, an all day event in very hot temperatures. Remembering a past bowler at the club. Well done to all who took part and the spectators. Congratulation to the winners Richard Rogers, Gloria Hardy and Brian Metzner, see you at presentation night. No bowls event can take place without work, organisation behind the scene thanks to all those involved to our President, Bob Hayter for ensuring it all ran smoothly, are you sure my score was correct? Ha ha. Thanks to Martin M for arranging the grub satisfaction all round.

EHBL v Aston Whistlers Friday 13th July 2018
HRPBC 16 (0) v (6) 47 Aston Whistlers

Friday the 13th struck. On a tuff green our bowlers just never came tom terms with this very heavy green. Both of our triples went down 25-7 & 28-9 a night to forget.

Ladies County League Tuesday 10th July 2018
HRPBC 16 (0) v (2)19 Whit Hern BC

HRPBC Ladies ( Marion Smith, Gloria Hardy, Ann Mountford and Julie Potter) travelled to Whit Hern for their County League game. Our ladies started slowly however at the halfway stage they were only 4-10 down. The second half of the game started poor dropping a 6 to fall 16-4 behind. However with the HRPBC spirit a comeback was on the cards and they tried very hard and just fell short going down 16-19,

Mens County League Monday 9th July 2018
HRPBC 35 (2) v (4) 44 Whit Hern BC

HRPBC Men travelled to Whit Hern for their 2nd County League game. This was played on a trying / difficult green. Bob Hayter skipped our winning rink he was with Dave Fussell, Brian Metzner and Barry Osman they were always in front and we 23-16. Colin Milner drew the short straw regarding rinks, this was so difficult they just couldn't find it, he was with Tim Maynard, Don Stevenson and Richard Rogers they ended up losing 28-12.

HRPBC v Sele Farm BC Sunday 8th July 2018
HRPBC 64-68 Sele Farm

On another very hot afternoon we travelled to Sele Farm. At the halfway stage we were one shot behind, after the break we all tried very hard but it just wasn't our day. We had 2 winning triples and one draw only losing one. Our highest winning triple was skipped by Bob Hayter assisted by Brian Barton and Terry Wilson who was playing his first game this season, they won 17-11. Marion Smith also won 21-20 after her great shot to win on the last end, well done, she was assisted by Alan Bull and Brian Metzner. Well done everybody in that heat.


Over the last couple of days, Dave Fussell and Deano (Dave's friend) have work very hard on the hedges on 2 sides of the green. The surrounding areas are now looking fantastic so a big thank you to Dave for all your efforts over the last few days and all season. This appreciated by all our members.

The Match on Saturday 7th July against Potters Bar has now been postponed, hopefully we will try and sort another date out later in the season. With England playing Sweden on Saturday in the World Cup both teams had bowlers that wanted to watch the game, So COME ON ENGLAND we are all behind you.

v Buntingford Bears Monday 2nd July 2018

HRPBC 33 (3) v (3) 33 Buntingford Bears

What a game here at Rye Park. Skip Don Stevenson,Tony Andrews & Les Austin with a broken hand started well however with a strong finish from Buntingford this game was drawn 19-19 all. Tim Maynard skipped the other triple with Phil Jaggs and Terry Eldridge also a close game and this finished level as well at 13-13 all, so the points were shared.

HRPBC v Bishops Stortford Sunday 1st July 2018
HRPBC 73 v 83 Bishops Stortford

With one of the hottest summers on record we welcomed Bishops Stortford to Rye Park. With the temperatures once again in the high 70's keeping everybody watered was a must. The match was another tight affair with us winning on 2 of the 5 triples. Richard Rogers skipped well with Julie Potter & Ron Izzard assisting, they won 20-8. Don Stevenson, Brian Barton & Gloria Hardy also won well 17-11. Well done everybody in these hot conditions.

HRPBC v Hertford Saturday 30th June 2018
HRPBC 77 v 66 Hertford

We welcomed Hertford BC to sunny Rye park for this weekends friendly match. With the temperature in the eighties it was vital that members of both teams were able to use the bar facilities and they did, well done to Dave & Edie yet again. The match itself was close, we had 3 winning rinks/triples to Hertford's 2. Our highest winning triple was skipped by Don Stevenson he was assisted by Dave Lofthouse and Beryl Sambridge they won 18-10. Micky Towers's triple also won 22-14 but lost on count back as the highest winning triple, he was assisted by Mick Wilkins & Jim Mason. Well done everybody.

EHBA New Lyndhurst Friday 29th June 2018
HRPBC 31 v 22 Northaw & Cuffley

Bob Hayter skipped the home triple with Dave Fussell & Don Stevenson. After a very slow start, at the halfway stage our triple were 11-1 down. However with a strong finish they pulled back to draw 13-13 all. The away triple was skipped by Tim Maynard with Micky Towers & Richard Rogers. With an excellent team performance they won 18-9 at a fast Northaw & Cuffley green. So an overall win by 31-22. Well done everyone.

Mens County League Tuesday 26th June 2018
HRPBC 37 (4) v (2) 35 Rosehill BC

Mixed fortunes for our Mens teams. Colin Milner's team of Terry Eldridge, Tony Lacey and Dave Fussell started very well and were 10-3 in front after 6 ends the Rosehill rink fought back well and after 19 ends it was level at 17 all but this went Rosehill's way winning 19-17. The other match was the reverse of the other game with Bob Hayter's rink (Tim Maynard, Richard Rogers and Micky Towers) starting poorly and were 12-1 down after 6 ends. Bob's rink then found the pace and drew their way back to lead 17-16 after 19 ends, they also won the next two ends winning 20-16.

Ladies County League Tuesday 26th June 2018
HRPBC 15-17 Rosehill BC

Our ladies got off to a slow start and were 3-12 down after 8 ends. However with Marion Smith skipping her team (Toni Lacey. Sue Metzner and Gloria Hardy) well they were level after 17 ends. Rosehill ladies had a strong finish and eventually won 17-15

EHBL v Stevenage Reds Tuesday 26th June 2018 home
HRPBC (6)v (0) Stevenage Reds

Unfortunately the team from Stevenage turned one player short and therefore lose this game.

Ladies League v Elsenham BC
Monday 25th June 2018

HRPBC Ladies 21 (2) - 10 (0) Elsenham BC

Our ladies welcomed the ladies from Elsenham. Marion Smith skipped this game with Toni Lacey, Sue Metzner and Gloria Hardy. Our ladies eased into the game and with a strong middle they were comfortable winners winning 21-10

The Pamart Cup (1st leg)
HRPBC v Much Hadham BC Sunday 24th June 2018

HRPBC 89 v 84 Much Hadham

On a very hot afternoon we travelled to Much Hadham for the 1st leg of the Pamart Cup. With England playing Panama in the World Cup which they won 6-1, we done well getting a team out. Overall this was a good result with 3 winning rinks. Colin Milner skipped our highest winning rink with Terry Potter, Mick Wilkins and Gloria Hardy they won 25-8. With the team 4 shots down overall after 18 ends a strong finish secured a first leg lead. Well Done everyone, 2nd leg in September.

HRPBC v Sele Farm Saturday 23rd June 2018
HRPBC 63 v 81 Sele Farm

On a lovely afternoon at Rye Park we welcomed Sele Farm BC to our green. The result was not what we were looking for however Tim Maynard, Peter Hayden & Les Austin were our only winning triple with a great score of 32-7. This was not enough for us to secure an overall victory, never mind the weather was nice.

HRPBC v The Local darts teams Friday 22nd June 2018

What a great night at Rye Park. With around 25 visitors from the local darts teams the challenge was set. All the dart players were given instruction and they all enjoyed the this annual fixture. Thanks must be given to Don Stevenson for sorting the teams and arranging the game. Also to our Lady Captain Toni for preparing our now traditional buffet, which was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Dave & Edie who were kept busy all night with the revellers requesting drinks quicker than they could be poured. Also thanks to Terry and Julie Potter who washed up all the dirty dishes and Terry Eldridge for selling raffle tickets, and anybody else who assisted on the day. Well done Rye Park for a very successful evening.

Ranson Cup - Thursday 21st June 2018
HRPBC 46 v 34 Welwyn & District BC

A much better performance tonight with the home rink skipped by Micky Towers and assisted by Tim Maynard, Barry Osman and Richard Rogers won the home leg 23-18. The Away rink skipped by Bob Hayter assisted by Colin Milner, Terry Mascot and Dave Fussell won by 23 -16 giving an overall win 46 - 34, well done and good luck in the next round.

Thurgood Cup - Wednesday 20th June 2018
HRPBC 19 v 49 Northaw & Cuffley BC

Not a good night for our men going down in both matches to a strong Northaw & Cuffley team. We will need to improve as we have this team in a couple of other outside Comps this season.

EHBL v Northaw & Cuffley Tuesday19th June 2018
HRPBC 38 (6) - (0) 25 Northaw & Cuffley BC

A good win in the EHBL triples winning in both games by 6 & 7 shots to record another 6-0 win to keep us in the top half.

Ladies League v Ware BC
Monday 18th June 2018

HRPBC Ladies 17 (0) - 18 (2) Ware

Our ladies travelled to Ware for this Monday league game, This was a very close game with our ladies (Julie Potter, Gloria Hardy. Marion Smith and Chris Miles) all bowling well. After 16 ends the scores were level at 13 all. The next 4 ends were shared, however we were leading 17-15 with one end to play but we were unlucky to drop a 3 and lose 17-18.

Ladies League v Sawbridgeworth BC
Monday 11th June

HRPBC Ladies 27 (2) - 18 (0) Sawbridgeworth

Well done to our rink of Ann Mountford, Gloria Hardy, Jean Matthew and Marion Smith playing at home against the ladies from Sawbridgeworth. Our ladies were in the lead throughout the game and went on to win 27 shots to18.

EHBL v Datchworth Gold - Monday 11th June 2018
HRPBC 22 (0) - (6) 48 Datchworth Gold

Both of our triples teams went down to the home team of Datchworth so unfortunately no points gained. One of our teams went down to a hot shot on one end not to remember.

HRPBC v Aston - Cancelled
The arranged game on Saturday 16th June 2018 versus Aston BC has been unfortunately cancelled by that club. So to replace the match the Club will be holding an event for its members in the afternoon so whether you nominated or not for the Aston game please come along to support the event please see notice in Clubhouse.

HRPBC v Ware -Sunday 10th June 2018
HRPBC Lost by 7 v Ware

This six rinker game was played in wonderful weather on a very well maintained bowls green with the picturesque surroundings. We only managed to win on two of the rinks, one ladies rink and one gents. The finally tally of shots saw us lose by 7 overall. Thank you to the members of Ware BC a wonderful afternoon.

HRPBC v Northaw & Cuffley - Sat 9th June 2018

HRPBC 77 - Northaw & Cuffley 63
With each club having two winning rinks it was a fine afternoon of bowls, we say the scores do not matter but on the day we did win by 14 shots overall. Well done to all players.

Ladies County League Friday 8th June 2018
HRPBC 22-18 Buntingford

HRPBC Ladies rink of Ann Mountford, Jean Matthews, Marion Smith and Chris Miles, playing away to Buntingford secured a victory after being behind for most of the game battled on and in the last four ends scoring 11 shots took our players onto win 22-18

EHBL v Stevenage Blue Tuesday 5th June 2018
HRPBC 37 (6) - 21 (0) Stevenage Blue
This game was played at Stevenage with our triple of Phil Jaggs Terry Eldridge and Tim Maynard abd oneof Les Austin Jim Mason and Don Stevenson with both our rinks winning with a score 19-10 and 18-11 securing the overall win and gaining six points. Well done.

The annual battle of the sexes - Ladies versus Gents - Sunday 3rd June 2018
This year saw the annual club match of Ladies versus the Gents played on a very warm sunny afternoon. There was one rink and two triples taking part. In the ladies team competing for their first time we had Trish Miller and a new youngster, Ruby. As expected it was a hard fought competition with the men just securing a 5 shot win. The winners on the day were all players and spectators who we know had a very enjoyable afternoon and an excellent tea provided by our captains.
The thanks of the club must go to Thelma Allen who in 2005 introduced the competition to the club and provided a shield to mark the event.

EHBL v Hertford Thursday 31st May 2018
HRPBC 32 (4) - (2) 29 Hertford (Away)

Tim Maynard, Dave Lofthouse and skip Micky Towers always lead in this EHBL game and they won 21-9. Colin Milner skipped the other triple with Alan Bull and Alf MacDonald they struggled however they picked up a 4 on the final end and lost 11-20 that 4 secured a 4-2 win for HRPBC well done all.

HRPBC v The Griffin Sunday 27th May 2018 away

HRPBC 57 - 70 The Griffin BC

We travelled to Harlow today to play The Griffin BC. With 4 triples we drew 2 each. Our highest winning triples was skipped by Gloria Hardy and assisted by Alan Bull & Brian Metzner winning 21-9. Captain Don Stevenson also had a winning triple with Julie Potter and Peter Hayden. However overall we went down, losing 57-70.

Disability Bowls England - Colin Milner

Colin Milner took part in the Disability Bowls Singles, he came in 2nd in his qualifying group so just didn't make the National finals. Colin has now been selected to represent the South of England against the North at Leamington in August. Colin is also playing in the pairs at Leamington in July, so hopefully this will go along way towards an England call up. Well done Colin the whole club are proud of you.

HRPBC v Whit Hern Saturday 26th May 2018
HRPBC 69 - 72 Whit Hern

On a lovely afternoon we welcomed Whit Hern to Rye Park. With one ladies rink and three men's rinks we only won on one men's rink. Colin Milner skipped our winning rink with Alan Blackwell, Jim Mason and Terry Eldridge they managed a 23-15, unfortunately it just wasn't enough for us to win our 6th match on the trot.

EHBL v Sawbridgeworth Blues Monday21st May 2018
HRPBC 34 (4) - (2) 33 Sawbridgeworth Blues (Home)

We faced Sawbridgeworth Blues in this EHBL Triples match at Rye Park. Barry Osman skipped our winning triple with Les Austin and Alf MacDonald. After 10 ends Barry's triple were 8-14 down. However they all rallied and won the next 8 ends to win 20-14. Our other triple bowled well but just couldn't get the result they wanted but they kept trying, they were 5-17 down after 9 ends but fought back to lose only 14-19. A good result overall 34-33 4-2. Well done

HRPBC v Allenburys BC Sunday 22th May 2018
HRPBC 75 -72 Allenburys BC

After the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup final on Saturday we are now back to the important items, BOWLS. We only managed to win one triples today out of four even though we loaned 2 players to Allenburys to make the numbers up. Barry Osman skipped our only winning triple and he was assisted by Alan Bull and Gloria Hardy they won with a great score of 31-7, another win well done team.

HRPBC Ladies v Harlow Ladies Wed 16th May 2018
HRPBC Ladies 37-31 Harlow Ladies

Sue Metzner, Gloria Hardy and Marion Smith started well in this away friendly, after moving into a nice lead the Harlow ladies came back well and at the halfway stage the scores were level at 9-9. The second half of the game our ladies moved ahead again and this time they held on to a very good win 20-15. Linda Dunford, Toni Lacey and Ann Mountford started slowly and were always behind until the 12th end when they picked up 7 shots to move into a lead. The game was very close but they held on to a 17-16 win, well done ladies

HRPBC v Potters Bar - Sunday 13th May 2018
HRPBC 89 - 61 Potters Bar BC

A slightly better afternoon than yesterday as we welcome Potters Bar BC to Rye Park. This was our 4th home game on the trot and another victory. Captain Don Stevenson skipped his triples to be our highest winning game, he was joined by Terry Eldridge and Ann Mountford they won 13 ends out the 18 to win 21-9. Dave Fussell skipped a rink game he was assisted by Dave Lofthouse, Malvin Read and Gloria Hardy they managed a 23-12 win. Well Done to everybody in another win.

HRPBC v Hertford Castle - Saturday 12th May 2018
HRPBC 86 -66 Hertford Castle BC

What a change in the weather, after last weeks heatwave we were back to a wet afternoon. We welcomed Hertford Castle to Rye park for this weekend friendly. With 5 games being played we won 3 and lost 2. Our highest winning rink was Tim Maynard, Jean Matthews, Greg Dunford and Tony Andrerws they won 24-11. Dave Fussell, Terry Mascot, Brian Barton and Ann Mountford also had a good win, winning 20-12. Well done everyone on this wet afternoon.

EHBL v Welwyn Garden City Thursday 10th May 2018
HRPBC 42 (4) - (2) 36 Welwyn Garden City (Home)

Our first home game of the season bring our first win. Dave Fussell skipped his triples very well winning 36-11. Dave’s triple, Don Stevenson & Terry Eldridge bowled very well as a team, they actually won 12 of the last 13 ends to record this win. Richard Rogers, John Stevenson and Frank Watson were up against 3 county bowlers and their experience was shown on the green, however Richard skipped it well to ensure we collected the 2 points for the overall.

HRPBC Ladies v Epping Ladies Wed 9th May 2018
HRPBC Ladies 33-42 Epping Ladies

Our ladies first friendly of the season didn't start as well as they wished. Winning one rink and losing one. Sue Metzner, Gloria Hardy and skip Marion Smith won well 17-16. However with the other rink losing 16-26 the overall result was a lose by 9 shots. Better luck next time ladies.

EHBL v Much Hadham Eagles Tuesday 8th May 2018

HRPBC 28 (2) - (4) 40 Much Hadham Eagles (away)

The first EHBL triples match was away at Much Hadham. This was always going to be a tough start. We had one winning triple and one losing. Richard Rogers skipped our winning triples assisted by Tony Lacey and Brian Metzner winning 18-12. Unfortunately Alan Blackwell was up against Graham Penny's triples who were all bowling well and we went down 28-10

HRPBC v Rosedale BC - Sunday 6th May 2018
HRPBC 91-67 Rosedale

Another hot afternoon at Rye Park as we welcome one of our local rivals in Rosedale BC. This match was always going to be hard especially as Rosedale turned up with some of their top bowlers, like John Bishop, Andy Adkins and Ron Powell. All of our 4 rinks bowled well today winning 2 and drawing one and losing one. Our highest winning rink was Colin Milner's rink he was assisted by Alan Bull, Gloria Hardy and Terry Eldridge they beat Andy Adkins rink 32-12. Tim Maynard playing against his old team also won 24-11 he was assisted by Sue Metzner, Ron Izzard and Don Stevenson. Well done to all of our bowlers on a very good win.

HRPBC v The Griffin Club - Saturday 5th May 2018

HRPBC 82 -50 The Griffin Club

What a beautiful day, the sun is out, the bar is open and we are bowling what more could you ask for.
Our first home friendly of the season against The Griffin Club, they arrived in hot sunshine and a warm welcome. With the bowling surface still a bit wet in sections the protective mats were called for during the game. With all four triples winning this was a good result for us. Terry Mascot lead his triples well and he was assisted by Julie Potter and Jim Mason they won 24-9. Micky Giron-Towers slowly getting used to the Rye Park green won 24-10 he was with Alan Blackwell and Linda Dunford well done to everybody on a good performance.

HRPBC v Aston BC - Sunday 29th April 2018

Due to the heavy rain leading up to the weekend match against Aston we received a call from Aston BC and they advised us that the Green keeper recommended that the match be cancelled due to waterlogged green.

President v Captain - Saturday 28th April 2018

The start of the bowls season and the heavens opened for our opening game. With an excellent turnout, the President (Bob Hayter) and the Captain (Don Stevenson) picked their teams. With both teams evenly matched this was always going to be close. The Presidents team won on 4 rinks and the Captains team won on 2. The Presidents best winning rink was skipped by Chris Miles and she was assisted by Alan Bull and Peter Brewster playing in his first competitive match and they won 28-12. The Captains highest winning rink was on his own rink beating the President 20-8, he was assisted by Ann Mountford and Beryl Sambridge. The match was followed by a wonderful buffet produced Toni Lacey and a group of ladies assisted on the day. Many Thanks to all of them.

President v Captain Saturday 28th April 2018

Don & Bob will be picking there teams on Wednesday for Saturday’s opening game. So get down quick if you want to play.

Work Party continues

Thanks to Martin Mountford, Don Stevenson, Dave Fussell, Terry Potter, Tim Maynard, Les Austin, Bob Hayter, Mick Wilkins, Chris Miller, Peter Hayden & Brian Metzner for all their efforts in getting the surrounding ready for the up and coming season. Great refreshments by Jim Mason assisted by Trish Miller & Les Hickford.

New Storage Shed - Work Party 24th April

A great effort on Saturday by Colin Milner, Don Stevenson, Trevor Jaggs, Bob Hayter, Dave Fussell, Alan Blackwell, Brian Metzner, Greg Dunford & Martin Mountford on building our new storage shed. All the benches are all in place ready for the 2018 season. Thanks also to Linda Dunford, Toni Lacey & Sue Metzner for the cleaning the kitchen and the refreshments supplied. Just a reminder we still have a lot to do before we open in mid April so if you can spare a couple of hours next Saturday please come down around 9am. Thanks again.

Work Party - Saturday 17th, 24th & 31st March

1, Clear Leaves Etc behind clubhouse
2, Clean Patio (Weed & Jet wash)
3, Take down fencing around green
4,Get tables & Chairs out (Wash & Oil)
5, Clean guttering
6, Clean Ditches & Replace mats
7, Cut grass around top of green
8, Clean behind grass bin
9, Jet wash and paint steps
10, Move secondhand fence
11, Clean Clubhouse, Toilets & changing rooms
12, Trim Hedges
13, Paint Metal seat
14, Emulsion Toilets
15, Erect new shed

Volunteers required - Food supplied 24/3/18 - So please come along and assist, many thanks to everybody in advance.

Cleaning Rota for 2018 Season

15th SEPT Volunteers Please
22nd SEPT Volunteers Please
29th SEPT Volunteers Please


19th MAY
25th AUG




The 2017 Presentation Evening
Friday 8th December 2017.

A very good turnout by our members and friends. Everybody enjoyed the Fish & Chip supper that Bruce Miles arranged. Dave & Edie worked hard behind the bar to ensure that the glasses remained full so thanks to them for their efforts and all season. The Presentation of the trophies went well and the pictures can now be found in our GALLERY. Inbetween all of this Bob Hayter held a quiz that was enjoyed by all, the overall winner was Terry Potter.

HRPBC v Ilford Indoor Bowls C
Saturday 25th November 2017
Result 75 - 82

Considering we only had 6 bowlers that play indoors this was an excellent result.
Alan Blackwell's rink had the best result on the day with a 26-22 win, he was assisted by Greg Dunford, Marion Smith and Barry Osman, well done. Colin Milners rink came close drawing 17-17 he was joined by Les Austin, Martin Mountford and Don Stevenson. The other 2 rinks lost, Bob Hayter's rink lost 19-17 and Tim Maynard rink lost 24-15

2017 Overview

2017 saw the 80th Anniversary of the Club which, on a sunny August day, was celebrated by members both past and present. The day’s format was fancy dress, and some of the outfits were truly amazing! The committee arranged a fun day with a number of events, starting with a new version of Target Bowls that was well supported and successful. Other events on the day included “Name the baby”, “Guess the baby food”, Guess the number of sweets”, “Build the best paper plane” and “Guess the cake weight”. The food yet again was delicious, and thanks go to Greg & Linda Dunford, Toni Lacey and Sue Metzner. The buffet hit all the right notes, and everyone was very appreciative of the great spread.

The season seemed to fly by again this year! We managed to win 13 friendly weekend games. As a club we had a number of highlights:
We retained the Parkhill Trophy & the Rose Bowl against Rosehill with the men winning 2-1, and the ladies doing likewise.
The Pamart Cup was virtually won after the first leg, with us leading by 88 shots. The second leg at Much Hadham was also a success - we won by 6 shots so we managed to retain the Pamart cup again.

The club’s final day saw Bob Hayter winning his 3rd Men's Singles Championship title, and we also saw Julie Potter winning her first Ladies Singles Championship. The Men’s Consolation Singles was won by Gary Medler, his first club title. Barry Osman and Marion Smith won the Fixed Jack competitions, and Barry also won the Men’s Handicap Competition. Bullies 11 was won by Richard Rogers. The Men’s 4 wood Pairs was won by Gary Medler and Brian Metzner. The Mixed Pairs was won by Richard Rogers and Ann Mountford, the 2 wood Pairs was won by Tim Maynard and Greg Dunford, and the Ladies’ 4 wood Pairs was won by Julie Potter and Linda Dunford.

Other Club competitions played were the 3 wood challenge Cup, which was won by Dave Fussell, the Sam Barnes Trophy which was won by Julie Potter and Jean Matthews. Terry Eldridge won the Hayward Cup in a tight final to win his first competition.

Well done to them all!

The County League teams both struggled this season, so hopefully both will see improvement in 2018. The men were invited into the Scott Blain Trophy and managed to get to the final, which was played at Rosedale. Our opponents were Rosedale so the men were at a disadvantage. They put up a good fight, but lost 8-2.

In the outside competitions, the EHBL finals were played at Shire Park. Colin Milner and Ann Mountford reached the Mixed Pairs final and they both bowled excellently to win 22-20. The last time our Club won this competition was in 1990 by Aubrey Stratton and Sue Duck. Dave Fussell and Bob Hayter reached the EHBL Pairs final for the 2nd year on the trot and played the same pair from WGC; in an exciting game Dave and Bob won once again, 19-16. Thanks to all the club members who came to support Martin & Ann and Dave & Bob. Marion Smith reached the EHDWBA Millennium Singles at Buntingford. After a slow start, Marion unfortunately just couldn’t pull back the early deficit and lost 21-16, unlucky.

The Jack Goff Trophy was lost by us this year - EHBA were the victors. The Captain v President was a great opening game, and was enjoyed by all. The Ben Hobbs Trophy was won by Walter Richardson, Marion Smith & Terry Eldridge. The President’s Trophy match was a close affair and the winners were Walter Richardson, Ann Mountford and Terry Potter. The Thursday afternoon competition run by Jim Mason was won by Mick Wilkins. The Allen Cup between the Men and Ladies was this year won by the Men, in our final internal Club competition.

The Committee decided that we would support various Cancer Charities this season and Don Stevenson, the Gents’ Captain and the President John Stevenson have been raising money over the season. Don will announce at the AGM the total collected, however many thanks to everyone who has donated money - or paid fines willingly - for this good cause.

Here’s to an enjoyable past season’s bowling, and more to come in 2018.


Work Parties for annual Club Maintenance: Timing for this is from Saturday 7th October 2017 through to March 2018, and tasks include painting, tidying the surroundings and general maintenance. Please refer to the club notice board or contact a committee member for details. Remember it is your club - all efforts appreciated! -

Thank you to everybody who assisted.

It's back

Carpet bowls in the clubhouse,
starts Friday 13th October at 2pm,
all members welcome

The Hayward Cup Final Friday 29th September 2017

With heavy rain before the start of the final, the match was then played in quite nice September afternoon conditions. The match was between Gary Medler and Terry Eldridge. The first set was taken by Terry Eldridge. The second set was nip and tuck: with Terry leading 10-7 with one end to play, Gary needed all 4 to take this set to a sudden death. However it wasn't to be, with Gary only picking up a 3 and drawing the second set 10 all, Terry took his first Singles win. Well done to you both on an excellent match.

The Hayward Cup Final

The final will be on Friday 29th September at 4pm. Congratulations to Terry Eldridge and Gary Medler for reaching the final. Please come along and support our last final of 2017 the players will appreciate your support.

Sunday 24th September 2017
HRPBC Gents v HRPBC Ladies

Arguably the biggest game of the season is left to the end of the season. The only sad part is the lack of lady bowlers taking part. With the ladies holding the Allen Trophy the Gents were up for it this year. With Walter Richardson and Brian Metzner winning 24-12 and Terry Eldridge and Gents Captain Don Stevenson beating Lady Captain Toni Lacey 22-11 the cup was on its way to the gents. Richard Rogers and Terry Potter drew 24-24 all against Marion Smith and Gloria Hardy with the ladies picking up 13 shots in the last 5 ends and Richard needed 2 to draw and managed it. The Allen Trophy goes tom the gent 70-47.

Saturday 23rd September 2017 home
2nd leg of this cup
HRPBC v Stevenage Town Won 74-57

After losing the first away leg by 4 shots this match was still very close. With Stevenage Town BC arriving with 2 bowlers short 2 rinks should have 25% deducted. Richard Rogers lead his rink to a 25-10 win and congratulations to his rink of Julie Potter, Brian Barton, Gloria Hardy in gaining a HOTSHOT. Jean Matthews's rink, Alan Bull, Ron Izzard and Tony Lacey in winning well 18-9. Well done everyone for winning another trophy.

Thursday 21st September 2017
The George Howe Trophy and Shield

Mick Wilkins wins the George How Shield after along season of Thursday afternoon bowling. Walter Richardson takes the Plate. Well done to everybody who took part this year. Many thanks to Jim Mason for running this competition all season.

Sunday 17th September 2017 home
HRPBC v Buntingford
Won 105-51

We had 3 winning triples against Buntingford BC. Tim Maynard continued his great form this weekend with another's emphatic win this time with Brain Barton and Toni Lacey they won 35-7. Don Stevenson also won well with Mick Wilkins and Julie Potter they won 31-12. Unfortunately Buntingford's Grace Gibbs was taken ill and this game was cut short after just 14 ends with HRPBC leading 21-7, we wish her well.

Saturday 16th September 2017 away
The Pamart Cup
HRPBC v Much Hadham
Won 98-92

Hoddesdon and Rye retained the Pamart Cup after winning the 1st leg by 139-51 we won the away leg 98-92 so won by 94 shots overall. Our only winning rink was led by Tim Maynard and they won 33-7, Tim was joined by Linda Dunford, Dave Lofthouse and Jean Matthews. Richard Rogers assisted by Marion Smith, Jim Mason and Les Austin came back well to draw 19-19 all. Well done to everybody ion retaining this famous trophy.

Final day Schedule 9th September 2017

The schedule for this years final was difficult to arrange and our apologies for the early start for some bowlers.

Ladies 4 Wood Pairs - 9.00am
Linda Dunford & Julie Potter 24 v Sue Metzner & Ann Mountford 16

Men's 4 Wood Pairs - 9.00am
Gary Medler & Brian Metzner 22 v Don Stevenson & Tony Lacey 16

Men's Fixed Jack - 9.30am
Dave Fussell 89 v Barry Osman 91

Mixed Pairs - 12.30pm approx
Dave Fussell & Shirley Ansell 19 v Richard Rogers & Ann Mountford 20

Men's 2 Wood Pairs - 1.00pm approx
Tim Maynard & Greg Dunford 22 v Colin Milner & Alan Bull 9

Men's Handicap - 1.00pm approx
Walter Richardson 18 v Barry Osman 22

Men's Consolation - 1.00pm approx
Gary Medler 21v John Stevenson 16

Ladies Fixed Jack - 1.00pm approx
Julie Potter 78v Marion Smith 92

Bully's 11 - 4.00pm approx
Brian Metzner 1 v Richard Rogers 6

Ladies Championship - 4.30pm approx
Julie Potter 21 v Marion Smith 3

Men's Championship - 4,30pm approx
Bob Hayter 21 v Barry Osman 15

The EHWDBA Anniversary Cup Semi Final 5th September 2017 at Ware
HRPBC Lost Rosehill BC (6-0)

After winning the Rose Bowl against Rosehill Ladies on Friday 1st September our ladies were in high spirits and were looking forward to playing Rosehill again. However the Rosehill BC Ladies were out for revenge and this time they out bowled our Ladies and they moved into the Anniversary Cup final, congratulations to them and good luck in the Final.

Sunday 3rd September 2017
Men Lost 51 - 113
Ladies Won 53 - 27

All four Mens rinks lost today our best losing rink was Bob Hayter, Dave Fussell, Martin Mountford and Tony Andrews they lost to Tony Baker, Terry Merrion, Stan Pyne and Vic Goodey by 22-20. Both of our Ladies rinks had great wins, Sue Metzner, Linda Dunford, Ann Mountford and Jean Matthews beat S Wareham rink by 30-16. The other Ladies rink Julie Potter, Toni Lacey, Gloria Hardy and Chris Miles beat S Best rink by 23=11 a great result for our ladies.
Well done to Ware's Captain Graham Ingde on winning the EHBA singles final against Garry Warriner from Buntingford in a close match.

Saturday 2nd September 2017
The President Gala

24 Bowlers turned out for the President Gala. The format was 8 seeded triples, 4 games of 6 ends. The bowling on this lovely day was excellent, Our winners were Walter Richardson, Ann Mountford and new bowler Terry Potter they were the only team to win all 4 games, The runnners up winning 3 games were Richard Rogers, Marion Smith and Tony Andrews. Well Done to everyone on a good afternoon

Parkhill & Rose Bowl Trophies Friday 1st September 2017 home
Rose Bowl Ladies won 2-1
Parkhill Mens won 2-1

These games are always well supported by both teams. The crowd appreciated all good woods bowled by both teams. Thanks go to our ladies for a great buffet enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone who helped behind the Bar to help on a successful night.

The Rose Bowl Trophy

The Pairs -Marion Smith and Gloria Hardy played Carol Songer and Janet Day. Marion and Gloria started strongly and at the halfway stage they were 20-5 up and looked good for a win. However in the second half of the game Marion and Gloria lost 9 ends out of 10 but they held on to win by 23-17.
The Triples - Julie Potter, Toni Lacey and skip Ann Mountford took on Lin Clark, Di Smith and Joan Ash. This game started poorly with our ladies losing the first 7 ends 0-11. Our triples struggled on the rink and lost 28-7.
The Fours - Sue Metzner, Linda Dunfotrd, Beryl Sambridge and Jean Matthews played Jenny Hagan, Barb Joslin, Joan Maslin and Betty Piggott. Our rink started well winning 7 ends out of the first 8 and lead 11-2. After 17 ends our ladies still lead and looked certain to win at 25-7. Even though a slight hiccup they still won 27-13.
So the shots were 57-58 but this is decided on matches and we won 2-1 Well done to the ladies in retaining the trophy.

The Parkhill Trophy

The Pairs- Bob Hayter and Dave Fussell played Dave Ayres and Terry Day. Bob and Dave move into a nice lead and after 7 ends they lead 10-1. Bob & Dave then hit a sticky patch and were soon behind by 13-10. However they recovered and their strong finish saw them move away and won 20-17 in a very tight game.
The Triples -Terry Eldrigde, Terry Mascot and Colin Milner played Rob Porter, Roy Pateman and Tom Gudge , This was a close game with the scores level at 7-7 all after 7 ends. The next 5 ends were won by our triple picking up 12 shots putting them into a 19-7 lead. A strong finish by the Rosehill triple just wasn't enough to pass our triple winning 21-17.
The Fours - Barry Osman, Richard Rogers, John Stevenson and Brian Metzner played Malcolm Songer, Keith Mizen, Lers Knight and John Whillis. Rosehill were on fire early on and were 13-1 up after 7 ends. Things didn't get any better for our fours and were even further behind after 14 ends with the score at 19-6. Rosehill went on and won this game 28-11.
So the shots were 52-62, but as this decided on matches and we won 2-1. Well done to the men in retaining the trophy.

The Scott Blain Final
Sunday 27th August 2017 at Rosedale BC
HRPBC v Rosedale BC lost 2-8 (50-78)

The Singles -
Tim Maynard played in his fourth Singles, this time he was up against Dave Murphy. This was an excellent contest and very difficult to say which way this game was going to go. After 10 ends of cracking bowling the score was 9-9. Dave then moved ahead by 3, Tim realising that he was one of our key bowlers collected 7 from the next 3 ends and moved ahead by 16-12. Dave being a fighter tried to put pressure on Tim but it wasn't to be and Tim won 21-14. So 100% record for Tim in this competition this season.
The Pairs - Dave Fussell and Bob Hayter played Colin Dyer and Alan Spicer who stepped in as a late reserve after John Bishop was unable to bowl due to a fall earlier in the day, he was OK after seeing a doctor. This game started poorly for Bob and Dave dropping 7 after just 2 ends. Even though Bob and Dave tried hard they just couldn't catch Colin and Alan who went on to win 24-12.
The Triples - Colin Milner, Terry Mascot and Terry Eldridge took on Dave Shepherd, Ron Powell and Graham Smedley. This game was tight early on with our triples down 4-7. Rosedale then started to turn on the pressure picking up a quick fire 13 shots with HRPBC only picking 3, this put HRPBC behind by 19-7. The next 4 ends were shared with a final score of 10-22.
The Fours - Barry Osman skipped our Fours with Richard Rogers, Brian Metzner and Tony Lacey were up against Andy Adkins, Fred Cable Brian Barrett and J Surridge. An excellent start from our Fours going 7-0 up after 3 ends. After 9 ends the scores were level at 9-9 all. Unfortunately that was almost it for our Fours losing 9 ends on the trot albeit 1's and 2's ended up losing 21-10.
This was our first attempt in this competition and we reached the final, Well Done to everybody who played in the competition this year. The team selected for the final would like to thank everybody for their support on the day and in previous rounds, THANK YOU.

Our 80th Anniversary
Saturday 26th August 2017

What a great day!

Our 80th Anniversary saw nearly all of our members, both existing and ex-members, family and friends attending the celebrations. The event was fancy dress, themed “anything from the Club’s 80 year existence”. We had various outfits, such as Hippies, Spivs, Doctors, a Sea Captain, a 1940's cleaner, World Cup team players, The Blues Brothers and plenty more, far too many to mention! (See photos in our Gallery).

The main event was a specially arranged Target Bowls for all to try. It was a hot day and 34 players took to the green. The targets were testing, and some of the woods bowled were interesting, to say the least! The winner was Barry Osman, well done. We also held a paper plane competition. We had 20 minutes to make a plane, and the winner was to be the plane that flew the furthest. This was won by Don Stevenson. Linda Dunford won the best fancy dress outfit competition – her 1940 housewife outfit was brilliant!

Toni Lacey, Linda Dunford and Sue Metzner arranged various events, such as “Taste the baby food”, “Guess the weight of a cake”, “Guess the number of sweets” and a Baby photo competition. These all went down very well. The food supplied on the day was top quality so thanks to Toni Lacey, Linda & Greg Dunford and Sue Metzner for all their efforts. Don Stevenson’s daughter Kim made an 80th Anniversary cake (see photo in our Gallery). Our raffle was supported as normal by our members, and most people collected a prize, so thank you to everybody who donated. Here's to the next 80 years

EHBL Triples News 24th August 2017

Havers Park have withdrawn from the league and all matches are deemed null and void, and we lose the 6 points we got from them earlier in the season (by a walkover)

EHBL Triples 22nd August 2017 home
HRPBC V Hertford Knights Lost 38-54 (2-4)

Richard Rogers, Colin Milner and Terry Eldridge had a good win over Richard Adams triple Eric Saint and M Rhodes winning 25-17 after dropping a 7 & 5 during the game. Greg Dunford, Richard Mansfield and Alan Bull didn't have any luck against Tony Deane, J Arber and A Beeson losing 13-37. So overall a lose 38-54 (2-4)

Sunday 20th August 2017 away
HRPBC v Stevenage Lost 64-68

Stevenage reduced this game to 4 mixed triples. All the games were close we lost 2 games by a total of 6 shots, one draw at 18-18 all. We had one winning triple that was Don Stevenson skipping he was with Julie Potter and Brian Metzner they collected 8 shots in the last 4 ends to win 18-16 Well Done everyone.

The Jack Goff Trophy Saturday 19th August 2017
HRPBC v EBHA lost 75-111

On a wonderful afternoon at Rye Park we welcomed East Hertfordshire Bowls Assocation for the 26th annual match for the Jack Goff Trophy. With great support from the Assocation Bowlers and the HRPBC bowlers we held a successful Raffle and Spider. The after match meal was praised by the Assocation President Robin Chalcraft as the best meal the Association have had this season, so thanks to our ladies for their efforts it was appreciated by all.
The match went in the favour of the Assocation winning 111-75. HRPBC highest winning triple was skipped by Terry Mascot with Ron Izzard and Gary Medler they won 24-18, we had another winning triple skipped by Dave Fussell he was with Tony Lacey and Brian Barton they won 17-13. Well Done and thank you to everybody for enjoying the day.

County League 18th August 2017 home
HRPBC Men v Sele Farm Men Won 35-34 (4-2)

Barry Osman skipped this rink with Richard Rogers, Brian Metzner and Martin Mountford, they played Harry Wright, Joe Dunne, Dave Lee and Malcolm Sell. This game started slowly but there was never too much in it, at the halfway stage the Sele Farm rink lead 9-7 and even at the 14th end the game was even closer at 10-10. Then the push from our men started collecting a 6 followed by 2 doubles put them in a very good position and winning 22-13.
Colin Milner skipped the other rink with Don Stevenson, Terry Eldridge and Tony Lacey, they were up against Jim Parsley, Stan Kelly, J Lane and John Jones. Jims rink started well and at the halfway stage we were 15-4 down. A spirited comeback then started but the deficit was far too much and they lost 13-21. So an Overall win 35-34 (4-2) Well done everyone.

Lyndhurst Trophy 17th August 2017

Colin Milner, Dave Fussell and Terry Mascot played against Brian Davies, Ross Murphy and skip Carl Frostick at Buntingford. Our triple struggled early on a difficult green and got off to the worst possible start going 12-0 down after 3 ends. They recovered winning more ends than the Buntingford triple however they just couldn't pull those 12 shots back, losing 13-25.
Bob Hayter skipped the home triple with Tim Maynard and Barry Osman they played against skip Mark Plume, Garry Warrinder and Peter Warren. Bob's triple started well and after 6 ends they were 8-0 up. Our triple continued there good start and moved further ahead leading 20-4 at the 16th end. A bad finish saw them drop a 5 & 3 so winning 20-12. So overall lost 33-37 so a bit disappointing, better luck next year

County League 16th August 2017 away
HRPBC Mens v Rosedale Mens Lost 31-38 (2-4)
HRPBC Ladies v Rosedale Ladies Lost 17-21 (0-2)

Colin Milner skipped our winning rink with Terry Eldridge, Tony Lacey and Terry Mascot against Andy Adkins rink. Our rink got of to a good start and were 9-2 after 7 ends. Andy rallied his rink and won the next 8 ends to move ahead 12-9. Colin's rink then made their move and pulled away winning 18-14. Barry Osman skipped the other rink with Richard Rogers, Don Stevenson and Brian Metzner. They were up against Dave Shepherd's strong rink. Our rink started poorly and were 17-2 after 10 ends so this was a case damage limitations. In the second half of the game Barry's rink came back and only lost 24-13, so a good effort in the last few ends.

Jean Matthews skipped our ladies, she was joined by Marion's Smith, Toni Lacey and Ann Mountford, they played against J Draper, M Sheperd, C Adkins and skip A Rapley. After 6 ends our ladies lead 10-5 thanks to a 6 on the 4th end. The next 5 ends saw Rosedale pick up 10 shots and move into a 15-10 lead. The game was then nip and tuck however our ladies couldn't deduce the deficit and lost 21-17

EHBL Triples 15th August 2017 home
HRPBC v Rosehill Badgers 29-32 (2-4)

Terry Mascot skipped our winning triple, he was with Gary Medler and Les Austin, they played against C Walker, Rob Pateman and Bob Martin. This game was tight from start to finish with shots at a premium. Our triple pulled away slowly and won 16-7. Walter Richardson, Dave Lofthouse and Richard Mansfield struggled against a strong triple from Rosehill which included Tom Gudge, Malcolm Songer and Rob Porter. The Rosehill team took an early lead and never looked back and won comfortably 25-13. So overall we lost 29-32 (2-4).

The EHWDBA Anniversary Cup Quarter Final 15th August 2017 home
HRPBC beat Hertford BC 72-36 (6-0)

The Singles - Marion Smith played in this singles game against June Addy. Marion didn't start quickly but was always in touch and after 9 ends the scores were level at 6-6 all. Marion then pulled away to lead 12-6 only for June to pull level again, so at 15 ends the scores were 12-12 all. Marion then made her move and moved into a 20-14 lead, however June wasn't finished but the gap was to much and Marion won 21-18.
The Pairs - Toni Lacey and Ann Mountford played Marion T and Karen C. Our ladies started very strongly and were 14-4 up after 10 ends, things got even better as they pulled away to win comfortably 27-10.
The Triples - Chris Miles skipped the triples with Sue Metzner and Gloria Hardy against Maureen S, Ros H and Pam W. Once again our ladies started very well and at the halfway stage they were 14-3 up. They continued to bowl well and came away with an excellent win 24-8.
Well Done to all. Next Round Rosehill or Buntingford - Good Luck

Sunday 13th August 2017 away
HRPBC v Bengeo BC Won 72-41

Another hot day but it was welcomed by all. This was a 4 mixed triples game and all our triples won. The best triples on the day were Colin Milner, Ron Izzard and Linda Dunford winning 20-7. The next best triple was skipped by Jean Matthews and she had with her Greg Dunford and Peter Hayden they won 20-9. well to everybody on a good team game.

Saturday 12th August 2017 away
HRPBC v Allenburys BC Lost 76-83

In a very close match on a lovely day at Allenburys we were just got pipped at the post. With 5 mixed triples we managed to win 3 games and lost 2. Richard Rogers triple Mick Wilkins and Marion Smith were our highest winning team against Alan Rowley, June Varney and new bowler Brian Hattherley winning 19-10. Walter Richardson skipped our next best triple with Ann Mountford and Brian Barton winning 20-14. Well done to everybody and thank you for nominating.

The Scott Blain Cup Semi Final 11th August 2017 home
HRPBC 8 v 2 Potters Bar

The Singles - Once again Tim Maynard played in the Singles game this time his opponent was Ron Golden. Tim started strongly with some excellent woods to move into a 11-2 lead after just 9 ends. Ron then started to find the green and came back to only 12-10 behind. Tim then realising the that he needed to knuckle down pulled away again to win 21-13, his best performance so far.
The Pairs - Walter Richardson making his debut in the competition was with Brian Metzner they played David Salmon and Richard Pearce the top pairing Potters Bar could have put out. David and Richard found the green quickly and immediately put Walter and Brian under pressure and we found ourselves 23-3 down after 15 ends. However with a strong finish Walter and Brian reduced the deficit to 27-11.
The Triples - Bob Hayter, Dave Fussell and Terry Mascot took on a strong triple of Brian Tomlinson (who knew Terry Mascot from his County days) Barry Woodman and Chris Budden. The Potters Bar triple started well but Bob had a few excellent woods and after 9 ends we were 10-2 up. The Potters Bar triples started to come back reducing the score to 10-8. Our triples continued to keep it tight and moved into a 17-9 lead with 2 ends to play and went on to win 18-12.
The Fours - Richard Rogers moved upto skip tonight and was with John Stevenson making his debut, Tony Lacey and Terry Eldridge, they played against Martin Eccelshall, Brian Vince, Barry Bowman and skip Terry Barker. Some steady bowling from our 4 saw them take lead and at the halfway stage were10-6. Richard rallied his rink and they moved into a 19-9 after 14 ends. With this game only 18 ends they just had to keep it tight and they did, and they came away winning 22-16.
Overall score of 72-68 (8-2)

Well Done to everyone who took part tonight and everyone who has played apart in our 3 wins. The Final will be at Rosedale on Sunday 27th August, Time 10am we are playing Rosedale

Sunday 6th August 2017
HRPBC v Datchworth BC won 106 -79

Another good performance by HRPBC, 3 winning rinks and some good bowling from all our bowlers. Richard Rogers skipped the highest winning rink, he was with Linda Dunford, Dave Lofthouse and Brian Metzner they won 25-12. Also worth a mention was Ann Mountford's rink that included Terry Wilson, Greg Dunford and Terry Eldridge they has a very good win over the experienced Ken Hammond now at Datchworth. Well Done everyone.

Saturday 5th August 2017
HRPBC v Rosehill BC won 126-73

On a sunny and warm afternoon HRPBC managed to win on all six rinks Five comfortable wins and a hard fought win on the captain's rink taking the shot with his last wood of the afternoon, after being 15 all going into the last end. Rosehill's team featured four bowlers who joined the club this year. John Stevenson skipped our highest winning triple, he was joined by Gloria Hardy, and Brian Metzner they won 23-4. Colin Milner, Julie Potter and Toni Lacey won by 12 shots with a score of 24-12. Well done to everybody on a good win.

The Scott Blain Cup 2nd Round 4th August 2017 home
HRPBC 8 v 2 Rosehill

The Singles saw Tim Maynard take on Tom Gudge. Tom started well and held the lead up to the 9th end when Tim pulled level at 7-7 all. Tom moved into the lead again but the game was always close. Tim picked up a 4 on the 20th end and moved into a 16-14 lead. The game was still nip and tuck and after 23 ends the score were level again at 17-17. Just 2 more ends and it was all over, with Tim winning 21-17.
The Pairs saw Barry Osman and Richard Rogers take on Dave Ayres and C Walker. A slow start from our home pair found themselves down 10-0 after 7 ends. With 15 ends played the score was now a bit closer 8-14. Richard and Barry carried on reducing the deficit with some good bowling and only lost 17-13.
The Triples saw Colin Milner, Terry Eldridge and Terry Mascot take on Terry Day, Bob Martin and Roy Pateman. Colin's triple started strongly and were 10-2 up after 6 ends. The Rosehill triples pulled back and with 12 ends gone the home triple were only leading by 1 shot. The last 6 ends were shared all single shots this was enough for our triples to win 14-13.
The Four's saw Bob Hayter skipping with Dave Fussell, Tony Lacey and Brian Metzner take on Bob Porter, Keith Mizen, Peter Tilley and John Willis. A quick start from the home team was quickly levelled by the Rosehill 4's and by the 7th end it was 8-8 all. The home team moved into the lead and never lost the lead. A big 6 on the 20th end was enough to seal the win by 10 shots 24-14.
So overall an 8-2 victory, The draw for the next round (Semi-Final) has been made and we are at home again, this time to Potters Bar.
Well Done. Nomination Sheet will be up on Saturday.

County League 3rd August 2017 away
HRPBC Mens v Cheshunt 54-20 (6-0)

This was the third meeting between our clubs in the last 7 days. This County's League game went in our favour, Tim Maynard skipped the rink with Barry Osman, Richard Rogers and Don Stevenson. Our 4's started slowly and were 3-5 down after the 5th end. They then found the green and won 9 ends on the trott to move into a comfortable lead and won 22-8. Bob Hayter skipped the other rink with Terry Mascot, Terry Eldridge and Tony Lacey, 5 ends gone the scores were level at 4-4 all. Our 4's then pulled away and never looked in danger and won 32-12. Overall the score was 54-20 (6-0). Well done

EHBL Triples 1st August 2017 away
HRPBC v Cheshunt 24-49 (0-6)

Walter Richardson, Peter Francis and Alf MacDonald faced the Cheshunt triple skipped by Roy Padgham. Our triple never coped with green and went down 29-7. The other Triple was skipped by Alan Blackwell he was joined by Mick Wilkins and Greg Dunford they faced a triple skipped by experienced bowler Don Phillips. Alan's triple lead 9-6 on the half way stage, we then picked up a 6 and move into a 15-6 lead. Don Phillips then rallied his triple and came back well to win 20-17. So overall a lose 24-49 (0-6)

EHBL Triples 1st August 2017 home
HRPBC v Datchworth Gold 34-27 (5-1)

Another good win for us tonight. Tim Maynard, Toni Lacey and Gary Medler had an excellent game winning 17-10, they always lead. Richard Rogers, Brian Metzner and Terry Eldridge were leading all the way through and were 17-11 up with 3 ends to play, but they just lost their way dropping three 2's and coming away with a 17-17 draw. Overall a very good win 34-27 (5-1). Well Done.

The Aussie Pairs Sunday 30th July 2017

This was the 10th year of the Aussie Pairs. Twelve teams took place in this years event. This format is unusual and is nothing like we normally play. After 3 matches 3 teams had maximum points, they were Tim Maynard & Linda Dunford, Milck Wilkins & Colin Milner and Sue and Brian Metzner. The final games were Tim & Linda playing Walter Richardson and Terry Eldridge and Colin's and Mick were playing Sue and Brian. On the final end Tim and Linda managed to draw 30-30 all so that put them on 7pts. Colin and Mick were leading going into the final end when Sue picked up the jack with her last wood to beat Colin and Mick and the Aussie Pairs. Well done to Sue & Brian Metzner on their win.

The Sam Barnes Trophy -Saturday 29th July 2017

Big thank you to all the ladies that attended the Sam Barnes ladies competition and afternoon tea today, unfortunately the weather was not kind, and we got a bit damp. The two wood pairs competition was won by Jean Matthews and Julie Potter, congratulations to them both and well done xx, As it is our 80th anniversary year, we decided to invite, as guests, some of our elder lady bowlers , it was lovely to hear their stories of yesteryear , Thank you to Toni our captain for all her hard work making some beautiful cakes and Linda Dunford for her cupcakes and scones. all in all a lovely day enjoyed by all

The Scott Blain Cup

The 2nd Round draw has been made and will be played on Friday 4th August. We were drawn at home and now face local rivals Rosehill. The nomination sheet is now up on the notice board, please nominate as the team will be picked on Tuesday 1st August.

The Scott Blain Cup 1st Round, 28th July 2017 home
HRPBC 8 v 2 Cheshunt

The Singles game saw Tim Maynard take on Mick Johnson, Tim started well and was 7-0 up early but Mick came back, and at the halfway stage Tim was only leading 9-8. Mick pulled level at 11-11 all, then Tim pulled away again to lead 19-12 and looked certain to win. However Mick had other ideas and pulled back again to 19-17, Tim then found the 2 shots he needed for a 21-17 win.
The Pairs saw Barry Osman and Richard Rogers play Ray Hills and Steve Richardson a very strong pair from Cheshunt. With 7 ends gone the score was level at 5-5 all, then it went wrong for our pair dropping a 6. However Barry and Richard pulled 3 back then dropped another 6 later in the game and lost 24-13.
The Triples saw Colin Milner, Terry Mascot and Terry Eldridge play Dennis Beauchamp, Graham Mackinson and Dave Baxter. This game was tight all the way through with never more than 2 shots in it. After 17 ends the scores were level at 15-15. With some great team bowling we managed to find the shot we needed to claim the win 16-15.
The 4's saw Bob Hayter, Alan Blackwell, Tony Lacey and Dave Fussell played Dave Crudgington, Tony Thoebald, Terry Whitebread and O Bannon. Our 4's lead all the way through and in the closing stages pulled away into a good lead not giving anything away, winning 22-12. So an overall win by 72-68 (8-2).
The Next round is at home on the 4th August. nomination sheet will be in the club on Saturday.

County League Ladies 28th July 2017 Home
HRPBC Ladies 22 (2) v 17 (0) Sele Farm Ladies

Our ladies took on a very strong Sele Farm team. Jean Matthews, Marion Smith, Toni Lacey and Sue Metzner played Pam Wright, H Ottley. L Moyhette and E Dunne. Our ladies got off to a great start and were 11-0 up after just 4 ends. Sele Farm then started the comeback and after 13 ends we were still ahead14-13. The final stages were very close and just 5 ends later we were still leading now by 18-17. A strong finish in the last 3 ends were pulled away to win 22-17, well done.

The Ranson Cup 3rd Round Home and Away 26th July 2017
HRPBC v Ware lost 27-46

Bob Hayter skipped the home rink with Richard Rogers, Brian Metzner and Tim Maynard. Ware got off to a good start and the home team just couldn't fine the weight or line and lost at home 21-15. The away team was skipped by Colin Milner this included Terry Mascot, Dave Fussell, and Barry Osman they also struggled on the Ware green and they lost 25-12, so an overall defeat by 27-46.

EHBL Triples 25th July 2017 away
HRPBC v Shire Park 33-28 (4-2)

On a sunny evening at Shire Park we came away with a 4-2 win. Bob Hayter lead his triple Dave Fussell and Terry Mascot to a 20-9 win over Graham Danion, Todd Canton and Martin Reeve, with all 3 bowling well. Colin Milner, Mick Wilkins and Tom Willis bowled against Andy Wells, Rob Bramson and Paul Aswell, this match was close until the 15th end when Shire Park pulled away to win 13-19. The overall score was 33-28 (4-2).

Sunday 23rd July 2017
HRPBC v Whit Hern Lost 81-82

We just came up short today against Whit Hern. We had 5 triples today and only one winning triple but 3 drawn. Don Stevenson lead his triples well and never looked in any trouble winning 20-12. Alan Blackwell's triple, Les Austin and Sue Metzner had a very tight game drawing 10-10 all, only 2 ends were 2 shot (1each) the rest were Singles. Dave Lofthouse, Greg Dunford, Linda Dunford, Brian Metzner and skips Jean Matthew and John Stevenson all played in the draws.

Saturday 22nd July 2017
HRPBC v Bournemouth Park Lost 65-95

Bournemouth Park travelled up from Southend and arrived in time for Fish & Chips which was enjoyed by all of the bowlers. The game started, then the heavens opened so wisely we all left the green after just 3 ends. The match restarted 20 minutes later, we then stopped for a tea/coffee and the rain started again, so after another 15 minutes it was agreed to play only 18 ends. Colin Milner skipped our only winning rink with Julie Potter, Malvin Read and Walter Richardson won 21-15. A great day was had by all.

EHBL Triples 21st July 2017
HRPBC v Rosedale 40-30 (6-0)

This is a top of the table clash against Rosedale. Tony Lacey, Gary Medler and Skip Tim Maynard bowled against M Promfit, F Cable and Colin Dyer in this game. Tim's experience was vital in this game as we got off to a good start and lead from the start, they even dropped a 6 near the end and won 23-17. Don Stevenson, Brian Metzner and Terry Eldridge played against skip Brian Barnett, J Sippings and Ivor Bishop. Don skipped this game well and after 12 ends the score was 10-10. The last 6 ends were tight but Don's triple won 4 ends to take the game 17-13, winning 6-0, Well Done.

County League 20th July 2017
HRPBC Mens 36 (4) v 31 (2) Northaw & Cuffley
HRPBC Ladies 20 (0) v 25 (2) Northaw & Cuffley

The Men beat N & C 36-31 (4-2). Barry Osman, Richard Rogers, Tony Lacey and Terry Eldridge all bowled well and came away with a 19-13 win over experienced bowler Ray Barwick. Tim Maynard, Terry Mascot, Don Stevenson & Brian Metzner came very close on pulling off a clean sweep but just lost 18-17, overall a good win.
Our ladies Toni Lacy, Gloria Hardy, Marion Smith and Jean Matthews went down to a good N & C team 20-25

Lyndhurst Trophy 17th July 2017
HRPBC 45-25 Bengeo

Colin Milner, Terry Mascot and Barry Osman played the home leg against Peter Dougherty, Eddie Mahon and Norman Ottley. Our triple started well and managed to get into a 12-3 at halfway stage, they continue bowling well and with a strong finish they won 26-11. The away leg should have been skipped by Bob Hayter but he twisted his back and Tim Maynard skipped, Richard Rogers played 2 and Bob lead. They started well and kept in front and at halfway they lead 9-3. They moved into a 10 shot lead but Bengeo fought back but our triples rallied and won 19-14. Well Done

The 3 Wood Challenge Saturday 15th July 2017

27 bowlers turnout for this year 3 Wood Challenge. After the first round of matches 9 bowlers were eliminated. The 2nd Round of matches all started and there were a few surprises on various rinks. Lots of games went down to shot difference so lots of calculations were needed to find out who made it into the final.
The Cup final was between Dave Fussell and Richard Rogers this 6 end game was a very tight one and after 5 ends the score was 4-4, the last end saw Richard Rogers holding 3 and with one wood left Dave Fussell drew the shot to win 5-4, Well Done.
The Plate final was between Gary Medler and Bob Hayter, Gary Medler started well with 2 on the first end but Bob Hayter picked up 5 singles and won 5-2, Well Done.
The Spoon final was between Ann Mountford and Don Stevenson this was also a 6 end game which was very tight, Don Stevenson was 4-2 down after 4 ends but picked up a 2 on the 5th end to make it 4-4. In the final end Don drew two excellent woods and Ann Mountford couldn't do anything about it and Don Stevenson won 6-4, Well Done.

EHBL Triples 14th July 2017
HRPBC v Aston Won 36-36 (4-2)

Richard Rogers, Don Stevenson and Les Austin started strongly a moved into a 17-1 lead after just 9 ends. They continue bowling well and came away with a 27-5 win. However on the other rink Greg Dunford lead Alan Bull and Richard Mansfield played against a very strong triple and were behind after 9 ends by 5-15, they tried to pull back the deficit but just but just couldn't and lost 9-30. Thank fully Richard picked up a 2 on the final end giving us a 36-35 win. Well Done

Thurgood Cup 13th July 2017
HRPBC v Rosehill Lost 33-41

Bob Hayter, Tim Maynard, Richard Rogers and Barry Osman played against Chris Bartlett, Roy Pateman, Bob Martin and Malcolm Songer, our rink lead early and after 10 ends it was 9-9 all, but Bob's rink then pulled away and won 22-14. Colin Milner, Terry Mascot, Terry Eldridge and Brian Metzner played Keith Mizen, Les Knight, Bob Porter and Dave Ayres, our rink started poorly and were trailing 4-19 after 10 ends. It didn't get any better for us and they lost 27-11, So overall we lost by 8 shots.

The Scott Blain Cup

We have been invited to put a team into the Scott Blain Cup. This is a Men's Only competition for 16 clubs only, 8 from Hertfordshire and 8 from Middlesex. The format is a knockout, 1 Single, 1 Pair, 1 triple and 1 fours, i.e 10 bowlers per team. The scoring is 2 points for each game and 2 points for the overall shots, totalling 10 points, if the scores are level the rink will play one extra end.
The 1st round draw has taken place and we have been drawn at home against local rivals Cheshunt BC on 28th July 2017 at 6pm. A nomination sheet can be found on the notice board.

County League Ladies Tuesday 11th July 2017 home
HRPBC v Whit Hern Ladies Lost 25-12 (0-2)

Jean Matthews, Sue Metzner. Julie Potter and Toni Lacey played Carol Cook, J Corbet, T Lace and T Watton in this County league game in miserable conditions. Whit Hern started well and moved into a great lead early 15-1 up after just 7 ends. This was too much to pull back and our ladies lost 12-25.

County League Mens Monday 10th July 2017 home
HRPBC v Whit Hern Lost 24-42 (6-0)

Bob Hayter Barry Osman, Don Stevenson and Tim Maynard just didn't get into this game, Alan Napier had a great game for Whit Hern seing them through to a 22-12 win. Colin Milner, Terry Mascot, Tony Lacey and Brian Metzner kept their game tight until near the end when Keith Norman team pulled away to win 20-12. So not a good start to our campaign losing all 6 points.

Saturday 15th July 2017
The 3 Wood Challenge starts a 2pm

The 3 wood challenge was a challenge for the organiser this year with 27 bowlers. The draws will be made in the clubhouse at 2pm on Saturday so please ensure you are not late, if for any reason you cannot make it please contact Bob Hayter ASAP. After the first round of matches 9 bowlers will eliminated. We have the 27 we require, however if you want to go on the reserve list contact Bob.

Sunday 9th July 2017 v Sele Farm away
HRPBC v Sele Farm Lost 49-75

All 4 mixed triples lost, we have had better days. Jean Matthews Tony Lacey and Terry Potter came close losing 15-17 . Walter Richardson, Les Austin and Sue Metzner also came close 15-18. So better luck next time.

Saturday 8th July 2017 v Standon & Puckeridge away
HRPBC V Standon & Puckeridge Won 61-37

This match was 3 mixed triples away at Standon, Tim Maynard, Greg Dunford and Mick Wilkins started well and they were 15-1 up after just 8 ends, they never looked back winning 25-10. Colin Milner, Linda Dunford and Ron Izzard also started well they were 12-5 Up after 8 ends and also went on to win well 23-14. Well done to everybody who played in this hot weather.

Sponsors afternoon. 5th July 2017

Our main sponsor "Skeltons" brought their staff to our green for a team building exercise and fun afternoon. This was also well supported by our members giving guidance to all their staff and also it was a nice social afternoon/evening. Thanks again to Skeltons for all their support over the last few years.

The Scouts try bowls, 4th July 2017

Greg Dunford arrange for some 20 scouts to try bowls. They all seamed to enjoy the evening and hopefully we will see them all again. Thanks to Greg for organising and also thank you to all of our bowlers who assisted on the night.

EHBL Triples League 3rd July 2017
HRPBC v Sawbridgeworth Greens Won 58-28 (6-0)

Back to winning ways for HRPBC . Barry Osman, Richard Rogers and Dave Lofthouse had a convincing win over their opponents from Sawbridgeworth, our triples were always in control winning 34-6. Terry Mascot, Gary Medler and Les Austin started strongly but fell away near the end, however after their good start they held on for a 24-22 win, so all 6 points to HRPBC. Well done.

Sunday 2nd July 2017 v Bishop Stortford away
HRPBC v Bishop Stortford Lost 69 - 129

A bad day at the office for HRPBC, 5 mixed rinks all losing. However two of our rinks were close and only lost by 2 shots they were Jean Matthews, Brian Metzner, Mike Wilkins and Don Stevenson losing 17-19 & Bob Hayter, Tony Lacey, Les Hickford and Julie Potter losing 15-17. Big defeats on the other rinks, we all need to up our game for this weekend.

Saturday 1st July 2017 v Hertford BC away
HRPBC v Hertford BC lost 96-100

A lovely afternoon was had by all even though we lost by 4 shots overall. With 5 mixed rinks we managed just 2 winning rinks the best for us was Colin Milner, Les Austin, Richard Mansfield and Marion Smith, they all bowled well winning 29-14. Also Marion Smith & Les Austin both contributed to the Captains charity after bowling the wrong bias, thank you. Jean Matthews with the assistance for Terry Mascot, Gary Medler and Alan Bull came back well to win 21-20, picking up 11 shots in 3 ends, well done.

Lyndhurst Trophy 29th June 2017
HRPBC v Allenburys won 43-36

Colin Milner, Dave Fussell & Terry Mascot played the away leg at Allenburys against Frank McGinlay, Malcolm Judd and Dave Smith. Our team started well and were always in control. Colin, Dave and Terry all bowled exceptional woods and were all on top form, winning therir game 30-8. The home leg was skipped by Tim Maynard, with Barry Osman, and Richard Rogers playing against David Pyne, Chris and David Bowie. This match was the reverse of the away leg Chris and David Bowie and David Pyne bowled well even though Richard, Barry and Tim kept it as tight as possible they lost 28-13, giving HRPBC an overall win of 7 shots. Well done.

County League 28th June 2017 away
HRPBC Ladies v Rosehill Ladies

Marion Smith, Gloria Hardy, Ann Mountford & Jean Matthews travelled to Rosehill to face Janet Day, Carol Songer, Betty Piggot, and Joan Ash. Our ladies started well and moved into a good lead after 6 ends the score was 10-1. The Rosehill ladies then turned it around and the next 10 ends Rosehill were 17-13 up and were looking good. With a strong finish we still lost 21-19.

EHBL Triples League 27th June 2017
HRPBC v Stevenage Reds lost 12-48 (0-6)

On a wet night in Stevenage our 2 triples struggled in the rain. Walter Richardson triples never found the green or the conditions losing 26-6. On Colin Milner's triple they suffered as well going down 22-6. The weather condition brought the game to an early conclusion with both games finishing after 14 ends, where all 12 bowlers left the green soaked.

Sunday 25th June 2017 v Much Hadham 1st Leg Pamart Cup home
HRPBC v Much Hadham Won 139-51

With Much Hadham having to reduce this game from Rinks to Triples we had to change the teams a lot, so thank you to everybody who was effected. All the bowlers from HRPBC bowler extremely well and all 5 triples won. Our best winning triples were Richard Rogers, Walter Richardson and Gloria Hardy they managed a great win 41-5 against the Captain of Much Hadham Graham Penny. Chris Miles lead her triples well with Alan Bull and Terry Mascot they managed a great win as well 26-9. The green was a lot faster than the Much Hadham bowlers had experienced this season. So HRPBC take a 88 shot lead into the 2nd leg later this season.

Saturday 24th June 2017 v Sele Farm at home
HRPBC v Sele Farm Lost 64-73

Ann Mountford lead her triples to our only win on the day she was joined by Mike Wilkins and Richard Mansfield they won 28-13, well done. With Sele Farm fielding a strong team it was always going to be difficult for our team, but they all put up a good fight and came close in a cou[ple of games.

The Ranson Cup 2nd Round Home and Away 22nd June 2017
HRPBC v Shire Park 41-37

Tim Maynard lead his rink to a great home win with the help of Barry Osman, Tony Lacey and Richard Rogers. They started strongly and never looked back. after just 5 ends they lead 11-1, after 11 ends Shire Park started a recovery now only 16-8 down. A strong middle section put us in control even though we lost the couple of ends, winning 25-16. The away team, Bob Hayter, Colin Milner, Terry Mascot and Dave Fussell struggled to find the lines on the uneven paced green, even though we were 10-1 down after 5 ends we never gave up, our team pulled back to being only 12-9 down after 10 ends but just couldn't peg it all back losing 21-16. Well done to HRPBC and good luck in the next round where we face Rosehill at home.

The New Thurgood 1st Round 21st June 2017 away
HRPBC v Hertford BC Won 53-24

A great result for HRPBC against Hertford BC. Both rinks bowled extremely well and overall after 10 ends lead 28-6. Tim Maynard, Colin Milner, Terry Mascot and Dave Fussell kept their Hertford opponents to single figures winning 28-9. Bob Hayter, Richard Rogers, Tony Lacey and Barry Osman also won well 25-15. Not even the Hertford BC Squirrel could not help Hertford tonight as HRPBC bowlers all bowled done well.

EHBL Tiples League 20th June 2017
HRPBC v Northaw & Cuffley away lost 33-35 (1-5)

After 2 walkovers we now travelled to Northaw & Cuffley. Tim Maynard Martin Mountford and Tony Lacey managed a 14-14 draw with Tim's triple picking up a 2 on the final end in a very close game. Don Stevenson, Gary Medler and Terry Eldridge were looking a good for a win when John Clarke in advertently remove our shot wood while trying to promote ex Rye Parks bowler Brian Holdings wood up and we dropped a 5, they followed that up with 2 singles to win 21-19, great effort from our team.

Saturday 17th June 2017 v Aston BC home
HRPBC v Aston Won 106-47

Four winning triples by HRPBC with all our bowlers very well. The day itself was warm and muggy but thus didn't effect the way we bowled. Chris Miles lead her triples to the best winning triples, she was joined by Richard Mansfield and Terry Potter they managed a 34-10 win. Jean Matthews also had a good win, she was joined by Tony Andrews and Brian Metzner they managed a 25-6. Thanks to Terry Eldridge for helping Aston by bowling for them.

Sawbridgewoth Sunday 18th June 2017 Cancelled

Our match against Sawbridgeworth on Sunday 18th June 2017 has been Cancelled by Sawbridgeworth. Apologies to all our members that have nominated. This gives our members time to arrange some of your club competitions. The club will look at other options for the future. Please look on the club's notice boards for further updates.

Sunday 11th June 2017 v Ware BC home
HRPBC v Ware BC - Won 121-110

On another lovely day in the sunshine at Rye Park. We faced our local rivals and strong opponents in the form of Ware BC. With 4 men's rinks and 2 ladies rinks the match started. Excellent performances from all the men's rinks, all winning. Richard Rogers's rink had the best result winning 29-17, his rink consisted of Alan Bull, Brian Barton and Terry Eldridge. Barry Osman's rink, Les Austin, Martin Mountford and John Stevenson also won well 22-16. Unfortunately both our ladies rinks just lost. However HRPBC still won with a great overall victory 121-110, well done everybody

The Ben Hobbs Trophy, Saturday 10th June 2017

On a lovely day we played one of annual events, "The Ben Hobbs Trophy" this was the 28th year of this competition. The event saw lots of good bowling by all the teams taking part. Walter Richardson lead his team team (Marion Smith & Terry Eldridge) to victory, they managed a clean sweep winning all 4 matches.

1st Walter Richardson, Marion Smith & Terry Eldridge
2nd Colin Milner, Martin Mountford, & Alf MacDonald
3rd Alan Blackwell, Greg Dunford & Alan Bull

County League Ladies 6th June 2017 away
HRPBC Ladies v Buntingford "2"

Chris Miles, Gloria Hardy, Marion Smith and skip Jean Matthews started our County League campaign with a great win over Buntingford "2". Our ladies all bowled very well as they took the lead from the start and after 10 ends they were leading 16-1, In the second half of the match we pulled even further away winning 33-7. Well done ladies great result.

Saturday 3rd June 2017

Today we held our first ever 3 wood pairs fixed jack competition. What a success. 12 teams took place, all teams were seeded so no loaded rinks. We saw Mike Bracebridge make a welcome return after 6 or 7 years away from the club and also Peter Brewster playing in his first competitive game. The bowling was good and testing at time, the winners were:-

1st Barry Osman & Jim Mason with +44
2nd Terry Eldridge & Mike Wilkins with +28
3rd Chis Miles & Linda Dunford with +26

well done and thank you to everybody

New Event for 3rd June 2017.. Come along

On Saturday we will holding a special event starting at 2.30pm,please arrive by 2.00pm, please add your name on the list in the clubhouse or send an e-mail to the clubs address to be added. Details will be advised on the day.

Saturday 3rd June 2017 - home to Durrants Park

This is Durrants Parks centenary year, however their membership is now very low and they have advised us that it is with great sadness that they cannot fulfill this fixture - therefore the Match is Cancelled

Sunday 28th May 2017 - home to Griffin BC

Very disappointing, while our bowlers wait for the return game against Griffin, on this Bank Holiday Sunday. At 2.15pm our Secretary telephoned the Griffin BC as nobody from Griffin had arrived, only to be told they were not coming. Not to say our team were very upset but our caterers had prepared 24 meals. Not even a call from them this is very poor etiquette.
This could effect other games booked and future matches against Griffin BC.
We will contact Griffin BC for an explanation, the committee will advise members in due course​​​​​​.

Saturday 27th May 2017 - away to Whit Hern BC
HRPBC v Whit Hern BC 130-47

A great afternoon for us, winning on all 4 rinks to record our best win of the season. Richard Roger's rink took the best winning rink on count back over Bob Hayter's rink. Richard was bowling with Les Austin, Toni Lacey & Alan Blackwell they picked up 7 on the last end and won 42-12. Bob's rink was Brian Metzner, Tony Andrews and John Stevenson they won by 37-7. Overall a great performance by all of the team, well done.

EHBL Triples League, 22nd May 2017
HRPBC v Sawbridgeworth Blues away Won 42-19 (6-0)

A very good win for HRPBC over Sawbridgeworth Blues. Alan Bull, Richard Mansfield and Greg Dunford all bowled well to win their game 16-11. Last minute sub Les Austin, John Stevenson and Richard Rogers pulled off a great 26-8 win for our first 6-0 win of the season. Great team performance and well done Les.

Sunday 21st May 2017 - home to Allenburys
HRPBC v Allenburys Won 92-62

With 4 winning triples and one losing just by one shot, a good day was had by all at Rye Park. Our highest winning triples today was skipped by Richard Rogers with Alan Bull leading the way and lady captain Toni Lacey playing 2, they won 25-9. Colin Milner team also had a good day winning by 22-14, Colin was with Julie Potter and Terry Eldridge. Well done to everybody.

Eversley 1st Round 19th May 2017
HRPBC v Datchworth - Lost 42-62

At least the weather was better than the last few days. Datchworth brought a strong team to face us in this 1st round clash. Bob Hayter's rink started well as Datchworth found it hard to find the green, however they eventually did and they came away with a 21-12 win. Barry Osman's rink started slowly and just couldn't retrieve the early lead and went down 9-24. Colin Milners rink started slowly however by winning the last 6 ends they won 21-17 a great fight back, well done to Colin's rink Terry Eldridge, Don Stevenson & Tim Maynard

HRPBC Ladies v Harlow BC Ladies 17th May 2017 home

On the wettest day of the year our friendly game against Harlow BC Ladies started in the rain, however as the weather got worse they all came off for a cup of tea. As the weather got worse it was decided to abandon the game with our ladies leading 16-7 (6 ends)

Ranson Cup 1st Round Home and Away 16th May 2017
HRPBC v Hertford BC Won 40-30

Great team performance by HRPBC with our home rink winning 21-15. The home team was skipped by Barry Osman, with him was Alan Blackwell, Martin Mountford and leading was Terry Eldridge, this match was very close until 13th end when we picked up a 6 and never looked back and lead all the way home.
The away team was skipped by Bob Hayter, with him was Colin Milner, Tim Maynard and leading Dave Fussell. Our away team always lead but just couldn't pull away on a very difficult green, but we still came away with a creditable 19-15 win, well done to everybody. The next round is on the 22nd June against Shire Park BC or Parkside BC

Sunday 14th May 2017 - away at Potters Bar
HRPBC v Potters Bar BC lost 83-90

This is our first visit here to Potters Bar and we were all made welcome. On a lovely sunny afternoon with 5 mixed rinks the game started well for both teams. We had 2 winning rinks, 2 losing rinks and 1 draw. Alan Blackwell rink won 21-17, he was assisted by Gloria Hardy, Tony Lacey and Julie Potter. Richard Rogers who was losing by 7 shots at halfway rallied his team to a 20-16 win, the team being Marion Smith, Les Austin and Gary Medlar. Jean Matthews rink drew 14-14, with Alan Bull leading Brian Metzner and Ron Izzard at 3. Well done to Terry Potter making his first competitive start for the club.

Saturday 13th May 2017 - away at Hertford Castle
HRPBC v Hertford Castle BC won 102-83

With 4 winning triples, 1 drawn and 1 lose, HRPBC came away with a 19 shots victory over our local rivals. Bob Hayter's triple had the best result winning 22-8, good performances from his team Tony Andrews and Martin Mountford. Colin Milner, Ann Mountford and Greg Dunford also won with a score of 20-14. Don Stephenson, Jean Matthews and Terry Eldridge had a good win 17-11. Well done to everybody lets hope we continue our winning ways.

EHBL Triples League, 11th May 2017
HRPBC v Welwyn Garden City Tigers away Won 32-29 (4-2)

Colin Milner, Tom Willis and Mick Wlikins had a great win over WGC Tigers Stewart Parkhouse winning 17-12. Tom was making his debut for the club and had a very good game. Bob Hayter, Brian Barton and stand in Terry Mascot lost on the 18th by 2 shots going down 15-17. Everybody enjoyed the game. That's our first win of the season lets hope we have plenty more.

HRPBC Ladies v Epping 10th May 2017
Friendly 38-38 draw

This match was a good result for our ladies, playing away. Jean Matthews triple included Ann Mountford and Julie Potter they won 20-18. The other triple lost 18-20 however they were 8 shot behind and nearly pulled it back, a very good effort from Marion Smith, Toni Lacey and Gloria Hardy.

EHBL Triples League, 9th May 2017
HRPBC v Much Hadham Eagles at home Lost 30-45 (2-4)

We lost this match, however we won on one rink and lost on the other. Walter Richardsons triple included Alf McDonald and Richard Mansfield they won 17-13. The losing triple faced a strong team from Much Hadham with Graham Penny leading the way winning 32-13, Tony Andrew, Peter Harrison and Alan Blackwell had no luck.

Sunday 7th May 2017 - away at Rosedale
HRPBC v Rosedale BC lost 53-62 (after 25% deductions from Rosedale)

A poor weekend for HRPBC another lose.
On a lovely day at Rosedale the HRPBC bowlers struggled, apart from Richard Rogers, Marion Smith, Martin Mountford and Alan Bull who came away with our only win, scoring 23-6. The other rinks tried hard but couldn't cope with the green, so let's say it was early season blues.

Saturday 6th May 2017 - away at Griffin BC
HRPBC v Griffin BC lost 52-76

Not a good day for HRPBC, all 3 rinks lost to a strong Griffin team. HRPBC put up a good effort but we were not good enough on the day. We are playing Griffin at home at the end of the month, hopefully we can reverse the score at home.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Coffee Morning and Bowls

Our first Coffee morning attracted nearly 20 bowlers , members and few potential new members. The weather was in our favour, a nice way to start the day. We are looking forward to many more during the season.

Sunday 30th April 2017- away at Aston
HRPBC v Aston lost 55-65

Opening friendly of the season starts with a loss. Our 4 mixed triples saw 1 win, 1 draw & 2 losses, Ann Mountford's triples won 20-10 in her triples she had Alan Bull and Gary Medlar both bowling well and Jean Matthews triples managed a 14-14 all draw with Brian Metzner and Dave Lofthouse. It's a long season so well done to everybody who played.

Saturday 29th April 2017
President v Captain

Overall result President 103 - Captain 84

Firstly John and Don would like to thank all those that either bowled or took part in some way on Saturday afternoon,
36 bowlers took part in the afternoon, probably the biggest turnout for a few years, with the Captain's team winning on 3 rinks and the President's team winning on 3 rinks. The afternoon was blessed with some warm and decent weather which also attracted approximately 8 to 10 guests to watch and partake of the wonderful tea prepared by John's wife Angela and daughter Nadine.

It was decided that because both John and Don have been deeply affected by cancer, either personally or by losing loved ones to the terrible disease, that the afternoons proceeds would be donated to cancer charities.
Rink monies and tea money raised £110, the Spider raised £35 with Terry Mascot being the winner and generously donating the bottle of Vodka back to the club for a future raffle, the raffle raised £133 aided by the generosity of a number of members donating prizes and there was a donation of £20 from a mystery member, raising a grand total of £298 which was quickly made up to £300. John and Don decided that the £300 would be equally split between three charities which were Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research and the Isabel Hospice.
The total raised could have been a little more had we remembered to do the fines after the tea for wrong biases, wrong stickers on woods, failing to go into the spider etc.

We believe a great afternoon was had by all with the usual crowd staying on after the raffle for some light refreshment.

Club Sessions Starting dates

The first Club night this season is on Wednesday 26th from 5pm.
The Thursday afternoon starts on 27th April at 1.45pm
The New Tuesday Morning "Coffee Club" stars on 2nd May at 10.30am

Captain v President Saturday 29th April 2017 2.30pm start

Season 2017 is almost here.
This match has already interested over 36 bowlers, you still have time to nominate, however nominations will close soon, so sign up quickly and enjoy our opening game. All proceed are going to one of our Cancer Charities so come along and support.

Work Parties

Work parties still needed for Saturday 8th April, we still have a few jobs that need doing so come along and help. The green was scarified and cut today and is looking good. So please help, Thank you

More Club History

In the late 1800's one of the attractions to the Rye House area was a bowling green. In 1937 the Council whilst developing the Old Highway Recreation Ground a lawn bowls green was included. It is reported that the footing/drainage for this green were constructed from clinker from the local power station. Some of the local dignitaries in the town at the time formed the membership of the club. Trophies commemorated to them are still played for in club competitions. The bowls club is still in operation being run by the membership of the Hoddesdon and Rye Park Bowling Club.
New members are always welcome at the club which opens in mid April for a recruitment drive.
This year sees the bowling club celebrating 80 years of bowling

Team Effort

On Wednesday 5th April the Ladies & Gents captains turned out in Hoddesdon market with the support of a number of club members and handed out flyers to shoppers. This appeared to be very successful. hopefully we will see the fruits of their labour at the trial sessions. Well done everyone.

Work Parties

Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April saw a great turnout by Club members and even a new member for 2017. Lots of jobs were completed, however we still have a few final jobs to complete before our open day on Sunday 9th April. So if you can spare a few hours on Saturday please come along and help. Thanks to everybody who did turnout this weekend.

Jack Goff Trophy 2017

This match should have been played at Standon & Puckeridge this year however due to unforeseen circumstances the match has now been switched to Hoddesdon & Rye Park. This will be a 6 rink match on Saturday 19th August 2017. Further details will be posted on the club's notice board.

County, EHBL & EHBA dates 2017
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
County UnBadged Singles 1st Round Thursday 11-May
County UnBadged Singles 2nd Round Wednesday 24-May
County UnBadged Singles 3rd Round Wednesday 31-May
County UnBadged Singles 4th Round Wednesday 21-Jun
County UnBadged Singles Quarter Finals Wednesday 05-Jul
County UnBadged Singles Semi Final Friday 21-Jul
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
County Singles 1st Round Tuesday 30-May
County Singles 2nd Round Tuesday 06-Jun
County Singles 3rd Round Tuesday 13-Jun
County Singles 4th Round Monday 19-Jun
County Singles 5th Round Monday 03-Jul
County Singles Quarter Finals Tuesday 11-Jul
County Singles Semi Final Thursday 20-Jul
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
County Officers Singles 1st Round Wednesday 03-May
County Officers Singles 2nd Round Monday 08-May
County Officers Singles 3rd Round Monday 22-May
County Officers Singles 4th Round Monday 12-Jun
County Officers Singles Semi Final Tuesday 18-Jul
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
County Pairs 1st Round Thursday 01-Jun
County Pairs 2nd Round Thursday 08-Jun
County Pairs 3rd Round Thursday 15-Jun
County Pairs 4th Round Tuesday 20-Jun
County Pairs 5th Round Thursday 06-Jul
County Pairs Quarter Finals Wednesday 12-Jul
County Pairs Semi Final Wednesday 19-Jul
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
County Triples 1st Round Tuesday 02-May
County Triples 2nd Round Tuesday 09-May
County Triples 3rd Round Friday 12-May
County Triples 4th Round Wednesday 17-May
County Triples Quarter Finals Tuesday 23-May
County Triples Semi Finals Wednesday 07-Jun
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
County Fours 1st Round Thursday 04-May
County Fours 2nd Round Wednesday 10-May
County Fours 3rd Round Monday 15-May
County Fours 4th Round Thursday 18-May
County Fours Quarter Finals Thursday 25-May
County Fours Semi Final Monday 05-Jun
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
County Senior Fours 1st Round Friday 16-Jun
County Senior Fours 2nd Round Friday 23-Jun
County Senior Fours Quarter Finals Tuesday 04-Jul
County Senior Fours Semi Final Monday 10-Jul
County Senior Fours Final Monday 17-Jul
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
County Eversley 1st Round Friday 19-May
County Eversley 2nd Round Friday 02-Jun
County Eversley 3rd Round Friday 07-Jul
County Eversley Div Final Monday 24-Jul
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
EHBL Ranson Cup Preliminery Tuesday 16-May
EHBL Ranson Cup 1st Round Thursday 22-Jun
EHBL Ranson Cup 2nd Round Wednesday 26-Jul
EHBL Ranson Cup Semi Final Thursday 10-Aug
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
EHBL EHBL Fours 1st Round Monday 15-May
EHBL EHBL Fours 2nd Round Monday 26-Jun
EHBL EHBL Fours 3rd Round Tuesday 25-Jul
EHBL EHBL Fours Semi Final Wednesday 09-Aug
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
EHBA Thurgood 1st Round Wednesday 21-Jun
EHBA Thurgood 2nd Round Wednesday 13-Jul
EHBA Thurgood Semi Final Monday 31-Jul
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
EHBA Lyndhurst 1st Round Thursday 29-Jun
EHBA Lyndhurst 2nd Round Monday 17-Jul
EHBA Lyndhurst Semi Final Monday 07-Aug
Organisers Competition Round Day Fixed date
EHBA EHBA Fours 1st Round Wednesday 05-Jul
EHBA EHBA Fours 2nd Round Friday 21-Jul
EHBA EHBA Fours Semi Final Tuesday 08-Aug

Happy New Year to all

EHBA Matches

A number of our bowlers have been selected to represent EHBA.

V Cheshunt 15th January 2017, 2.30 start
Colin Milner, Richard Rogers, Terry Eldridge, Bob Hayter and Don Stevenson is a reserve.

V Tye Green 19th February 2017, 2.30 start
Richard Rogers, Les Austin, John Stevenson, Bob Hayter and Terry Eldridge is a reserve.

V Ilford 25th March 2017, 2.30 start
Colin Milner, Richard Rogers, Les Austin, Don Stevenson, Terry Eldridge

Good Luck to our bowlers


A good turnout for our annual Presentation night, the club's President John Stevenson handed all the Trophies out. Fish and Chips were the order of the day and this was enjoyed by all. The annual quiz and Bingo took place with everybody enjoying the session. Thanks to everybody who assisted and made the evening a success. Have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Details from AGM

As mentioned at the AGM the EHBA 4's competition is now a fixed date competition. I now have the dates so if you want to enter a team please contact Bob .

Thurgood, Lynhurst, Ranson all fixed dates see Fixtures tab

Presidents Christmas Tea Party CANCELLED

The President Afternoon Christmas party due to be on 15th December 2016 has been cancelled. This is because of a clash of events already booked. The President is considering holding a New Years event so keep your eyes peeled on this site or the clubs noticeboard.

Saturday 29th November 2016

Dave Fussell and Bob Hayter collected their EHBL pairs winning trophy. They were supported by club members for a fantastic evening of laughter and dancing as seen below by Toni Lacey. Hoddesdon & Rye Park were the first club to arrive and the last club to leave. Well done everybody.


The season appeared to go very quickly this year!

We managed to win 21 friendly weekend games from 31 in total, and as a club we had a number of highlights. Our ladies had their best ever season in the Hertfordshire County League, finishing 3rd behind Northaw & Cuffley and Sele Farm. The men however didn't reach the level we expected this year, so plenty of room for improvement. The club won the Parkhill Trophy & Rose Bowl against Rosehill - the first time we have held both since 2007. Our final home game saw us retain the Pamart Cup with a strong win at home by 30 shots.

The club’s final day saw Tim Maynard winning his fifth Men's Singles Championship title and we also saw Susan Metzner winning her first Ladies Singles Championship, well done to them both. We also held our newest competition "Bully's 11". This competition was initiated by Alan Bull who has sponsored this event and has also agreed to sponsor it for the next 4 years. This event was a close affair, with Bob Hayter piping Tim Maynard 6-5 in this 11 end match. The final game of the season was the Haward Cup between Tim Maynard (2016 Champion) and Colin Milner (2015 Champion), this game was won by Colin Milner on the extra end.

In the outside competitions we had Colin Milner reaching the EHBA Officers singles Semi Final & Richard Rogers, John Stevenson & Barry Osman reaching the EHBL triples Semi. Dave Fussell and Bob Hayter went one step further, and reached the EHBL Pairs final at Cheshunt and went on to win a very close and exciting game 20-18. Dave and Bob really appreciated the great support from the club members. The last time a pairs team from our club won this competition was back in 1974, when George Wiltshire & Bob Harding lifted the trophy.

The Jack Goff Trophy was retained by us this year. This was the 25th Anniversary of the passing of Jack and the competition is still well supported by EHBA. The Captain v President event, the Ben Hobbs trophy, Sam Barnes trophy, Gents v Ladies and the Aussie Pairs were all a big success. The president’s gala match was a close affair; the day was cut short due to poor weather conditions, but a result was still had with Terry Mascot, Tony Lacey and Brian Metzner talking the title.

In July Greg and Linda Dunford produced a wonderful fish spread consisting of salmon, winkles, prawns, crab, jellied eels and plenty of other varieties too many to name. Wonderful cakes followed, made by various members and a cheeseboard to die for (if you like cheese that is!). Thank you to everybody who donated food on the day. The event was part of our “Bowls for Boobies” day, for the “Breast Cancer NOW” charity. Sue Metzner arranged a superb Tombola and raffle, Don Stevenson also arranged a lucky number raffle and donated a hamper as the prize. We held a “Spider” and various other events on the day. In total we raised £1180.00, a great effort by all.
A big thank you to everyone who took part on the day!

Thank you to everyone
who helped over the weekend

On the weekend of 1st and 2nd October there will be a work party to clear away all the equipment for the Winter. Remember many hands make light work. PLEASE HELP

The Haward Cup Final - Friday 30th September

This years final is between Colin Milner and Tim Maynard. This match was always going to be a close affair. The first set was won by Colin 10-5, the second set was a one sided affair with Tim out bowling Colin 11-4. So an extra end was needed and both bowlers were feeling the pressure, the crowd were on the end of their seats. Colin started and was holding shot with Tim holding the last wood he released the wood it made it way down he found the Jack, however he moved it to Colin's wood. Colin won the Hayward Cup. Well done.

Our Thursday Afternoon Club

The last Thursday afternoon match of the season took place on the 29th September. This was a memorable day as Brenda Wilson decided that after 15 years making tea for the club members it was time to hang her pinny up. A big thank you to Brenda for making 1000's of cups of tea over her time at the club. We still look forward to seeing Brenda down the club where someone else will make her tea. The Afternoon crowd presented her with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Once again Thank You

Twilight Bowls - Wednesday 28th September 2016

A good turnout for our last club night.

3 Wood Challenge - Sunday 25th September 2016

18 Bowlers turned out for the final weekend competition. The completion started on time, lots of good bowling was witnessed by the bystanders. In the first round we had a number of interesting results. After the completion of the rounds we had our 3 final finalists they were, The Cup was contended between Tim Maynard and Les Hickford, The Plate was played between team mates Colin Milner and Terry Eldridge. The Spoon was interesting with Linda & Greg Dunford playing each other.
The Spoon Final was a very close affair with both bowlers bowling well and Greg pipping his wife 5-4.
The Plate Final was also a close affair in a nip and tuck game Colin Milner pipped Terry Eldridge 5-4.
The Cup Final was even closer, after 6 ends the score was 6-6 all, an extra end and sudden death saw Les Hickford holding 2 shots and looked in prime position to take the Cup, however with Tim's last wood he drew within 2 inches and the snatched the Cup from Les. An excellent finish to a great day, well done to everybody.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park V Stevenage Town Saturday 24th September
at Stevenage

The last game of the Season was against Stevenage this is a two legged event playing for a cup. We went into this game with a 16 shot lead. Feeling confident and with a replacement cup for the original lost one. But it is all on the day as they say. With a drawn rink of Colin Milner Jean Matthews, Walter Richardson and Mick Wilkins and a winning rink with Alan Blackwell, Chris Miles, Terry Eldridge and Toni Lacey the other two rinks lost. The rink skipped by Dave Fussell suffered a very heavy loss with the rink from Stevenage making the most of what was a challenging green but as Dave said he feels gutted that he couldn't bring the game round to make the 100% of wins for our cup games this season. Stevenage were presented with the cup having won overall by 8 shots. Well done Stevenage it is only leant to you until next year.

We have 18 for the 3 Wood challenge on Sunday 25th September, please arrive by 2pm for the draw.

Remember the twilight bowls 28th September last club night of the season.

The Haward Cup final is on Friday 30th at 4pm so come along and support our finalists.

On the weekend of 1st and 2nd October there will be a work party to clear away all the equipment for the Winter. Remember many hands make light work. PLEASE HELP

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Buntingford Sunday 18th September 2016
At Buntingford

On Sunday 18th September the club played at Buntingford BC for the first time this season we were a few players short. However with some support from our opponents the game went ahead. The winners on the day were Buntingford with a 10 shot win overall. We did manage to have two winning rinks Chris Miles, Tony Lacey and Terry Wilson the other Jean Matthews, Terry Eldridge and Les Austin. Well done.

The Pamart Cup 2nd Leg
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Much Hadham Saturday 17th September
at Home
Won 119-89

This was our last home game of the season. The Pamart Cup is played over two legs, the first leg was played at Much Hadham and we came away with a 7 shot victory. It was nice to see Pam Munt at the club for this match.
So with HRPBC hoping to retain the cup our 6 rinks all took to the green, the match started at 2.30pm. The weather was not nice but at least it didn't rain, just very windy. All 6 rinks bowled well and we came away with a 30 shot victory, 5 winning rinks and one drawing so nearly a clean sweep. With Richard Rogers and Terry Mascots rinks both winning by 8 shots each this was a good way to finish the season with a trophy. Richard bowled with Brian Metzner, Tony Andrews and Marion Smith, Terry bowled with Jean Matthews, Ron Izzard and Alan Bull. Well done to everybody.

Final Day - Results
Saturday 10th September 2016

The bowlers who are showing as the away team or opponent, will need to change to Yellow stickers. These will be supplied on the day so please allow time to remove your old Red stickers and add the new Yellow stickers. Thank You

Mixed Pairs
Peter Hayden & Toni Lacey RUNNERS-UP
Colin Milner & Sue Metzner WINNERS
9.30am Start

Men's 4 Wood Pairs
Barry Osman & Les Austin RUNNERS-UP
Bob Hayter & Malvin Read WINNERS
9.30am Start

Men's 2 Wood Pairs
Don Stevenson & Tim Maynard WINNERS
Terry Eldridge & Gary Medler RUNNERS-UP
10.00am Start

Men's Handicap
Tim Maynard WINNER
Colin Milner RUNNER-UP
1.00pm (Approx)

Men's Fixed Jack
Barry Osman WINNER
Bob Hayter RUNNER-UP
1.00pm (Approx)

Men's Consolation
Richard Rogers WINNER
Les Hickford RUNNER-UP

Ladies Fixed Jack
Toni Lacey RUNNER-UP
Ann Mountford WINNER
2.00pm (Approx)

Bully's 11
Tim Maynard RUNNER-UP
Bob Hayter WINNER
3.00pm (Approx)

Ladies Championship
Chris Miles RUNNER-UP
Sue Metzner WINNER

Men's Championship
Barry Osman RUNNER-UP
Tim Maynard WINNER
4.30pm (Approx)

Please note:
all these starting times should be adhered to, however we do appreciate that some bowlers are in more than one final hence the Approx times on some matches.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Ware BC Sunday 4th September 2016
At Home 104-97

This match should have been 4 Men's & 2 Ladies rinks, however due to both teams struggling the 2 captains settled on 5 mixed rinks. We managed to walk away with a 7 shot victory even though we lost on 3 rinks, drew one and won one. Colin Milner was in holiday mode and his rink blow away the Ware rink 40-9, he was joined by Sue Metzner, Don Stevenson & Terry Eldridge. Dave Fussell's rink held on to draw 21-21, he bowled with Alan Bull, Tony Lacey & John Matthews.

The Presidents Gala Saturday 3rd September 2016

With a good turnout on a lovely afternoon. The games started with a number of of very close matches. 24 bowlers all stopped for afternoon tea then resumed with matches. However the afternoon's weather changed and it was decided to stop the competition after 15 ends.
The scorecards were all handed in, after careful checking the winners were announced in third place was Terry Wilson, Gloria Hardy & Tim Maynard, Runners up only on shot difference were Dave Fussell, Terry Eldridge & Tony Andrews. This years winners were Terry Mascot, Tony Lacey & Brian Metzner. Thanks to our president for the after match meal.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Hoddesdon Rosehill
Friday 2nd September 2016 at Rosehill
Rose Bowl Trophy (Ladies) & The Parkhill Trophy (Men)

Rose Bowl & Parkhill Trophies Victories

The Ladies produced a stunning performance against a strong Ladies team at Rosehill. In the pairs Chris Miles and Marion Smith bowled superbly well, winning 15 ends out of 21 to beat Carol Songer and Janet Day 24-10. In the ladies triples Gloria Hardy, Beryl Sambridge and Sue Metzner lost 19-14 to Lin Clark, Jenny Hagan and Betty Piggott but they were 19-7 down so they rallied back, however they run out of ends. In the ladies 4's Jean Matthews, Toni Lacey, Julie Potter and Ann Mountford had a very tight game, our ladies started slowly but drew level after 6 ends and after that were always just in front against Carol Eaton, Di Smith, Joan Clark and Margaret Farr. The final end was very exciting, with our ladies 4 shots up overall, it was down to the skips and we were 4 down which would have resulted in a drawn game but losing the Rose Bowl on shot difference, but Jean Matthews under extreme pressure drew third wood to win 22-20 and HRPBC Ladies won the Rose Bowl. Well Done

The men's match was also a tight affair. In the pairs, the EHBL Pairs finalists Bob Hayter and Dave Fussell played Malcolm Songer and Tom Gudge, The first half of this game was nip and tuck, then Bob and Dave pulled away into a comfortable lead and won 17-12. The 4's was a very close game with Colin Milner, Terry Mascot, Tony Lacey and Alan Blackwell beating Bob Martin, Roy Pateman, C Bactlett and Terry Day 19-18. Our 4's started slowly and by the 8th end they were level at 7-7. We then pulled away into a 7 shot lead only to see Rosehill reduce the deficit to one shot with 3 ends to play. On the 19th end Colin picked up a 3, so with 2 ends to play and 4 shots up the game looked over. not so, Rosehill hit back picking up 3 shots so a one shot victory for HRPBC. In the triples our team of Barry Osman, Richard Rogers and John Stevenson really struggled against Bob Porter, Fred Clark and C Walker. With our men 2-12 after 7 ends it didn't look good. We then picked up a 1 on the 8th end and changed the mat position and length, this really confused Rosehill who lost their line. John, Richard and Barry then started the comeback collecting 14 shots in the next 9 ends with no reply and moved into a 16.12 lead. However Rosehill rallied and drew level 16-16, stopping HRPBC winning all 3 men matches. Well Done

This is the first time since 2007 that we have held both the Rose Bowl and Parkhill Trophies, well done to everybody who played and thanks to everybody who turn up to support us.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Durrants Park Saturday 27th August

With Durrants Park Struggling to field a full team we helped them out with 2 of our players, so thanks to Tim Maynard and Malvin Read. Even though Tim skip our opponents to a 29-14 win, our other 2 triples managed to win and gave us an overall victory by 4 shots. Ann Mountford, John Mattews and skip Walter Richardson won 29-13. Well done to everybody.

EHBL Triples
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Hertford Castle Knights Monday 22nd August

The season finished on a high. Colin Milner with Tony Andrews and Jim Mason beat Richard Adam's triple 17-16 on Hertford Castles home green, an excellent performance. On the other rink, Bob Hayter and Dave Fussell returned to the same rink as their EHBL semi final success a couple of days ago, this time with Terry Eldridge and came away with another win 25-10 win. So picking on up all 6 points 42-26.

With 7 wins, 4 being 6-0 we finished in the top half of the league which is credit to all the bowlers who took part. Lots of our bowlers took place in the league for the first time and this has helped to bring our new bowlers on and proved to be a successful for the club's future.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Stevenage Town Sunday 21st August
Won 71-55

Once again our opponents struggled to field a full team. A big thank you to Mick Wilkins who played for the opponents, not an easy thing to do, but at least he was on a winning rink. We had 2 winning triples Sue Metzner, Gloria Hardy and skip Terry Mascot won 25-6, also winning well were Malvin Read, Brian Metzner and skip Jean Matthews they won 22-9, well done everybody another good win for HRPBC.

The Jack Goff Trophy 2016 - Saturday 20th August
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v East Hertfordshire Bowling Assoc
Won 96-78

What a fantastic day. After all the sunshine over the last couple of weeks it ended today. When the sun came out it was lovely, however we did get hit with a few showers.
Hoddesdon & Rye Park retained the Jack Goff Trophy over the EHBA. Captain Richard Rogers, Brian Metzner and Tony Lacey bowled well to take the highest winning triples by 24-9 against Dean Russell, Tony Duffin & Bernard Jones. Dave Fussell's triples Les Austin & Gary Medlar left it late to beat Neil Walker, P Sykes & Alan Rowley 20-16. They picked up an 8 on the last end and measured for 9 however Gary Medlars wood was just out, UNLUCKY.
EHBA President Dean Russell had a worthy charity this year it was for Meningitis. With fines and donations we collected nearly £100.00. Dave Fussell won the Spider. The Association thanked the ladies for a top class meal and added it's the best one they have had for years. well done to everybody who assisted. Elvis serenaded our Ladies.

EHBL Triples
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Rosehill 15th August

Another close game in EHBL saw HRPBC losing by 3 shots and only picking up 2points. Colin Milner, Terry Mascot and Brian Metzner won comfortably by 24-11, however Barry Osman's triples struggled losing 27-11, Barry was assisted by Malvin Read and Richard Mansfield. With only one match left this season at Hertford Castle we have secured a mid table position. So overall lost 35-38, 2-4pts

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Bengeo Sunday 14th August
Home won 85-56

With a clean sweep this weekend, winning Saturday and Sunday, we also won all 4 triples on Sunday. With the sun shinning down on the Rye Park green our bowlers all came good. Terry Mascot lead his triples to a fine win 24-9 he was assisted by The youthful Terry Wilson and Toni Lacey. Jean Matthews continued her winning form with a 22-14 win, she bowled with Tony Lacey and Les Austin. Well done to everybody in a fine win.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Allenburys Saturday 13th August
Away, Won 95-72

Another very good away win at Allenburys. With 4 winning triples on the day and only one losing this was one of our better away days this season. Colin Milner lead his triples and were the top winning team they won 29-6, Colin was with Terry Eldridge and Jim Mason. Also winning well was Jean Matthews she was joined by Don Stevenson and Gary Medlar they won 29-16. Well done to the other winning triples.

Mens County league game against Whit Hern
The date has been changed again. The match was scheduled for 11th August, but that clashed as both teams were in Ranson Cup. A new was agreed between both clubs as 23rd August. However we received a call from the county reminding us that all County league games must be completed by the 21st August. So after numerous phone calls our captain Richard Rogers has agreed a new date 16th August, so if you are available please let Richard know. Thank you.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Datchworth Sunday 7th August
Away Lost 75-92

On a very fast green at Datchworth, a few of our bowlers struggled with the weight early on, but everybody got a grip of it by the end of the game. Tim Maynard, Gary Medlar and Tony Lacey managed better than others with a very good win by 22-10. Brian Metzner skipping on this rare occasion pulled off a win 15-13, he was assisted by Malvin Read, John Matthews and Toni Lacey.

EHBL Triples
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Cheshunt Thursday 4th August

With another win in the triples league this secures our status in Division 2 for next season. Dave Fussell, Terry Mascot and Martin Mountford won 15-11 and Colin Milner, Jim Mason and Dave Lofthouse lost 15-18, however we held on for a 1 shot win. The final score 30-19 4-2.

Bowling for Boobies - Breast Cancer NOW

What a fantastic day. This was our Breast Cancer charity day. With Sue & Brian Metzner working hard in promoting this event and organising a great Tombola and raffle with some fantastic prizes this helped to pull the crowds in. Linda & Greg Dunford provided a wonderful fish meal that consisted of king prawns, fresh salmon, smoked salmon, jellied eels (not everybody's cup of tea), cockles and crab meat all well prepared. Linda also made a wonderful sherry trifle and Toni Lacey made apple pies enough for everyone. Just to top the meal off a cheese board appeared and everybody dived in (expect for Bob).

We held a bowls competition for those who wanted to take part, this was won by Toni Lacey, Alf McDonald and Mick Wilkins. With almost 100% of the bowlers wearing pink it made for a great day.

The main part of the day was to raise money for Breast Cancer and with bowling fines totalling £29, Tim Maynards speedo run collected £30, the raffle and Tombola we collected £380, Don Stevensons hamper raised £52, donations for the meal was £80, the bowling competition raised £30 and a few other donations raised £79. Bob Hayter manager to secure a £500 donation from his firm Ernst & Young, so the total raised was
£1180.00. Well done to everybody who participated, donated, assisted and bowled. Photos to follow in the gallery soon.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park Indoor fixture

We have arranged a indoor match against Ilford & District Indoor bowls club, the date is Saturday 5th November 2016, start time 2.30pm and the dress will be club shirts and whites. There will be no meal after the game just tea and biscuits. This years game will be a mixed match. The nomination sheet will be placed on the noticeboard in the next few weeks.

EHBL Triples
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Buntingford Bulls Wednesday 26th July

Another good performance by HRPBC winning on both rinks so picking up the maximum points 6-0 at Buntingford. Richard Rogers skipped one triple with Gary Medlar and John Stevenson winning 16-8. The other triple was skipped by Tim Maynard and he was assisted by Les Austin and Terry Eldridge winning 23-8. So overall 39-16 & 6-0 victory.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Whit Hern Sunday 24th July 2016
Away Won 76-59

A great win for HRPBC. This match was scheduled for 3M & 1L however Whit Hern asked for it to changed into 4 mixed triples. Our best winning triple was skip Jean Matthews, Martin Mountford and Alan Bull winning 22-14. Well done.

Ben Hobbs Triples Trophy Result 2016
Saturday 23rd July 2016

On a hot sunny day we had a good turnout for the Ben Hobbs Trophy. With 8 evenly matched teams it was the Men's singles champion Colin Milner, Toni Lacey and Linda Dunford who came away with the trophy this year, well done.

EHBL Triples
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Whit Hern Thursday 21st July

Two games with similar scores with Whit Hern winning one 19-9 and HRPBC winning 19-8. Terry Mascot lead his triples to a 19-8 to secure the win. Terry was assisted by Tony Lacey and Terry Eldridge. The other triple skipped by Alan Blackwell were not so lucky going down 19-9, Terry was assisted by Dave Lofthouse and Greg Dunford. So overall winning 28-27 & 4-2.

New Lyndhurst 2nd round 18th July 2016

Not a good result for us playing the New Lyndhurst against Rosedale BC both the rinks losing. Never mind there is always next year. Good luck to Rosedale in their next round

Ladies versus Gents The Allen Trophy
Saturday 16th July 2016

Another hard fought game between the members at the club. With the ladies coming out the winners. Well done to all players.
The trophy played for is the Allen Trophy with the Ladies winning by 5 shots overall.
described as the hottest afternoon of the year with not only the weather coming into play.

East Herts Bowls League (League Triples) 11th July 2016 versus Shire Park at Rye Park

A six pointer for Rye Park with the triple of Peter Francis, John Matthews and Les Austin winning by 3 Shots and the triple of Alan Bull, Dave Grimmett and Alan Blackwell winning by 5 shots making it an overall win for the six points. Well done all
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Standon & Puckeridge Saturday 9th July at home won 77-55

A good result with four teams of triples competing. HRPBC won on three of the rinks and the other game was drawn. The team of Terry Mascot Terry Wilson and Melvin Reed won by 4 shots, the team Toni Lacey, Marion Smith and Gloria Hardy won by 11 shots, the team Alan Bull, David Lofthouse and Walter Richardson won by 7 shots and the drawing team were Les Austin, Jim Mason and Chris Miles.
​well done to all

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Bishops Stortford Sunday 3rd July
At Home won 131-73

A great result for Hoddesdon & Rye Park over Bishops Stortford, the summer weather appears to be here at last. With the sun out HPRPBC produced their best win of the season with all 5 rinks winning. Our best winning rink was skipped by Tim Maynard he bowled with Tony Lacey, Dave Lofthouse and Gloria Hardy winning 35-11, also skip Walter Richardson with Ann Mountford, Les Austin and Gary Medlar won 31-14. Well done to everybody for a great display.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Hertford Saturday 2nd July
At Home won 100-71

great start to our weekend on a day of sunshine and the odd heavy shower HRPBC beat Hertford BC. We had 4 winning rinks today with our top scorers being skipped by Dave Fussell with Jean Matthews, Jim Mason and Dave Lofthouse won by 24-8, also Colin Milner skipped another high winning rink with Julie Potter, Barry Lacey and Don Stevenson winning 23-16. Well done to everybody let’s keep this form when we play Bishops Stortford tomorrow.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Stevenage Red 30th June
EHBL Triples lost 20-59 0-6

This was not a good night for HRPBC losing heavily to a strong Stevenage team. Both our triples skipped by Richard Rogers and Tim Maynard struggled dropping a 7 & 8 early on made this task very difficult.

The Pamart Cup
Hoddesdon and Rye Park verses Much Hadham Sunday 26th June
Away - Won 118-111

The first leg of the two match game was played at Much Hadham each club being represented by six rinks. There were high winning rinks on both teams, for us we had Colin Milner, Don Stevenson, John Matthews and Toni Lacey winning 34-11 and Walter Richardson, Terry Eldridge, Tony Lacey and Ann Mountford also winning well by 30-13. The match finished with 118 shots to Rye Park and 111 shots to Much Hadham. This gives Rye Park a 7 shot lead when we next play.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Sele Farm Saturday 25th June
Home Lost 61-67

On a strange afternoon weather wise, both teams had to leave the green for their own safety during a massive hail storm seeing the green turn white with hail stones. This must have effected the home team as we lost by 6 shots overall. Martin Mountford stand in captain had our only winning triple against Jim Parsley. Martin's triple were Chris Miles and Brian Metzner.

Bob & Sandra's Thank you message

Bob Hayter and Sandra would like to thank all our friends at Hoddesdon & Rye Park Bowling Club for their wedding card and very generous wedding gift. We can now start planning our front garden make-over and this will always remind us of you all. Thank you all once again.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Sawbridgeworth 19th June
Home Won 91-56

A contrast from Saturday with a good win against Sawbridgeworth. We had 4 winning triple rinks, Our top 2 triples were Alan Blackwell, John Matthews and Dave Fussell leading the way with a 22-8 win. Alan Bull, Terry Eldridge and Barry Osman won well winning 19-9, the other 2 triples also won well.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Aston B.C. 18th June
Away at Aston Lost 56 - 81

Not a good day losing in all 4 triples, the highlights for us were Ann Mountford, Les Austin and Mick Wilkins lost 21-20, however they were 16-3 down so a very good comeback. Terry Eldridge, Malvin Read and Peter Hayden also went down by 1 shot losing 17-16.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Havers Park 14th June
EHBL Triples 29-34 2 - 4

A better performance today from our Triples league team, although we lost 2 - 4 it was a good 2 points. Terry Mascot, Brian Metzner and Peter Harrison pulled off a good win 17-16. The last end saw Peter Harrison nailing the jack the Havers team consisting of John Edmondson, Martin Clark and Ray Cracknell could not get the shot. The other triples Richard Mansfield, Don Stevenson and Alan Blackwell did well but could not recover from a poor start, losing 12-18.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Ware BC Sunday 12th June
Away at Ware Lost 87 - 115

On a miserable afternoon the weather was sunshine and showers so not good, unfortunately our bowling matched the weather. Losing overall by 28 shots. Chris Miles ladies won 22-16, Colin Miner's ,rink had an impressive win19-16.

Sam Barnes Trophy Saturday 11th June

Huge congratulations to Chris Miles and Ann Mountford in winning the Sam Barnes Trophy, 10 ladies competed in this 2 wood pairs challenge. Thankfully the rain kept off. Thank you Toni Lacey for the lovely cakes.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Stevenage Blues 10th June
EHBL Triples 14 - 56 0-6

Not the result we were looking for, our bowlers just could not match the Stevenage bowlers on this night. Both rinks went down, so lets move on and look for a strong response on Tuesday at home against Havers Park.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Buntingford 2 - 7th June
Ladies County League

A great start to the season for our Ladies as they get off to a winning start. Toni Lacey, Marion Smith, Susan Metzner and skip Jean Matthews won 25-13, all our bowlers played well.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Hoddesdon Rosehill 5th June

This match has a lot of History behind it 79 years ago both clubs were formed and we played each other on the same day as King George Vl Coronation, so next year is our 80th Anniversary. Back to Sunday's game, Rosehill came out on top winning 105-132. with 3 games all being decided by just one shot, all in Rosehill favour. We had one winning rink with Jean Matthews skipping her team were Linda Dunford, Tony Lacey and Don Stevenson

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Datchworth Gold 1st June
EHBL Triples 30-36 2-4

In a close contest held at Datchworth our 2 triples had mixed results, Tim Maynard, Ron Izzard and Gary Medlar won 18-14 and Terry Eldridge, Don Stevenson and Dave Fussell went down 22-12 so we lost overall by 6 shots.

Welwyn Garden City Bowls Club have cancelled for the second year in a row. we will now look for a new fixture for 2017.

With a large number of bowlers selecting to play on Saturday we are now trying to play some of Bully's 11, so we can play 6 games at 2.30pm and further games at 3.30pm ish , so please still come down and play or mark.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park 57 v 61 Griffin (Away) 29th May

After our early success this season when beating Griffin on our green in early May by 8 shots. The return game at Griffin saw a change in fortunes with Griffin BC coming out on top with a 4 shot victory, I suppose we could claim that overall we won even though they were both friendlies. Marion Smith lead our highest winning rink with Alan Bull and John Matthews they won by 14-11, ever body enjoyed the game so lets see what's in line for next week.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park 71-77 Whit Hern (Home) 28th May
3 Mens & 1 Ladies Rinks

This was a very close and interesting game, on one rink it appeared that the game consisted of 22 ends or even 20 ends, however both skips agreed and that game was won 21-15 by us. Our highest winning rink was skipped by Bob Hayter he bowled with Alan Blackwell, Dave Lofthouse and Greg Dunford they won 26-18, overall the Men won 60-50 but our Ladies lost 27-11, we have a reverse fixture later in the season so hopefully we can turn this around and win there.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Bishop's Stortford
Ranson Cup Result Won 38-36

This is a 2 rink match, one away and one at home. Colin Milner skipped our away team with Dave Fussell, Terry Mascot and Don Stevenson they faced a very strong team skipped by Alan Hutchison, our team kept the score down losing 20-11. However at home Bob Hayter skipped the rink with Brian Metzner, Tony Lacey and Richard Rogers they came through and won by 27-16, to give us an overall 2 shot victory. Brían Metzner had a superb game at lead in the home, leg, leading with some exceptional woods and out bowled the B'Stortford lead. We now face Allenburys in the next round on the 23rd June. well done everybody great win.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park 100 - 55 Allenburys B,C 22nd May

HRPBC won again on this lovely sunny afternoon. This was another great team performance winning on 4 rinks and drawing one. Our highest winning rink was skipped by Dave Grimett winning by 26-10 Dave was assisted by Sue Metzner, Alan Bull and Terry Eldridge,. Terry Mascot bowled in a triple winning by 20-8 with him was Tony Lacey and Jean Matthews, well done everybody .

Hoddesdon & Rye Park 74 v 62 Bengeo B,C 21st May

Another win for HRPBC, We took 4 mixed triples to Bengeo for a 3pm start and came away with 3 winning triples and one going down by 17-18 so nearly had a clean sweep. Tony Andrews, Ron Izzard and skip Colin Milner were our highest winning triple 17-10, they were closely followed by Les Austin, Dave Lofthouse and Martin Mountford winning by 21-16.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Ware B C Friday 20th May
Hertfordshire Club Championship Lost 54-56

This was a very tight affair with HRPBC taking an early lead only for Ware to pull back and draw level, this saw HRPBC pull away again only to see Ware take the lead and win by 2 shots. Bob Hayter's rink managed a 21-13 win, he was joined by Terry Eldridge, Gary Medlar and Alan Blackwell in our only success, Our other 2 rinks lost by a few shots but they were both very good matches. Good luck to Ware in the next round.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Sawbridgeworth Blues Home Thursday 19th May
EHBL Triples 38-26 4-2

in a very close game we came away with a very good win over Sawbridgeworth blues. With Richard Rogers leading his triples to a 16 shot win assisted by Gary Medlar & John Stevenson. Terry Eldridge skipping for the first time went down by 4 shots, he was assisted by Les Austin and Don Stevenson. good Win well done

New members after a roll up, good luck and enjoy your time at the club.

​Hoddesdon & Rye Park 95 v 88 Potters Bar Sunday 15th May

This is a new fixture for our 2016 season and proved to be a success on and off the green. Our green is still a bit heavy but we still witnessed some excellent bowling from both teams. Jean Matthews once again had the highest winning rink winning by 20-13, she was nobly assisted by Brian Metzner, Malvin Reed and Martin Mountford. Colin Milner’s rink nearly pulled of the highest winning rink by scoring 24-18, he was assisted by Dave Lofthouse, John Matthews and Gloria Hardy. The highlight of the day was Tony Lacey, Susan Metzner, Don Stevenson and Skip Richard Rogers picking up our first HotShot of the season, well done to you all. So with 3 winning rinks, one drawn and one defeat Hoddesdon & Rye Park continued on their winning ways.


Hoddesdon & Rye Park 86 v 110 Hertford Castle Saturday 14th May
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Hertford Castle Men 56 -66
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Hertford Castle Ladies 30 - 44

Not a good day for Hoddesdon & Rye Park. In a 6 triples match (2 Ladies and 4 Men) we only managed 2 win in 2 games, the only Ladies match to win were Ann Mountford, Marion & Gloria Hardy winning 18-17 and the Men’s game was Greg Dunford, Gary Medlar and John Stevenson winning by 15-8.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park Ladies 50-15 Epping Ladies

Our Ladies had their first friendly of the season against Epping. Jean Matthews skipped her triple with Linda Dunford and Toni Lacey won 30-6, the other triples was skipped by Ann Mountford she was assisted by Susan Metzner and Beryl Sambridge they won 20-9. Well done Ladies

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Much Hadham Away 10th May
EHBL Lost 22 -35 (0 – 6)

After promotion last season we knew this season would be testing. So our opening game against a strong Much Hadham team proved correct. Both our triples lost this opening league game by 12-19 & 10-16. So things can only get better.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park 58 - 52 Rosedale Sun 8th May 2016

Another win for us, our ladies won 19-14 with Gloria Hardy skipping her ladies, Ann Mountford, Sue Metzner and Marion Smith. to a good win. Ron Izzard had the highest winning rink with Les Austin, Brian Metzner and Don Stevenson 22-15. Once again our opponents turned up short and we supplied 4 bowlers who won again, so thanks to Dave Fussell, Malvin Reed, Terry Eldridge and Alan Bull (who won again) yet again everybody had a game.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park 65-57 Griffin BC, Sat 7th May 2016

Colin Milner's team were our top winning triples, 21-13, with Peter Francis and Toni Lacey making the team. Jean Matthews won again with Jim Mason and Brian Barton winning 19-12, Thanks to Martin Mountford, Don Stevenson and Dave Fussell who all stepped in as Griffins were 3 short, (and they won 16-11) so everybody had a game,

Hoddesdon & Rye Park 72 - 59 Aston B.C, Sat 30th April 2016

We started with a win

A great start to the season for Hoddesdon & Rye Park winning 72-59. We had 2 winning triples Jean Matthews skipped our best winning triple with Don Stevenson and Malvin Read winning 28-9. Our other winning triple were Dave Lofthouse, Greg Dunford and Skip Jim Mason winning 18-12. Well done to all who played and all who nominated. Home again on Next Saturday and Sunday.

Handbooks for collection

EHBA Handbooks have all been collected. These books will be placed on the notice board over the weekend. Please ensure that you only take your book. Contact names for all competitions have been placed in the EHBA competition book.

Open day 10th April 2016

Don't forget it's our open day on 10th April, so please turn up and pay your annual subscription. Your committee look forward in seeing you all..

The work parties 3rd April 2016

Thanks to all the bowlers who came down the club for today's work parties most of the jobs were completed but we still have quite a bit to do before the opening day on Sunday, 10th April. If you have any spare time and can assist during the week please contact a member of the committee to find out what jobs still need to be completed
Hoddesdon & Rye Park v ILFORD indoor Saturday 2nd April 2016

With only 5 players in our team that play indoors this was always going to be a hard game. All four rinks lost however each rink gave a good account of their selves. Thanks to the two bowlers who stood in from Allenburys to make the numbers up. The match was played in a good spirit and all bowlers from both teams enjoyed the afternoon.

Hoddesdon & Rye Park v Ilford Indor
Saturday 2nd April 2016 at 2.30pm

The Team

Terry Eldridge
Ann Mountford
Richard Rogers
Bob Hayter

Martin Mountford
A.N.other (Guest from Allenburys)
Barry Osman
Alan Blackwell

Alan Bull
Alan Rowley (Guest from Allenburys)
Tim Maynard
Colin Milner

Toni Lacey
Don Stevenson
John Stevenson
Terry Mascot

Find us now on Facebook, spread the word to all your friends and family.

The EHBA match against Ilford on 6th March 2016

This was cancelled by Ilford today, thanks to all our bowlers for nominating.

EHBA v Tye Green Sunday 28th Feb 2016

A very strong Tye Green team beat EHBA by over 40 shots and winning on 5 rinks out of 6. Not a good day for the Hoddesdon & Rye Park Bowlers who all played on losing Rinks. All our bowlers bowled well but just could not beat the Tye Green indoor specialists.

EHBA v Tye Green Update

EHBA v Tye Green on Sunday 28th February 2016, with the withdrawal of Colin Milner and Greg Dunford for personal reasons, Don Stevenson and Dave Fussell have now been called up to play.

EHBA v Cheshunt Indoor, Sunday 17th January 2016

With 7 bowlers from Hoddesdon and Rye Park representing the Association (all listed below) and 3 playing for Cheshunt Indoor ( Alan Blackwell, Les Austin & Greg Dunford) we supplied over 20% of the bowlers. The Association came out on top by around 10 shots, well done to everybody who took part.
EHBA v Tye Green & EHBA v Ilford selections

v Tye Green on Sunday 28th February, playing Bob Hayter, Tim Maynard, Colin Milner, Greg Dunford, & Richard Rogers, Reserves:- Dave Fussell, Tony Lacey, Don Stevenson & Terry Eldridge.

v Ilford on Sunday 6th March, playing Bob Hayter, Tim Maynard, Terry Eldridge, Dave Fussell, Don Stevenson & Colin Milner, Reserves:- Tony Lacey, Greg Dunford & Richard Rogers.

EHBA v Cheshunt on Sunday 17th January 2016

Congratulations to Richard Rogers, Colin Milner, Tim Maynard, Terry Eldridge, Don Stevenson, Tony Lacey and Bob Hayter who have all been selected to play for EHBA, Greg Dunford is on stand by and could still make an appearance for the Association.

If you are interested in playing for East Herts Bowls League they have a few indoor games coming up, so if interested call Bruce and tell him that you are interested in playing, the games are:-

v Hatfield on Sunday 24th January 2016 2.30 pm
v Cheshunt on Saturday 5th. March 2016 2.30 pm
v Tye Green on Sunday 20th March 2016 2.30 pm

Competition forms for all EHBA and EHBL will be submitted in the next few days so if you want to take part please send the forms to Bob Hayter or Bruce Miles by Friday 16th January 2016, fees for these competitions will be included on your Annual fee form.
December 2015 Update

The Committee hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family, we would like to wish you all a very healthy New Year and we look forward to seeing you on the green in early April.

Work parties are still on going, this never stops so if you have some spare time please come down and help out, even if it's just sweeping all the fallen foliage, it all helps.

The 2016 Fixtures are nearly complete and a new fixture has now been added, we will now host Potters Bar in May, so lets welcome them to our Green.

We will be recruiting again this year, a poster is being prepared and will be distributed in March 2016, once again we need volunteers to distribute, please speak to a committee member to find out who is coordinating the distribution.

Bowls is not an old persons game, it is a game that old persons can play. Bowls is a sport for all.

The Clubs AGM -- 6th November 2015

This years AGM was well supported by the majority of our members. All the reports were read out by the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Captains and all the delegates. It was agreed that the 2016 fees and match fees would remain unchanged. The New committee will meet up in December to prepare the club for another successful season. The old committee were thanked for all their hard work and efforts made to keep the club running smoothly.

Work parties Saturday 3rd Oct 2015

Thank you to everybody who helped out on our 1st Work Party on Saturday, it was a great team performance and a lot of our annual tasks were completed. During October and November we will still have some tasks to do, so if you can spend an hour or more, please check times in the clubhouse or Contact Bob or Dave for tasks.

So thanks to:-
Don Stevenson
Terry Eldridge
Greg Dunford
Richard Rogers
John Stevenson
Dave Fussell
Les Austin
Tim Maynard
Bruce Miles
Toni Lacey
Bob Hayter
Mike Wilkins
Martin Mountford
Marion Smith
David Lofthouse

If I have left anybody off the list my apologies.